How to Pass JAMB 2020 & Gain Admission: Find Out The 14 Secrets that I Used

Last updated on September 10th, 2019

My story

This is not just a guide, it’s more like my own testimony. Every tip I’m going to dish out here was what worked for me. Follow these strategies like drug prescription and you will come back here to give your own admission testimony.

I didn’t have to write JAMB twice before gaining admission. I was admitted the very first time I wrote JAMB and I didn’t pay anybody for anything except the JAMB form. I don’t like runz and you shouldn’t like it too.

You may say I was just lucky. No, it’s not just luck. It’s because I know my onions. The course I applied for was a very competitive one, Computer Engineering, but I made the admission list.

I wasn’t the best student in my class but even the best student in my class had to write JAMB twice before getting admitted into his dream course.

Read on to find out how I did it.


Every year, millions of students take part in JAMB examination with the aim of securing admission. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these students eventually get admitted.

It doesn’t mean that these students are dullards. Just that the competition is too much. Imagine millions of students competing for just a few thousand admission slots.

This has led some students into frustration and depression. What do you expect when the capacity of the higher institutions we have in Nigeria is below standard?

However, as competitive as it is, you can still write JAMB and come out with flying colours.

You may be asking: How can I pass JAMB excellently? How can I get admission without runz? How can I pass JAMB? Or how can I pass JAMB 2019.

In this guide I’m going to answer all these questions. I’m also going to reveal to you all the secrets of JAMB success. My mission here at CurrentSchoolGist is to help you succeed.

How to prepare for JAMB 2020 and Gain Admission

I have broken down this article into three parts to help you understand and assimilate the contents. They include:

  • Pre-examination strategies,
  • Intra-examination strategies and

Post-examination strategies.

Pre-examination strategies

As the name implies, these are those things you need to do before the examination day. These may include but not limited to purchase of form, registration, subject combination, study strategy. I know that you already know all these, but what you may not know is how to do them the right way.

Let us take a deeper look at each of the strategies under Pre-examination:

1. Purchase the form from the Right Source

You may be wondering why I have to include how to purchase form in this list. Probably because you think it’s very simple to do. However, your success or failure begins with the purchase of the form.

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Purchasing the form from the wrong channel will mar your chances of partaking in the examination let alone gaining admission.

Recall that the Registrar of JAMB has warned candidates to be wary of scammers. If you fall for any scammer, it is at your own risk.

Make sure you only patronize designated banks and accredited CBT centres. The list of banks for the purchase of form has not been released but the List of accredited CBT centres has been released.

You can find the list of accredited CBT centres here.

2. Register the right way.

There is no secret to a successful registration than to patronise a recognized CBT centre. Whether you purchased your form from a bank or through a CBT centre, make sure you register at a CBT centre.

It doesn’t end there, make sure you double-check all the information you issue to them to avoid any discrepancy. Ensure your name is well spelt and your surname, first name and other names is the same as you have it in your O’LEVEL certificate, birth certificate and other official document.

Also ensure you provide them with your correct date of birth. A mismatch in any of these may cause you problem during or after the exam. So be careful with them.

Also try to be present during your registration so you can cross-check what they did before submission.

However, if for any reason you won’t be present during registration, remind the person to be careful. This is important because if you eventually gain admission and it happens that there is a variation in your credentials, you will be screened out.

3. Choose the Right Subjects (Subject combination)

Choosing the wrong subject combination will not stop you from writing JAMB, but it will definitely stop you from gaining admission. You will not want to be denied admission because you had combined your subjects wrongly.

Therefore make sure you choose the right subjects for your chosen course of study. You already know that the required number of subjects are four. Out of the four, English Language is compulsory.

My next post is going to be on subject combinations for different courses.

4. Choose the right Institution

Don’t just choose an institution because of it’s name. Choose the one that will increase your chances of gaining admission.

What matters most is not where you graduated from but what you graduated with and your ability to defend it.

You can bear me witness that someone who applies for Michael Okpara University, Umudike has more chances of gaining admission than another person who applies for UNN or UNILAG if other conditions remain constant.

But at the end of the day, what employers want is someone who can be productive and not the one who graduated from a big institution.

So ensure you consider the competitiveness of the institution you choose. That is not to say you shouldn’t go for your choice school-just be smart.

I have compiled the Full List of accredited Federal Universities and that of the State Universities to help you make a good choice.

5. Start Studying in Time

Do not wait till the eleventh hour before you start studying. Of all the strategies I used, this is the chief of them all.

However, studying is not just about picking up your book to read any topic you wish. There are proven ways to study effectively for JAMB UTME.

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Knowing when to study, how to study and what to study is the secret to effective study. To know when to study, you need a study Time Table.

To know how to study, you just need the right attitude. But to know what to study, you need the JAMB SYLLABUS.

6. Prepare a study time Table and Respect it

Time table helps one to be consistent in reading. I had one during my time and you need one for yourself too. For an effective study, you need a study time table.

In preparing your time table, do not skip any day. It is true that UTME subjects are only four whereas there are seven days in a week. What you can do is, pick the two subjects you are good at and assign them a day each. The other two difficult subjects, assign two consecutive days each.

What I mean is, if English and Maths are your best subjects out of the four you have chosen, you can put English on Monday; maths on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday and Thursday you put one of the difficult subjects. On Friday and Saturday you put the other difficult subject.

Use Sunday to read the literature (the compulsory texts).

7. Ensure you Study with the syllabus

The big bang: if you are really serious about passing JAMB and gaining admission, then you can’t do without the JAMB syllabus.

The syllabus contains all the topics where questions will be set from. It also contains the recommended study textbooks.

Did you know that JAMB can never set questions from all the topics you were taught in secondary school? That is why you need the syllabus because it contains only the topics where questions will be set from.

The syllabus is a must have so that you don’t waste your time studying topics that will never be set in the exam.

During your form purchase, you will be given a copy of the syllabus. Notwithstanding, in my next post I will be bringing the JAMB syllabuses.

8. Make Good Use of the Past Question Papers.

The past question paper is a very useful tool in the hands of anyone who is serious about having success in JAMB. It is a well-known fact that JAMB usually repeat questions.

Revising the past questions will expose you to how JAMB sets questions. You may also be lucky to see some of the questions you revised on the exam day.

How I did it was that I concentrated on studying my textbooks for most of the time, and a week before the exams, I focused only on the past question papers. It eventually paid off.

You may not have to wait till a week before the exams to start. What matters most is that you revise your past question papers before examination.

9. Locate your examination centre before the examination day

Except you already knew your exam centre, it is very important you visit the centre some days or a day before the examination. By this you will not have to find it difficult locating your centre on the D-day.

Intra-examination Strategies

By this heading, these are those things you need to observe on the day of the examination and in the examination hall. These strategies are as important as the pre-examination strategies. Let’s take a look at them:

10. Arrive your examination venue in time

There is not much to be said about this. Arriving early helps you to relax and calm your nerves before exam starts. It also helps you not to miss any information that could be passed.

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11. Connect with your fellow Candidates

As you arrive the venue, look for a place to relax and while relaxing, look out for people of like minds and connect with them. You can know them by where they are and what they are talking about. Join in their conversation and afterwards, try and collect their contacts.

The essence of the contact is for networking after exams. I regretted not getting any contact after my JAMB because there was a time I needed to ask some questions with the regards to the exam but there was no one to ask.

12. Obey Instructions

Failure in exams are caused many times by disobedience to instructions. Make sure you pay attention to any instruction that comes from the exam officials.

Do not also forget to pay attention to instructions displayed on your computer screen.

13. Be Time Conscious

Try your best to manage your time very well. Writing JAMB is not all about knowing all the questions, but answering them within the shortest period of time.

The reason why many people fail exams is not because they don’t know the answers. It is sometimes because there is not enough time to answer them all.

Therefore, never waste much time on any question. If you are not sure of the answer to any question, just choose any option at random and move to the next question. Note down the questions you are not sure of the answers so you can revisit them later if you have some time left.

14. Ensure you Don’t Leave any Question unanswered.

Please and please, make sure you don’t skip any question without answering it. JAMB is objectives-based so make sure you select an option whether you are sure of the answer or not. You may be lucky to get it right.

There is this myth of negative marking by JAMB. It is a fat lie. JAMB will never deduct any mark from your score because you answered any question wrongly. I am 100% sure of this so do not be scared of failing a question. It is better to attempt and fail than not attempting at all.

After answering all the questions, go back and revisit all the questions you answered but weren’t sure of the answers. This time, relax and take a second look at them. Maybe you can get it right this time.

Extra-examination Strategies

Of course, these are those things you need to do after your exams. But wait, what do you think I was going to tell you here? Just go home straight.

Watch and pray while keeping your ears to the ground. Prayer is very important.

Good luck……………………….

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