How to Find the Most Suitable Apartment in Nigeria?

Description: If you happen to look for an apartment or a house in Nigeria, the process may seem challenging. However, with some great tips, you will find the best location in no time.

Students Hostel & Apartments for Students: How to Rent in Nigeria?

Do you plan to find a new apartment or are you just wondering how a college or university student can find and rent a house or an apartment in Nigeria?

They say that finding a perfect house is like finding your significant other – sometimes you just have to deal with many variants to find the best fit by trial and error. You don’t just wake up and choose the first room, flat, or house that you see.

When you have plans to rent an apartment or a house in Nigeria, you have to follow some important steps. The point is that students are looking for a perfect home to not only feel comfortable but to also make sure that many years from now, they will have many wonderful memories to recall and share with their best friends.

Apartment, House, or Studio?

What is it that you’re looking for? Give an honest answer. In case you live in Lagos, ask yourself if you prefer a two-bedroom apartment, a self-contain, a three-bedroom apartment, a mini flat, or something else? Never start a property hunt if you have no idea what you want.

For example, if you’re looking for a two-bedroom apartment somewhere in the Ikeja axis in Lagos, make sure to look for one in this area. List all the criteria that a perfect apartment should have and whether its location should be close to the area of your college or university.

Write down as many details as you possibly can. Prioritize your preferences before you start searching for your dream property.

Decide on Your Budget

Now that you know what type of property you prefer, make sure to consider your budget. If you want a house, are you sure that you can afford one? It is crucial to remain practical.

If for example, you have N350 to rent a three-bedroom flat, don’t choose the places like the Ikeja area because the prices there vary from N1 million to N3.2 million.

Don’t choose the areas like Ikoyi since the price for a three-bedroom apartment starts from N3 million. Instead, go for the options available in the locations, such as Abule Egba, Iyana Ipaja, Shasha, Okota, Ikorodu, and Agege.

Who Is Going to Live with You?

Even if you’re looking for an apartment in Nigeria on your own, it doesn’t mean you have to pay for it alone. In some cases, you can carry the financial responsibility with your cousin, friend, boyfriend, or family member that agrees to live with you.

For instance, if your rent is N800,000, and you have a friend who is willing to share your expenses and pays N300,000 to live in your three-bedroom apartment located somewhere in Ogba, you get a chance to save a great sum of money and become more flexible about choosing your potential place.

What Do You Prioritize?

Without a doubt, you want your apartment to be equipped with a range of features, depending on your lifestyle and taste. However, here are some of the basic issues that you have to look out for:

  • Lifestyle. You know your lifestyle preferences, which means you know what your house or apartment should or shouldn’t have. Are you a huge fan of getting a tan? Do you need some space to workout at home? Do you mind using the staircase? Do you plan to live on the 3rd floor in an apartment in Lagos with a nice view? Answer these questions to narrow your search.
  • Transportation. If you have a car, you should look for an apartment that goes together with a safe parking lot. If you don’t own one, make certain to check the proximity of your apartment to the nearest bus stop. Even if the apartment looks really fancy, you’re not going to like the idea of having to walk for an hour to get to the closest bus stop. Take into consideration the availability of transportations before you choose this or that apartment.
  • Safety. No matter what kind of property you give your preference to, make sure it is safe. Just like that. Check the neighborhood to ensure the apartment is located in a safe one. All the windows, doors, and locks should be checked as well.
  • Pets. If you have pets, take this fact into account when you’re looking for an apartment in Nigeria. If you have a friendly dachshund as a pet, you don’t have to think of your neighbors’ reaction to it. However, if you have an aggressive American pit bull terrier, make certain to put your neighbors into consideration. The same rule works when you’re not into pets, but you know that the neighbors in your soon-to-be apartment are.

Now that you’re ready to start looking for your apartment in Nigeria, make sure to begin your search by checking some reputed property websites and browsing online property listings to see if something works for you.

When you look for an apartment or a house on the internet, it makes the task of narrowing down your search less challenging. What is more, it also provides you with a range of advantages, such as direct access to more property features, more safety as compared to dealing with property agents, filters that narrow down your search, and more information on the chosen property.

Make sure to talk to the current tenants. When you’re about to end your searching for the most suitable apartment in Nigeria, you should contact the current tenants to find out more about their experience with the chosen place. If you decide to get in touch with them via email, but you don’t have particular experience with business correspondence, you’re welcome to approach the companies like that specialize in writing college homework assignments and various business papers. Online professionals will help you to speak to more than one tenant and obtain the necessary information.

Finally, do not limit your search to the internet only. Ask your family and friends to see if they can help you get in touch with a reliable homeowner.

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