Grace Hopper Scholarships For 2024/2025 – Facebook, Microsoft, Google

Grace Hopper Scholarships For  – Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Gold Sachs

The world has witnessed seeing more women in the technology industry rise to high positions.

These women contributed more innovative ideas that have help in improving our societies. Among the women who have raised to top positions are Grace Hopper, Anita Borg, and others.

They were previously given different kinds of opportunities to dive deeper into their skills and to solve difficult problems – through technology. Today, scholarships are being given by Grace Hopper to help other women in technology evolve.Scholarship

The Grace Hopper scholarship, is designed for women in the technology sector. Participants of this year’s Grace Hopper Celebrations (GHC 20) have the opportunity to network with others in the industry. The event is the highest gathering of women who are very into technology, science, and engineering. They meet to discuss their future and about resources.

This year’s edition is awarded by four gaint companies – Microsoft, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and Google

This article discusses the four scholarships. Hope you would like to know the requirements and procedures for applying for these scholarships? Keep reading!

But first, you need to understand the details about this conference. Let’s dive in.

A Brief History About Grace Hopper informed us that Admiral Grace Murray Hopper was both a United States Navy officer and a computer scientist. She was born on 9th of December, 1906, and died on January 1st, 1992. Grace Hopper was among the first programmers of the Harvard Mark 1 calculator. She also built the first compiler designed for a programming language.

Grace was also called “Amazing Grace”. This was as a result of her great achievements and her rank in the US Navy.

During the time Grace Hopper bagged her PhD (Mathematics) from Yale University, she was one of the four female students for the programme. Grace further worked as an associate professor, Vassar College – she was there until the World War 2 began.

It was in 1943 that Grace Hopper joined the US Naval Reserve – she was a lieutenant. During this period, she also worked for the Bureau of Ordnance Computation (in Harvard). While at the institution, Grace learned how the Mark I computer is programmed.

Her vast knowledge in Electronics Engineering, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering allowed her to make significant contributions to the US Navy. Grace Hopper has since been a key inspiration to women in the world of Tech.

Today, the conference was named after her, Grace Hopper. The intention was to always remind women about how useful they are to our contemporary society.

The Grace Hopper Scholarship was built to offer the younger generation the opportunity to unleash their potentials. Scholars who cannot afford the registration fees are helped.

The Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC 20)

GHC is unarguably the biggest gathering in the world for women in technology. As you have known, this event was named after Grace Hopper, a US Naval officer, who was also a great Computer scientist.

Volunteer opportunities are also available, all year round. You can always check its website to find available opportunities.

The general registration commences in mid July. Pricing an full details are to be posted during summer.

Details about logistics (childcare, services, shuttle routes, etc) are to be posted in late summer.

The programme is so much structures that women will have the opportunity to meet great women within the tech society. Perfect for networking. There are many benefits for women for participating in the GHC event. Also, this year’s GHC Scholarship is to be awarded to Scholars who attend the conference. You don’t want to miss it.

The Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarships

Facebook is awarding women in computing Scholarship. The social media and technology giant partners with the Grace Hopper Celebration.

The social media giant has a mission to empower people through community building, and also bring people worldwide together. So far, Facebook’s vision has been accomplished to a large extent. It has built services and apps which are very capable of connecting billions of users across the world.

Also, Facebook has been successfully in helping many small businesses expand – more customers, more profits in a short time.

What are the benefits of this Scholarship?

Thousands of women have been empowered. Facebook will be awarding fifty women to do innovative jobs and also to contribute more values to the tech world. This award is easily accessible by women who participate in the GHC Scholarship.

Those who attend this year’s GH Conference are qualified to have a good time picking the brains of Facebook engineers. They would learn more, and most importantly, network with like minds.

Other benefits include free registration, all-paid travel and accommodation expenses. It also includes the pre-Grace Hopper Celebration Program that will be hosted before the main event.

Participants will have more tech talks and other mentoring sessions.

More meal stipends will be offered. There will be invitation to private dinner and reception with the engineering team of Facebook. All these and many more are offered.

What are the requirements for the Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarship?

For you to be selected for this scholarship, there are certain requirements. You must meet them to enjoy the full benefits.

Below are the requirements:

  • You must have, or in the process of having a four-year Undergraduate or Graduate degree in Computer Science or other related courses – Information System, Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Statistics, etc. The scholarship was designed for women with this.
  • For selected international candidates, they are solely responsible for their travel visa. Although Facebook will pay for all other travel expenses.
  • If you are currently into any Facebook Internship program or maybe you have accepted any related offer, you must not apply for this scholarship.

Apply here

The Microsoft Grace Hopper Scholarship

Every year, Microsoft award different conference scholarships to students in Canada, Mexico, or USA. The qualified students must have displayed academic distinction, good passion for technology, and great leadership in the field of Computer Science and fields related to STEM (technology, mathematics, science, and engineering).

The scholarship by Microsoft was designed for students that don’t have the financial strength to pursue their dream in becoming great contributors to the tech world.

The company don’t take scholarships for granted – it’s a priority. Applicants need to demonstrate good leadership skills in their field, from different colleges and universities.

Among the numerous scholarships awarded by Microsoft annually is the Microsoft Grace Hopper Scholarships.

Some benefits of Microsoft Grace Hopper Scholarships

If you make it into the conference, there are some of the benefits you get with the Microsoft Grace Hopper Scholarships:

  • You travel, hotel, and meal expenses are paid. Funds are not not transferred to other individuals.
  • Candidates will get paid registration for any of these conferences – National Society of Black Engineers Conference; Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing; Tapia Conference; Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference.

Requirements for the Microsoft Grace Hopper Scholarship

Below are what you need to have in order to qualify for this scholarship:

    • The program is designed for students with knowledge or experience in the computer science field. Other related STEM field like Engineering, Mathematics, or Science are also considered.
    • An applicant should have it be pursuing a Masters or PhD degree in a four-year University or College from either of these countries – Mexico, Canada, or the United States.
    • If you wonder if high school students can apply for this opportunity, well, the scholarship is not for them. But if you are currently in a college or university, then you could be considered.
  • International students are not qualified for the scholarship. If you study in any of the accepted countries(Canada, USA, or Mexico), you may be considered.

Note: Applied for the conference scholarship will be reopened on January, .

The Google GHC Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by It funds both undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty scholars.

The Google scholarship allows the students to participate in the 3-day event, the Grace Hopper Celebration.

They will also be exposed to s many resources as scholars. Careers opportunities are provided. Students have access to academic workshops, as well as the opportunity to network with professionals. There are lots of things to share are learn.

What are the benefits of the AnitaB.krg GHC Scholarship?

Here are some things each participants will get from this offer:

  • The Travel Consultant books and pays for the participants’ flight tickets.
  • There is individual registration for the 3-day celebration.
  • Participants get travel allowances. It covers meals, costs of transport, baggage bills, and other expenses.
  • The accommodation is organized by A roommate is assigned to each student scholar while faculty be graduates get their own rooms.
  • When a participant gets her GHC ID, she will be offered scholarship. Scholars are to pay for meals in advance, and also transport to the main event.

Requirements for the GHC scholarship

  • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have enrolled in an accredited degree program. If you will graduate after the event, please don’t apply. Make sure you abide by this rule in order not to waste your time.
  • To be qualified for this scholarship, participants must have enrolled in a related degree program – if there they are doing a Masters or Doctorate program.
  • You must truly have great passion for computing.
  • You don’t need to have participated in the previous events to qualify.
  • Participants must have satisfactory progress regarding a degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or other related technical courses (mathematics, electrical engineering, physics, management information systems, human-computer interaction, etc).
  • Participants can only accept one scholarship. Accepting more than one scholarship is not allowed to attend the Grace Hopper Conference.
  • You must notify that you won’t be attending the Grace Hopper Celebration if you are chosen. Failure to do this will disqualify you from attending coming offer in the future. Take this serious. Notify them early if you won’t attend.

What Qualifies you for the Grace Hopper Scholarship?

You must be active in your community. This could also means your involvement in STEM/Campus/Computing clubs. Have passion for encouraging women in the computer industry.

Participating in the conference should have a big impact on your career, therefore be prepared for this. Bring values to other participants as their will be sessions for networking. Be ready to impact others with your acquired knowledge.

What are the qualifications of the faculty for the scholarship?

Faculties for this scholarship needs to meet these requirements:

  • Participants must teach in a degree program. Field should include courses in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or other related technical courses – Mathematics, Management Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, or Physics.
  • An applicant must be teaching in an accredited University or College during the time for the conference. High school teachers are not awarded scholarships.
  • When chosen, participants must notify their status of attendance. If you won’t attend the GH Celebration, notify them on time. If you refuse to notify them, you won’t be eligible for a similar opportunity in the nearest future.
  • A Faculty Scholar have mentored or be mentoring female students.
  • As the GHC event will have an impressive impact on all aculty scholars, and the new solutions, the academicians should be prepared to brings back more values to their schools and communities.

Goldman Sachs Grace Hopper Scholarship

As an enthusiast of the tech industry, Gold Sach is also supporting this event.

The scholarship awarded Gold Sachs is for 25 Female Engineers. They must have demonstrated strength in their passion for solving problems, excellence academic performance, and great leadership skills to receive the award.

What are the benefits of the Gold Sachs Grace Hopper Sholarship?

  • Participants get on-site interview to secure a full-time job.
  • All accommodations and other expenses are taken care of. For the 3-day event, participants receive allowances for round trip, hotel accommodation, and meals.
  • For two nights, you would have the opportunity to meet with the firm’s Senior Engineers in New York (its headquarters). This will be after the first semester.

Requirements for the Goldman Sachs Grace Hopper Scholarship

  • You my have been a graduate before the conference.
  • Participants must have enrolled in a 4-year university or college, for an undergraduate program.
  • You must have a background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Mathematics. Other fields relating to STEM are also acceptable.

To apply, please visit: .

How can I write a nice Grace Hopper Scholarship Resume?

Most often, resume for the Grace Hopper Sholarship is accepted by the Institute. This allows the employers check the portal for qualifications and skill of attendees who got the scholarship.

That was the main reason why resumes are accepted by Potential employers can check and login to the portal for this purpose.

It is therefore essential that scholars who are successful with the opportunity to first create an account with the institute – the Google Institute.

While you are writing you Statement of Purpose, make sure that your write the details. Statement of Purpose helps you sell an idea to potential employer or the board.

Also, you should list your research work(s) or activities. This would confirm your level of passion in Computer Science and Computing in general. Highlight your interest relating to this field.

Have a paragraph that carefully details your successful contribution to women in tech, or in your field of study. It must relate to computing.

Add another paragraph. Discuss more about current effort in your field and any plan(s) you have for the future that will help women in tech.

Another point to add are how attending the event or being a scholar of GHC will have great effect I’m your life aspirations. List them all.

Any challenges you currently confront as a woman in technology should also be added. You know what they are, express it.

Write about your commitment to your goal. And also your passion to help your local fellows to improve. This is what most application analysts often see first.

You will also need to send a letter of recommendation. This will be requested for, with your resume. A researcher or professor can help you with this, for better result.

Write a CV. Include your present work, if you have any. List your GPA, past research, projects, and achievements (include links if they are available). For this purpose, you can go further to create a personal website. This will impress the reviewer

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Be free to express yourself. This is an opportunity to find work opportunities. It’s a great platform to network with other talented women.


As this year’s Grace Hopper Scholarships conference is about to take place, you have an opportunity to participate.

The conference is one of the best event every woman in tech would like to attend.

Would you like to be part of this opportunity? Would you oh like toconnect and network with top brains in the tech industry? This is your chance. Apply for this year’s GHC today.

Good luck!

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