Is Two, One Months Enough To Prepare For GRE?

The Acronym GRE simply means Graduate Record Examination. It is an exam conducted by the Education Testing Service [ETS]. This score test is mandatory for masters or Phd programs in the US or Canada.

Well, while two months is not a handful of time to prepare for GRE, you can still achieve a lot if you work strictly with the right schedule.Is Two Months Enough To Prepare For GRE

GRE study plan for 2 months [ 8 weeks]

  1. A step by step plan for GRE in 2 months
  • These materials will help you structure your schedule. Hence, suiting your study time for 60 days.
  • Get a GRE preparation book or App as a guide
  • Take a full length practice test
  • Utilize flash cards
  • Calendar; this helps you to keep track of your schedule
  • Timer; GRE is a CBT based exam, practising with a timer keeps you on check.

Is One Month Enough To Prepare For GRE

You are preparing for an important Exams and you just have 4 weeks to get it done. Hence, you will have to stick strictly to your plan and study schedule suiting you best.

GRE exams has 3 categories which are;

  • Verbally
  • Quantitative awareness
  • Analytically

Verbally; it focuses on your decision making ability by exploring your comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Quantitative Reasoning; this section tests your ability in understanding the concept of numbers, it computing and rythms.

Analytical Writing; here it focuses on your understanding of complex ideas, examines your ability to knit them together. Hence making a viable point.

Getting accustom to these sections will help you create a right study plan

  • Week 1- quantitative reasoning
  • Week 2- Verbal reasoning
  • Week 3- analytical Writing
  • Week 4- Revise all

During study, take note of you strength and weakness. Spend more time building yourself on your weak point.

Is it Bad to Study For One Month For GRE

There is never a bad timing space to writing an exam. However, preparing or studying for GRE in 4 weeks [1 month] is not a bad idea if you have you plan strictly addressed and consistently followed and also being a fast learner.

Note that; if you want to be in a decent place and up with a high score, you need to be consistent. Knowing fully well that its not a handful of time.

  1. Plan rightly by;
  • Breaking down the required sections to be taken in the GRE
  • Strictly fix them into your schedules
  • For weekdays or weekends suiting your schedule
  • Fix your chosen day timely;
  • 6- 12 hours daily or entire weekends

Having in mind that you do not have abundance of time, avail yourself to the best study options that suits you comfortably. You don’t have leverage of time, stick to the plan.

Is Three Months Enough Time for Study

Preparing for GRE exams in 3 months, you have to yourself an ample time to get accustomed, execute and achieve your aim. This time frame gives you an edge over others by having a mastery of the core sections available in GRE.

Nonetheless, in as much as an ample time can make you, it also can mar or be a downside. How? A longer period of study time may give rise to challenges such as decrease in motivation, reduced speed and also disruption from work, family and other factors.

Anyways, if 12 weeks is your designed schedule, let us be your guide.

  • Look into your schedule
  • Divide your 3 months into two section
  • First section, thoroughly study
  • Second section, review all you have study using a timer for time management check.


Is 1 ½ month enough for GRE

Whatever plan you decide to go with make sure its suits your and will place your score above the required.

Having 1 ½ month an equivalent of 6 weeks to prepare for GRE may be a good timing to prepare and also may not be a good timing.

This is dependent or rather boils down to individual’s consistency and strict adherence.

Nevertheless, if you have chosen 6 weeks to study for your GRE, follow this guide to fixing your personal schedule and yours should be

  • Simple, adapting and effective.
  • Organise your time with respect to the test scheduled date
  • Scout for materials especially free ones provided by ETS
  • Break down this period into two; one part for thorough study and the other for scrutiny.

How Long Should I Prepare for GRE

If you are an expert in cramming ie “ la cram la pour”, then GRE is definitely not a go area for you.

This is because GRE is a bulky exams that test your pattern and not about facts or logic expertise. Therefore, to score high or be a step away from your destination you need thorough practice within a space of 4- 12 weeks. How?

  • Fish out your baseline; this is the score you are likely to score if you are to take the test today
  • Determine your target GRE score
  • Make a suiting plan
  • Practice thoroughly by taking online test to have a GRE experience as its CBT based
  • Review your results
  • Go take your test

How Long Does It Take To Prepare For GRE

Time frame for preparedness is individual dependent. However, it is pertinent to note that 4- 20 weeks is quite a very good space of time to prepare

but if you must participate in mock exams, then you should consider 6-24 weeks at most for preparedness.

Steps to achieve a desired goal

  • Self study
  • Experiencing difficulty? Go register in a coaching centre
  • Have a target score, this should be your drive
  • Take a practice test
  • Schedule your time daily or weekly
  • Take your mock test
  • Evaluate
  • Take your test

How Much Does GRE Cost

The fees paid for GRE fluctuates and hence, it is liable to change without prior notice

GRE standard test registration is $205

For special handling request ie, Change of centre -$50

Most test materials are free and can be downloaded but a few a sold. However, the cost Is dependent on the materials you need. For instance,

Power plus material$39.95
For Official GRE materials$70
For online writing practice$20
Scorng services
Additional scores report per person$27
For the question and answer review$50
for Score Review in Analytical writing$60
For score reinstatement fee$50

Note that; you can attempt GRE once in 21days and a max of 5 times in 12 months and your score is valid for a period of 5years

Thanks for having us, good luck guys!

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