Cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship 2023/2024 Application Guide

Cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship

Do you know that the application for cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship program is ongoing? Well, now you know. The scholarship application portal is opened to all eligible and interested candidates.

However, it’s important you know the requirements and your eligibility status before applying so you won’t harm your chances of being one of the winners.

This is why we’ve decided to come up with this article which contains every detail about the scholarship, including brief history, how to apply, the requirements, opening date, financial value, deadline date, and other frequently-asked questions. Seat back, relax and pay attention as we dive into action.

What is cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship

Cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship is a financial assistance program initiated to improve students’ participation in the fight against cyberbullying.

This scholarship program is aimed at ensuring that students play significant roles in tackling cyberbullying as it will enrich their purse tremendously.

Despite the organizers’ priority, it’s a surprise that the cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship is open to only US students. It means US citizens are in a favorite position to benefit from the scholarship program if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Nonetheless, you still have a very bright chance of winning the scholarship without being a US citizen. You must be attending a US-based tertiary institution or college.

Cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship Requirements

  • You must be an undergraduate, postgraduate, high school, or college student in a certified school.
  • You must be a US citizen or you attend a US college or tertiary institution.
  • You plan to migrate to the US to further your education.
  • You must write a creative and well-structured essay.

How to apply for cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship

Applying for this scholarship is quite straightforward, all you need is the ability to write a quality write-up and submit it to the scholarship address. However, below is the step-by-step guide to applying for this year’s cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship program

* Create Quality Content:

Write at least a 600-word article on why and how to stop cyberbullying. Ensure you take your time to edit your article to prevent any grammatical blunder.

Your content must be a resourceful and research-based work, containing factual points and details to stand a bright chance. It is also important that your article is 100% unique because the organizers frown at plagiarism and any form of copy-paste work.

Endeavor to include your source of information (reference) to back up your point and also make it more professional

* Convert your article to doc. file:

Having written your content, you are expected to convert it to a Doc file, the only supported format, before submitting it. You must choose this format if you must be considered by the scholarship board /committee.

* Submit your content and other details to the Verified email:

This is the last application procedure, and it involves submitting your essay to the scholarship email address.

Read your content twice or thrice, edit it until you are confident it deserves a spot among the winners. You should seek someone else (learned fellow) to read your content and make the required corrections before completing this application phase.

* Having guaranteed the content’s quality, you can now proceed to submit it to the organizers’ email. The cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship application email is [email protected]

Ensure you provide first and last names, address, phone number, school name, area of study, and other verifiable documents to show that you are a qualified student. Attach the articles to the address and wait for the organizers’ response.

Cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship Application Portal

The cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship application portal is

You can apply via this website address if you are not comfortable using the email method discussed above.

Visit the website, click on the ‘apply button’ and fill out the application form with up-to-date details. Upload your written essay and click on the ‘submit’ link to complete the application exercise.

Cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship deadline date

Though this year’s official deadline isn’t known to the public yet, we advise you to apply before February 28.

February has always been the deadline date for previous editions, so we assume this year won’t be different.

While waiting for the official deadline day, we admonish you to submit your application form as soon as possible using any of the methods discussed above.

Cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship Worth

The cyberbullying prevention for scholarship winners will get $1000 from the organizers. They expect you to spend the grant on tuition fees, textbooks, and other school-related expenses. Their prime target is to help winners enjoy financial freedom spell throughout their stay in school.

Is cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship competitive?

The scholarship is highly competitive because only one applicant will emerge as the winner. Hence, there is no room for errors while applying as millions of students are vying for the single available slot.

Cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship frequently asked questions?

  • How many people can win the cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship

One applicant will win the scholarship award because the organizers are only keen on helping applicants with the best essay and deserving profile.

  • Who can apply for the cyberbullying prevention for teens scholarship?

Freshman, sophomore, Junior, Senior, part-time, and graduate students are eligible for the scholarship as long as they meet the requirements.

  • What is The Eligible area of Interest or field of study?

The area of interest eligible for the award include Accounting, Advertising, and Public Relations, African American Studies, Allied Health Sciences, Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Applied Statistics. Click here for a conclusive list of all the supported areas of interest


Though this scholarship is extremely competitive, it’s better to try than give excuse. Therefore, we advise you to give it shot and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to paste your questions and thoughts in the comment section below. We will attend to them as soon as possible. At this point, we wish you the best in your quest for financial aid.


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