How Does Elon Musk study? Explained

Elon Musk is the exact definition of someone who says he’ll do something, and actually does it. His exceptional success has left many “normal” people wondering as to how Musk has achieved a lot and has been successful over and over again.

How Does Elon Musk Study?

As a young boy, Elon always liked to study, and could go as far as reading for 10 hours each day. An adult might find reading for 10 hours each day an impossible task. Also, his concentration level cannot be emphasized.

He can study on a particular issue for hours and switch to another problem while maintaining the same level of focus. For Elon, studying always came along with the same dose of focus, which makes it a lot better.How Does Elon Musk study?

At a young age, he ran out of books to read. This can only tell us the rate per word that he could read. His reading speed could not be compared to that of an average reader. He would always be ahead of everything he does i.e. studying by maintaining an impressive speed.

Lastly, for someone who has a photographic memory, part of his studying guides also came from him remembering facts by images. At some point, Elon Musk even thought his brain could be compared to the graphics chip of a computer.

Elon Musk has a totally different way of viewing and handling problems than most entrepreneurs. As expected, he reads a lot of books to be able to achieve this.

How many hours does Elon Musk study?

His compulsion to read is another interesting part of Elon’s character even as a child and presently. As a kid, he would read for 10 hours, and was able to finish two encyclopedias.

He found out how captivating it was to know things that were just lying around. You don’t know what you don’t know, so Elon Musk gained as much knowledge from reading books. According to him, he was raised by books, then his parents.

How does Elon Musk learn things so fast?

Elon Musk beats the popular myth about focusing on only one field to better understand it. He has proven that you can be able to learn in different areas, and still be good at it all.

Being able to learn across multiple fields gave Elon a greater information advantage than people who focused on one field alone.

Elon Musk engages in a specific type of learning called learning transfer. He has also confirmed this in a Reddit AMA when he gave some tips on how he views learning and how he transfers that knowledge for different concepts.

For people who are unfamiliar with the learning transfer concept, it basically means applying what we’ve read into other contexts. It can be taking the knowledge learnt from school or a workshop, anything in fact, and applying it to the real world.

It can also be taking what you’ve learnt in one industry and applying it to another industry. This description screams Elon Musk, of course.

Is Elon Musk good at studies?

He was not exactly outstanding at school as you would think. Well, he did get the highest grades in his class when it involved Physics and Computer sciences. However, for subjects such as Afrikaans, Elon would just try to make a pass mark in subjects like that.

According to him, he would rather spend his time playing video games, reading books, or coding. This can be relatable for many of us, who direct all our passion in what we love, thereby leaving no space for other disciplines or fields.

How many hours does Elon Musk sleep a day?

Musk told Joe Rogan in The Joe Rogan Experience that he works a lot(which we can’t deny) and would spend hours in meetings at work till around 1 or 2 in the morning.

The most anticipated question comes up, “How does he have time to sleep?” He told Rogan on the show that he slept for six hours, and when he tried sleeping less, he noticed reduced productivity.

However, he mentioned that he doesn’t want to sleep any more than six hours. He has also mentioned in the past that he worked for 100 hours each week.

In November, he told Kate Swisher that there was a point in his life where he would just work, then sleep, and work again. And, it kept going on for weeks.

Elon believed he must have lost a bunch of neurons during that period.

He also told Axios in 2018 that he didn’t advise anyone to work as much as he did(put in so many hours into work) because they might lose some nuts working 120 hours a week.

What time does Elon Musk wake up?

People believe that highly successful people get less sleep than others. Although, this is not always true, because being productive doesn’t determine the hours of sleep you should get.

Elon retires to bed at around 1am and wakes up by 7am. He spends half an hour responding to important emails. He showers, dresses up, and enjoys a cup of coffee.

Elon admitted that he mostly skips breakfast, but when he does have one, he prefers an omelet.

Elon said that showering is an important part of his day. Going on to say that he doesn’t feel in his right mind without having a shower for the day.

The next thing he does is to prepare his children for school, then go to work.

He shares his 85-100 hour working weeks between his SpaceX company and Tesla, spending Mondays and Fridays at SpaceX, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at Tesla.

Elon Musk keeps his Mornings simple, and doesn’t waste time on super lavish breakfast. During lunch at work, he finishes up in five minutes or less. Elon’s productive daily lifestyle works all the time for him.

What are Elon Musk’s degrees?

In 1989, Elon moved to Canada to attend Queen’s university, and use the opportunity to avoid the mandatory military service in his hometown. That same year, he was granted his Canadian citizenship.

In 1992, Elon finished his program at Queen’s, and went to study business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained two degrees.

He had an undergraduate degree in Economics, and stayed back for a second degree in Physics where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree.

After studying at the University of Penn, Elon went ahead to pursue Energy Physics in Stanford University, California.. As fate would have it, he dropped out two days later and went ahead to launch his very first company, Zip2 Corporation in 1995.

Elon Musk has publicly addresses his view on the exaggeration of degrees to get a job. He believes that most business-school graduates run American businesses, caring mostly about numbers instead of focusing on delivering the best to their customers.

At a satellite conference, Elon said that colleges were for fun, and also mentioned in a tweet that education was different from learning.

This has inspired so many people who depend on college degrees for all that they think that life can offer them.

Elon himself dropped out of the Stanford University and was unable to secure his Ph.D. Yet, see how far he has come.

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