UNIJOS school fees & acceptance fee 2020/2021 |hostel accommodation fee|returning students and freshers

UNIJOS school fees & acceptance fee 2020/2021 |hostel accommodation fee|returning students and freshers

Welcome to our blog your number # source of educational news, today we are going to throw light on the much secretive UNIJOS FEES. In this article you shall find out what the university of Jos pays charges as school fees, acceptance fees and hostel accommodation fee, we shall bring everything to light.

Unijos school fees and acceptance fee 2019/2020

We understand that what brought you here and why you took interest in this article was because you chose the university of JOS as your preferred institution when you where registering your jamb exams.

Now is the time to plan your self, decide how to cough out all money such as school fees, acceptance fees and hostel accommodation fee if eventually were offered admission into the prestigious UNIJOS.

UNIJOS School Fees Schedule 2020/2021

For those who want to know the university of Jos school fees then we have taken time to compile this table for you.

UNIJOS School Fees Schedule.


Tuition Fee1061FREE
Sanitation & Cleaning Services3724,000.00
Tertiary Institutions Student Health Insurance Programme – TISHIP10422,500.00
Caution Deposit1053500
Departmental Registration1116
Faculty Hand Book and Prints1124
Library Fees10441,000.00
Library Booklet1047500
Information & Communication Tech. Charges10451,500.00
Identity Card1041500
Use of Academic Gown1024500
Student Union Dues1050250
Utility/Sundry charges10512,500.00
Partnership with Students Project1048250
University Student Handbook1118500
Student Insurance Policy1056500
General Studies (GST) Charges1130500
Municipal Services11302,500.00
Computer Based Tests1136500
Campus Security1137500
TOTAL =N=20,000.00

UNIJOS acceptance fee 2019/2020

All newly 100 level students of the university of Jos who have just been offered admission should take note of this ; you are are expected to pay 25,000.00 as acceptance fee.
This is one of the cheapest acceptance fee i have personally come across.
Note that if you delay in paying it, they might force you against your wish to pay extra fee as acceptance fee.

In our next article we shall be discussing on the process involve or you need to follow to pay this fees.

UNIJOS minor fees


Paying your school fees and acceptance fee does not exonerate you from paying other minor fees that the institution demands from newly admitted candidates.
You all know that running a university is not that easy and the government is not funding them adequately hence the need to add this little fee to make up.

MEDICAL SCIENCES (Rural Posting)2,000.00
100 LEVEL1,500.00
200 LEVEL1,000.00
300 LEVEL500
400 LEVEL2,500.00
500 LEVEL1,000.00
100 LEVEL4,000.00
200 LEVEL6,000.00
300 LEVEL10,000.00
Natural Sciences
Medical Sciences11,000.00
Pharmaceutical Sciences1,000.00
Computer Science1,000.00
ARTS: (English, Linguistics, Nigerian Languages, Theartre Arts)1,000.00
LAW (MOOT COURT)1,000.00

UNIJOS school fees for returning students 2020/2021

We shall provide you what you all shall pay when you get to 200 level.
Also those already in 200 level should please take note about this fees. Although it’s not that expensive like that of new students.


Sanitation & Cleaning Services10668,000.00
Tertiary Institute Student Health Insurance Programme – TISHIP10422,500.00
Departmental Registration11162,000.00
Faculty Improvement Fee11241,000.00
Information & Communication Tech. Charges10454,000.00
Library Charges10441,500.00
Student Union Dues1050500
Utility/Sundry charges10517,000.00
Partnership with Students1048500
Student Insurance Policy1056500
Municipal Services11359,000.00
Computer Based Tests11362,000.00
Campus Security11372,000.00
Total =N=45,000.00

UNIJOS hostel accommodation fee 2020/2021

UNIJOS remains one of the few university that understands the importance hostel accommodation plays in the live of her students. You shall pay 13,200.00 as hostel accommodation fee.
Honestly do you know that ABU Zaira don’t have an accommodation, the last time we check the VC was lamenting that for over 45 years the school has not built a single hostel.

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  1. Please I choose UniAbuja as 1st choice and I mee meet their target cut off mark. please I leave in Lagos so what should I do next? Please I need reply ASAP thanks.

  2. pls friendz help me in prayers i applied 4 uj,am 4rm gombe pple are just tell me dat there no hope me 2 b there since i’ve no godfada there at uj and also dat gombe iz nt a catchment area,bt i knw wit GOD all tinz are possible.plz help me pray.GOD bless as u do so.

  3. Sir, combineing all together, how much are u paying as a new student.
    I mean both school fees and hostel fees.
    And is it necessary for a new student to leave in the school hostel.

  4. Please I want to do change of course from political science to sociology in Unijos so I want to know either this utme combination will go for (English, government , literature and CR’s ).and I score 220 in jamb.


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