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How to Read and Understand Fast In 2020

  To some students, reading is a problem (it used to be a problem to me too), to some others, they don’t have any problem with reading. To these later set of students, they read but don’t understand. Whatever your case is, I am going to give you awesome  tips on how you can  read […]

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Expository Essay Writing Made Easy

Expository essays come out as questions in waec, neco, gce and nabteb exams. But not all students know the basics and how to write it. I have compiled the basic things that you need to know about expository essays. These are the points that examiners need from students. Basic Things You Should Know About Expository […]

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Steps To Write A Good Narrative Essay

Narration if as to be noted that every narrative essay is about accounting for event or happening that sometime took place. In a simple form, every narration tells story. Topic or questions that require writing story can include the following but is not limited to : • The day I will never forget. • My […]

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Qualities Of Craftsmanship In Nigeria

Being a craftsman is not easy, you need to have the qualities of good craftsmanship. Qualities Of Good Craftsmanship Within the nuances of each discipline, there are numerable things that make one skilled, but some of the key characteristics of an excellent craftsman cry across categories : 1. They are motivated by mastery rather than […]

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Explanation Of Real and Hypothetical Reasons

Do you know what real and hypothetical reasons are? I will explain everything in this article. You may have not seen this before, but examiners use it in exams like waec, etc. Note that this topic is only in English language. This will be awesome for you, read on.. Explanation of Real Reasons 1. Examiners […]

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