Is the University of Toronto an ivy league: list of Ivy League Universities In Canada

Is the University of Toronto an ivy league: list of Ivy League Universities In Canada

Ivy League schools are seen today as some of the most prestigious elite universities in the world with great reputation. They are made of 8 University namely Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University located in the Northeastern United States

The university of Toronto is considered one of the best universities in the world and is globally ranked high

Considering the first-class learning environments, state-of-the-art teaching equipment, smooth and stress-free admission process; The university of Toronto should be considered as one of the top higher educational institutions which is closely on the same level with The Ivy League.University of toronto

Is the university of Toronto prestigious?

If being prestigious means having first-class learning environments, state-of-the-art teaching equipment, smooth and stress-free admission process;

experienced and qualified lecturers; a conducive academic calendar, then the University of Toronto is a prestigious university because it possesses all the aforementioned attributes.

Being one of the best Universities in the isn’t a small feat; therefore, the U of T’s eligibility to be in the list of the highly-rated schools is never in doubt.

Other features confirming the University’s high qualities and standard include:

  1. Easy admission policy
  • Accommodation is easy and cheap to get
  • Track record of excellent service delivery
  • It has produced many graduates who have gone on to take the world by storm.

List of Ivy League Universities In Canada

Though there are no specific Ivy League universities in Canada, the country boasts of high-standard tertiary institutions that have all it takes to be in the Ivy League universities. Below is a quick list of the top five Canadian universities that could be considered as Ivy League institutions.

1. University Of Waterloo

First on the list is the University of Waterloo which was created in 1957. Popularly known as the UW or Uwaterloo, the highly-rated institution tops the list due to its impressive and convenient education programs.

The public research university consists of six faculties and 10 faculty-based schools. It also boasts of other affiliated universities and colleges. Affordable Undergraduate and postgraduate programs are both offered in the university allowing multiple students to study in Canada without societal and financial constraints.

2. McGill University

McGill University is another Canadian university that deserves a place in the Ivy League’s list of universities supposing there is such a thing in the North American country.

Aimed at producing top-class scientists and professionals, McGill university provides great research-based studies to all students.

Lectures aren’t only limited to theoretical aspects, students are equally engaged in practical aspects, and they are involved in diverse excursions to gain more knowledge.

McGill is known for its convenient learning environment, passionate lecturers, and standard academic calendars.

3. University of Toronto

Our list isn’t complete without mentioning the prestigious University of Toronto. Known as UofT, this citadel of learning is arguably the best in the country as it possesses an impressive and convenient academic calendar for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The institution runs series of financial aiding programs as part of its desire to help students study without financial struggles. This is why students from other parts of the world love to gain admission into the school. UofT’s main aim is to equipped students with all the required knowledge and skills to become problem-solving professionals in any field of life.

4. The University of Alberta

Here is a quality university with a track record of producing great scholars in the country and beyond. Its undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs are nothing short of excellence thanks to dedicated lecturers and great academic schedules.

The University of Alberta is a public research institution that offers students countless and perfect opportunities uncover new discoveries. Its regular scholarship programs provide qualified students a great opportunity to enjoy free education irrespective of background or culture.

5. University of Montreal

Last on the list is the University of Montreal which is dedicated to education and research programs. The University’s main aim includes helping students develop skills to improve the global standard of living.

Professional courses are offered in the educational institution as it ensures that students have all it takes to thrive in their chosen professional field.

Other universities that deserve mention include the University of Calgary, McMaster University, Western University, University of Ottawa, and Dalhousie University.

Is University Of Toronto The Harvard Of Canada

Harvard University is unarguably the best university in the world judging by series of stats revealed by top education journals, websites, and magazines.

The American institution is seen as a great and highly-rated institution where most students would love to complete their academic programs.

As much as the Canada’s University of Toronto is a bit lower than Harvard in terms of reputation, it remains one of the best in the world. According to THE’s latest 2021 ranking, U-of-T is the 18th best university in the world, first in Canada.

In terms of the subjects and programs offered by universities worldwide, the 2020 World Reputation Ranking placed U of T at 19th position, first in Canada. It remains one of the most affordable universities in the world due to its cheap on-campus accommodation fee which is $3k lower than Harvard University.

With an over 43% admission rate, the University of Toronto has an easy and lenient admission policy compared to other institutions in the world. Admission seekers aren’t mandated to possess a high SAT/ACT score because it isn’t necessary.

Just as mentioned earlier, the University of Toronto still has a bit to do to catch up with Harvard. Nonetheless, it won’t be out of place to say it is the “Harvard of Canada”


The University of Toronto is highly recommended to someone looking for where to further his/her education in a prestigious institution.

You can rest assured to enjoy your stay in the school, and come out with high-flying grades as long as you study hard. You can click here to read more about the University’s program.

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