Think For Yourself TV Scholarship 2023/2024 Application Guide


Studying has become easier as so many philanthropists and well-to-do individuals put up various measures to help the students. One of such helpful programs is the think for yourself TV scholarship.

Brief History Of Think For Yourself TV Scholarship

The Scholarship program was lunch in 2018 by the sponsorship of Let’s Grow Inc, intending to bring up the stars in post-secondary and colleges students through easy competition.

It is an essay-based Scholarship program in which applicants will create a captivating and unique content on a given topic. Applicants of the top four essays will emerge as winners and will be rewarded with money and other benefits. The organizers will give $8000 to the four lucky winners.

Since 2018, the Scholarship has awarded about $25000 to winners of the competition. Winners’ essays are also published in the New York Post, San Fransisco Chronicle, USA Today, New York Daily News, The New Jersey Ledger, EdWeek, Quileute.

Think For Yourself TV Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To participate in this TV Scholarship competition, the following conditions need to be satisfied:

1. Citizenship criteria:

Think for yourself TV Scholarship is citizenship considerate. Therefore, all essays must be submitted by citizens of the United State. If otherwise, you might not be selected for a Scholarship no matter how great your writing skill is. All applicants must legally reside in United States or the District of Columbia.

2. Age criteria:

The age of the applicant must not be less than 15 years or more at the period of applying.

3. Academic criteria:

All applicants must currently attend a recognized high school. They must currently either be in the 10th-grade category (sophomore), 11th-grade category (Junior), or 12th-grade category (Senior) in their respective high school.

They can also be students who will enroll before the fall of 2026 in a recognized post-secondary institution of higher learning (2 or 4-year course in a university, college, vocational, or online study program).

How To Apply For The Scholarship

The application for this scholarship has begun on the 1st of January and it is done by submitting a filled Scholarship application form online at the website of the sponsor. Click here to proceed to the sponsor’s website.

Applicants are to submit an application form containing; name, academic detail, background detail, contact information, and a brief original, unpublished essay. The article must be written in response to one of the scholarship questions below:

1. Have you for once encountered an occurrence that made you regret having access to social media? What are the lessons that the experience thought you?

2. Some believe that teenagers should be protected from rampant controversial speakers and publications. Are you in support of that idea? What is the reason for your opinion? If you are in support, will you share with us what you will prefer them to be exposed to?

3. Have you ever had a disagreement with your friend on an important issue? what are the things needed to maintain a friendship based on how you resolved yours?

4. Write on a statement that someone made or what someone did that should have gotten you offended but you chose not to and why you took that decision.

5. Write on when you did not say your mind or you almost didn’t because you thought your idea might not be recognized and therefore rejected. What does that incident taught you and will you ever allow such occurrence again?

Your essay must be written in English language with correct grammar and spelling. Your essay must not be more than five hundred words. After the submission of the original application, substitution of any corrected pages or new draft will not be permitted.

Think For Yourself Application Deadline Date

The application for this year’s Think For Yourself TV scholarship will run through the 30th of April, . This implies that no essay will be accepted after the date above. You can save your essay and submit it later after filling the form with all the necessary information.

Other Important Information About The Think For Yourself TV Scholarship

Essay with unsupported content, such as pornographic, libelous obscene, and objectionable, will not be considered for any price. No application will be returned as all applications automatically become the sponsor’s property.

The sponsor will not answer for any late, lost unintelligible, or misdirected applications. You unconditionally agree to the official rules and conclusion of the judges and the final result of the sponsor once you submit your application.

Present employees, agents of sponsor, directors, officers, and same company staffs and member of one immediate family (such as parents, spouse, children, and siblings), persons living at same house cannot win more than one. They are regarded as multiple application entries.

Winners Selection Procedure

The sponsor desires to see applicants who will adhere to instructions and submit applications with creativity and clearly address which of the questions he/she picked to write on.

On the 15th of May, a qualified and efficient panel of judges will be made to select four outstanding applications as the potential winners after subjecting all applications to the following marking criteria;

  • Writing ability 25 percent
  • Creativity 25 percent
  • Originality 25percent
  • Overall excellence 25 percent.

In case of a tie, the applicant that scores the highest mark in the overall excellence section will be the winner.

Applicants that won the contest will be informed through their registered email address concerning when to come for signing and documentation that will lead to their claiming of awards.

Benefit For Winners

Four outstanding articles will be selected, and below are the prices for the winners:

Applicants with the most outstanding essay will get the sum of $5000 while the other three essays will be given $1,000 each. Winners of this program will be contacted. The prizes will not be higher than the winner’s annual tuition cost.

Payment will be paid directly to the recognized tertiary institution of higher studies by the prize recipient. once the scholarship winner has presented the enrollment proof to the sponsor.

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