federal polytechnic Nekede School Fees For Freshers ND & HND 2020/2021 morning/evening – weekend part time/full time

federal polytechnic Nekede School Fees For Freshers ND & HND 2020/2021 morning/evening – weekend part time/full time

Whether you are for morning , evening, weekend or part time student the federal polytechnic Nekede School Fees must be a great interest to not only you but to your friends who are schooling in the school.

The federal polytechnic Nekede offers a wide range of flexible academic programmes that suits the needs and desire of every student but it cost the school huge some of money to keep this programme running, pay her staffs majority of them which are made up of academic and non academic staffs.

Federal poly nekede departmental cut off mark for 2019/2020

Although federal polytechnic Nekede is a full federal government funded institution, still yet they still need input from students to complement the shortfall of funds needed to keep things going.

We understand how desperate most admission and newly admitted students would normally want to gather every information pertaining to fees payable in school, this is the very reason we decided to step in to help you guys put all the necessary I information as regards the federal polytechnic Nekede School Fees.

Hence below you will find various fees that you are expected to pay. Please note that there might be some little variation in terms of the figure we put down as there might be some changes anytime soon..

Federal Poly Nekede School Fees For ND And HND Freshers 2020/2021 Session


School of Engineering TechnologyND 1ND 2HND 1HND2
Agric. engineering30,100233002960025300
Chemical engineering30,100233002960025300
Computer engineering30,100233002960025300
Civil engineering30,100233002960025300
Electrical and Electronic Engineering30,100233002960025300
Mechanical Engineering30,100233002960025300
Mechantronics Technology30,100233002960025300
School of Environmental Design & Technology30,100233002960025300
Art & Design Technology30,100233002960025300
Building Technology30,100233002960025300
Estate Management30,100233002960025300
Quantity Surveying30,100233002960025300
Surveying & Geo Informatics30,100233002960025300
Urban & Regional Planning30,100233002960025300
School of Humanities & Social Sciences30,100233002960025300
Social Sciences30,100233002960025300
Mass Communication30,100233002960025300
School of Industrial & Applied Sciences30,100233002960025300
Environmental Biology30,100233002960025300
Science Lab. Tech30,100233002960025300
Dispensing Opticianry30,100233002960025300
Pharmaceutical Technology30,100233002960025300
Hospitality Management30,100233002960025300
Fisheries 30,100233002960025300
Food Technology30,100233002960025300
Computer Science30,100233002960025300
Physics with Electronics30,100233002960025300
Library Science30,100233002960025300

Fed Poly Nekede acceptance fee and others When Admitted (ND Morning Freshers Only)

Matriculation GownN1,000
School File FeeN5,00
School FeesNot more than 60,000

Fed Poly Nekede acceptance fee Payment Schedule and other fees For ND Evening

Are you for evening programme here are the fees in tabular form you are to pay :

Acceptance feeN20,000
Departmental FeeN5,00
Matriculation GownN1,000
School FileN5,00
Evening ProgramN5,00
Microwsoft Fee-N5,500
School FeesNot more than 60,000

Compulsory Payments for New ND Weekend Program Student In Fed Poly Nekede

All we listed some important payments that are very compulsory for all those who are currently on any evening programme

Acceptance feeN20,000
Departmental FeeN5,00
S.U.G FeeN6,00
TEDC FeeN3,000
Matriculation Gown FeeN1,000
Library FeeN1,00
School File FeeN5,00
Weekend Program FeeN5,00
Microwsoft FeeN5,500
School FeesBased on department but less than 60,000

How to make the federal polytechnic Nekede payment online :

  • You need to login with your ID and password on
  • http://portal.fpno.edu.ng/nekede/
  • Make sure you update your profile there accordingly.
  • Select the type of payment you want to pay.
  • You will proceed to generate an invoice.
  • Ensure you “Click here to pay online with Credit or ATM Card

All fresh student should note that the Federal polytechnic Nekede acceptance fee is most times paid immediately you have be notified about your admission and also you have been able to print out your admission letter which goes to show that your admission is authentic.

Hence you are expected not to make this payment not until you have confirm from all sources that your admission is valid. Because this payment is none refundable.

Please also note that the Federal polytechnic Nekede frown on late payments of any kind most especially on this issue of acceptance fee. Endeavour you pay on time which should be within the given framework given by the management of the institution.

Finally the federal polytechnic Nekede does not have any programme that allow candidates to make any payments in installment which must be paid in bank or online via your atm card.

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