Best 17 Vet Schools In The World In 2024/2025

Best 17 Vet Schools In The World 
Do you know that this year’s edition of the annual QS World University ranking has been released? If no, now you know. QS University rankings is an exclusive list of all universities in the world and the positions they occupy based on subjects or faculties.

This list is in different categories and each university is placed under the category it belongs to, depending on the subjects and courses it renders to students. QS ranking isn’t our focus for today anyway, hence, you can click here to learn more about the highly-rated annual ranking system.

Just as we are known for our desire and mission to help provide unbiased information to students who are seeking admission into universities, we have managed to lay our hands on the list and we shall be sharing it with you later in this article.Vet Schools

To help reduce the stress of going through all the categories before getting to the one of your interest, we have decided to discuss the list from one category to another — and today’s focus is strictly on the best Veterinary Medicine category.

Therefore, you are advised to stay glue to this page if you have been searching for the best place to study veterinary-related course or program.

Having said all of that, below is a quick rundown of the 17 vet schoos that have all it takes to be regarded as the best institutions in the world according to the latest ranking.

1. Cambridge University

Cambridge University is right there at the top when it comes to the list of institutions offering veterinary courses.

Being the fourth oldest higher institution in the world is by no means a fluke and its experience has helped in providing quality education to students from across the world.

Its conducive learning environment, impressive teaching facilities and regular scholarship opportunities makes learning very exciting and pleasing to all students.

For those who cares about the Cambridge University history, It was created in 1209, and has since become a force to reckon in the world.

Click here to see its admission criteria and how you can successfully apply. Meanwhile, you can equally begin your application process through the link.

2. Texas A&M University

Established in 1948, Texas A&M is one University you could go without needing to break the bank, thanks to its affordable tuition fee.

Despite its relatively cheap fee, you can be rest assured of getting quality education that will enhance your speed and desire to becoming one of the best vets in this generation.

It is known for its great research facilities and well experienced lecturers who knows the in and out of different kinds of animals’ organs and their behaviors.

You can follow this link to begin your application process, while you can equally make use of the link to discover more info about the texas-based higher institution.

3. Michigan State University

MSU, as it is fondly called, was created in 1855 and has since become one of the most sought-after Universities in the world. Being considered among the best schools in Vet Medicine is a prove of its academic excellence.

Interestingly, you stand a very good chance of being admitted into the university as there is a lot of admission slots available to applicants. It’s relatively affordable, while its academic calendar is the best you can ask for.

4. University of Sydney

This is Australia’s oldest university and it also doubles as the best tertiary institution in the country. What else do you expect from an institution of this caliber? It is included in this list by QS not only because of its fame but as a result of the quality education it renders to students.

Are you interested in studying Law, Veterinary Medicines, or Economics? This university has all of them and more in its kitty.

Its scholarship programs are opened to both national and international students, while there is a very welcoming atmosphere for people to explore their academic potentials. Click here to see the application requirements and how you can go about it.

5. Wageningen University & Research

Here is another Holland-based Public Research University that offers you the chance to become the best in vets medicine and agricultural sciences.

Created some years ago, this University is located in Wageningen Netherlands, and it remains a hot-spot for those who desire to have an impressive reputation in the field. You might want to see more about the school’s other courses and programs, that can be done here.

6. University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow can count on its experience to deliver good education services to its students as it was created in 1451 by papal bull. As a matter of fact, it is rated as the fourth oldest universities among anglophone countries.

The UK-based University supports all forms of undergraduate and post graduate programs as far as Veterinary Medicine is concerned.

7. University of California

Here is another institution rated among the best vet schools in the world as a result of its laudable research programs.

Known for its well experienced lecturers and peaceful learning environment, University of California is definitely one place you would want to go and study all that is related to veterinary proffession

Located in Davis, this university is known for its awesome and quality research program that gives you the opportunity to know more about animal’s behaviors and activities.

Meanwhile, apart from going for your undergraduate programs in the school, the institution is also engaged in PhD programs, Professional Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Programs; Graduate Clinical Residency Program; Masters of Preventive Veterinary Medicine Program among others.

It will interest you to know that this tertiary institution is part of the UC System, and it is rated as the best vet school in the world according to the QS rankings.

You can click here to begin your application process. You can equally explore the above link to know more about the school and the criteria you must possess to have a successful application session.

8. Cornell University

Created in 1865, the new york-based university is the first private university in the list and it belongs to the statutory Ivy League of Universities.

known for its academic excellence, the Cornell University has become home to students who desire to be regarded as the best in this field.

It isn’t only good in the theoretical aspect of learning, the well-equipped institution is known for its laudable practical session which aids to develop a huge chemistry between its students and the animal world.

Courses such as Public health, Animal Medicine, and Biomedical Research are extensively thought through the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Meanwhile, Cornell University is equally a one-stop eco-friendly institution for students who are interested in other disciplines.

Are you looking for a place to kickstart your undergraduate programs, PhD program or Masters program? This 155-year-old institution is inarguably one of the best places to be and you can Apply now.

9. Utrecht University

Utrecht University is another force to reckon with in the world when we are to talk of quality education and attractive learning environments.

Established in 1663, the Netherlands based institution consist of over 100 faculties, including the faculty of veterinary medicine which is best known for its prowess in the areas of education research and patient care.

It is important you know that the faculty of veterinary consist of 8 departments, hence, you have more options to choose from. Talking of the learning facilities, Utrecht University has lots of laboratories where students can carry out diverse practicals and researches for more understanding.

One of the Laboratories, belonging to the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, includes the central laboratory for animal research which is wide enough to host hundreds of researchers at a go.

Aside the veteranary-related discipline, Utrecht is engaged in other academic programs such as several departments in Sciences, Humanities, Law and Engineering.

Are you interested in knowing how to be admitted into the tertiary institution and the tuition fee? You are advised to click hereif your answer to the question is ‘yes’.

10. The University of Pennsylvania

Here is another private US-based university that has all it takes to teach you all you should know as a veterinarian.

Considering the number of graduates who are currently doing well in the veteranary field, you should be rest assured you are in the best place to chase your dream of becoming a well-known vet doctor.

Just as the Cornell University, this institution belongs to the Ivy League Research Universities in the country and it’s one of the well-known citadel of learning in the country.

This is why many admission seekers and applicants often make it their first choice. Hence, you should be ready to face stiff competition in your desire to be one of its students.

According to the QS ranking, the University of Pennsylvania is a place to be due to the quality education it renders to students of every discipline.

Also known as PennVet, its oneness is another reason why it gains so much impressive rating among the public as it possesses zero tolerance for racism and discrimination. Equal scholarship opportunity is rendered to both citizens and international students without descrimination.

Therefore, you can be rest assured that you are going to get quality education which will enhance your ability to treat animals of any kind and sizes; and the ability to provide solutions to any diseases outbreak.

11. The University of Guelph

This Canadian University is listed as one of the best vet schools in the world by QS ranking based on its obvious achievements since its creation in 1964.

Located at Ontario Guelph, the tertiary institution is known for its quality education and ability to provide with top-notch research facilities.

There are different laboratories for different departments as part of the management’s desire to provide friendly learning atmosphere.

Just as it is with the schools discussed above, University of Guelph welcomes students of other academic programs or disciplines such as Law, Lab Science, economics etc.

To be a part of this school, you are advised to apply as soon as possible by visiting its official websitewhich also reveals more info about the citadel of learning.

12. University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh has a spot in the list of world’s oldest universities as it was created in 1582 in Scotland.

Apart from its experience, this lovely tertiary institution serves as home to more than 3000 students because of its quality education and well-secured environment.

Don’t be confused, the university has a special name for its faculty of veterinary medicine which is known as The Royal (Dick) School of veterinary studies and it was founded in 1823 by William Dick.

It specialises on veterinary education; clinical practice and research. it is inarguably one of the best universities you will find in Scotland and other UK countries. Learn more about the tertiary institution here.

13. University of Liverpool

Most of you probably get familiar with Liverpool as a result of the football club, but that’s not all the city is known for. It possesses one of the best universities you can come across in the world and that’s the University of Liverpool.

Listed among the best vet schools by QS, the tertiary institution was created in 1881 initially as a college before being transitioned to University.

This public Research University is truly one of the best we can recommend to every admission seeking candidate. Its unending lists of academic achievements and recognitions in this discipline are largely responsible for students’ desire to be part of the highly competitive institution.

With two on-site working farms; three first opinion practices; and two referral hospitals, you can be rest assured you are set to get quality education as far this discipline is concerned.

Having check the University’s profile, we can conclude that the University of Liverpool consists of beautiful side attraction, clean and conducive learning environment. It also boasts of convenient academic calendar which gives room for students to partake in extra-curricular activities or petty side hustles.

14. Royal Veterinary College

Unlike most learning schools in this list, Royal Veterinary College strictly on Vet Sciences. Unfortunately, not all students can be admitted because the London-based institution is not open to other disciplines.

However, this doesn’t take anything away from its quality and importance as it is rated among the best vet schools in 2020.

15. Ghent University

The Ghent University’s history can be traced back to 1817 when it was created by King William I of the Netherlands in Ghent.

it is also another school you can count on when it comes to delivering of quality education to students at an affordable tuition fee.

16. Melbourne University

the Melbourne University is a beauty to behold. Take a walk around the school facilities, you’ll be wowed. Indeed, you would see many reasons why you should apply for admission as soon as possible.

Created 1853 as a Public Research Institute, the Melbourne University didn’t based on vet medicine only, it equally participate in other faculties such as Law, Sciences and Humanities.

You can be rest assured that you will be exposed to all the practicals and details you need to succeed in the field.

17. Ohio State University

Last but not the least, the Ohio State University is inarguably one of the best institutions you can see in the United States and it’s not a surprise to that it is included in QS ranking.

However, you need to apply as soon as possible as it is known for an average acceptance rate.


Obviously, there are lots of universities in the world to choose from, but according to QS ranking system, the 17 listed ones are the best among the rest.

However, it is important we tell you that these schools can only provide you with all the things needed to graduate with good grades while the ultimate decision lies in your hands.

You can’t be successful in your studies without the zeal and determination to succeed. This is to let you know that your level of being a successful veterinarian solely depends on your ability to read and understand what you are being taught.

As we continue to take an analytical look at the recently released QS world universities ranking, we shall be focusing on other faculties in our subsequent posts. Feel free to paste your comment in the box below and we will promptly attend to it.

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