WAEC Timetable 2020/2021 PDF | Download New WASSCE Timetable [Updated]

Download the latest new WAEC timetable 2020/2021 pdf for free for may/june candidates.

Dear esteemed reader, we hope you are preparing earnestly for the forthcoming waec examination 2020.

In this post we are bringing to you the new waec timetable for the May/June Wassce.

We are also going to tell you when the examination is commencing so you can put on your reading cap.

This is the latest waec timetable for 2020 may/june examination.

Note that this is majorly for waec school candidates and not private candidates.

You will have the opportunity to download the waec 2020 timetable on currentschoolgist for free.

Waec registration 2020/2021

Special Announcement: WAEC 2020 May/June examination Postponed.

waec timetable 2020


waec timetable


 The 2020 May/June WAEC examination has been postponed indefinitely. This as a result of the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Following the menace of this deadly virus, the council has passed a memo that the forthcoming examination be put on hold till further notice.

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However, there is no cause for alarm as we are here to bring you the new waec timetable free of charge.

We uploaded the old waec time table earlier, but it is good to know that the old time table is now invalid. As you can see below, we struck it out for you to know that the information is no longer valid.

Now you may be asking: Is the new waec timetable out? when will the new waec time table be out? Has waec released the new waec timetable 2020? When is waec exam 2020 starting. When will waec release the new time table for 2020 waec examination?

I am going to answer all these questions one by one so keep reading for the main gist.

Is waec 2020 Timetable Out?

Yes, it is officially out.

No time for stories, scroll down to download the pdf on your phone.

You can even print it out at any cyber cafe close to you.

The question now should be: Is the new waec time table out? And the answer to this question is No.

The new waec time table 2020 is not yet out. Nevertheless, we will always get it once waec releases it and upload it here for you.

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When is waec going to release the new waec timetable 2020?

You already know the reason for the postponement of the examination slated to start on the 6th of April 2020.

Therefore, it is uncertain yet when waec will release the new Waec timetable for the 2020 examiantion.

Going by the press release, the new waec time table will be released once the health situation improves. You can

always bank on us to get the timetable once released.

When is Waec 2020 starting?

According to the old waec timetable released before the outbreak of the virus, the waec exam 2020 was scheduled to start on the 6th of April, 2020. But owing to the situation on ground, no one is certain when the examination is going to start again.

As you already know, the examination was postponed indefinitely. We all know that it is a healthy person that can write an examination. So stay healthy first.

What to do While Waiting

Now that the examination has been postponed, are you going to fold your hands and wait for the new time table to be released? Of course not.

If I were you, I would make the best out of this situation. So what are you expected to do while waiting? I will tell you.

First thing you have to do is to stay safe. Yes, try and be safe from this deadly virus. Like I said earlier, the dead cannot write waec exams. The virus in question is deadly and  so can kill so stay safe. We at currentschoolgist cares about you.

How  can you stay safe?

  1. You can stay safe by washing your hands with soap regularly under running water
  2. Learn to sanitize your hands often with an alcohol based sanitizer
  3. Do not put your hands in your mouth, eyes or nose if they are not sanitized or washed properly
  4. Stop drinking cold water
  5.  Start drinking warm water instead.
  6. Drink water (warm) often
  7. Maintain a general body and environmental hygiene

new waec timetable

new waec timetable

Secondly, never stop reading. As a matter of fact, now is the time for you to intensify your study habit.

Read like you have never read before. study to show yourself approved. This postponement is a blessing in disguise.

Study with the official waec syllabus. You can download the latest waec syllabus here if you don’t have one.

Don’t forget to practice waec past questions while waiting. Get past question papers and practice them. it will make you familiar with the nature of the examination.

Download waec timetable 2020 pdf

Just click on the link below and the download will commence/start automatically.

Click to download wassce timetable

Downloaded it right? That’s good to hear.

In case there was any issue while downloading the file, let me know via the comments section below.

Once we get the new waec timetable 2020, we shall upload it here. We got you covered on this one. For now, focus on studying your books.

How to use the New waec Timetable

In order to make the best out of the time table, you need to know how to use the time table. It is a well known fact that the waec time table is vast and complicated.

Reason being that it contains the schedule for all the subjects including the ones you did not register for. It also contains the time table for foreign students. As we all know, the examination is not only for Nigeria but West Africa in general.

In the light of this, you need to follow this simple guide to be able to make the best out of the time table

  • Download the waec timetable
  • Get a paper and a pen, search for all the courses you registered for individually
  • Write all of them down with their respective dates and time
  • Now arrange them in a chronological order according to their dates
  • Based on the waec timetable, now prepare a personal study time table for yourself
  • With the help of the waec syllabus, try your best to cover all the topics before the exams begins.

How to Pass WAEC Exam with Timetable and Syllabus

Many waec candidates has this bad habit of waiting for the exams to draw close before they start reading. If you are one of such candidates, you are doing yourself more harm than good.

Instead of waiting for the exam date to draw close, why not start reading now? Use your syllabus and prepare yourself instead of waiting for expo.

If you are finding it difficult to understand while reading, then you need to learn the most effective way to read and understand in 2020.


How to Read and Understand Fast In 2020

Importance of waec Timetable 2020

The importance of the waec timetable 2020 cannot be overemphasized. The timetable serves as a compass to guide you on the papers you are to write, the dates and times to write them.

It also serves to tell you which subjects comes before the other.

As a matter of fact, you cannot do without the waec time table.

Things To Note About The Timetable

Take good note of these things as they are very important.

Although it may not apply to every candidate, still try as much as possible to take note of them.

  1. Difference in Time on Question Paper and Timetable: Where the duration indicated on the question paper differs from that on the timetable, the one on the question paper should be followed.
  2. Question Papers to be Given Out in Advance of the Dates They Are to be Taken
    • General Knowledge-In-Art Paper 3 : The question paper for General Knowledge-In-Art will be given to candidates two weeks before the paper is due to be taken.
    • Project Work Papers: The question papers for project work for Basketry, Graphic Design, Leather work, Ceramics, Sculpture, Picture Making, Textiles, Jewelry, Painting & Decorating, Dyeing & Bleaching and Leather Goods Manufacturing& Repair will be forwarded to candidates two weeks in advance of the examination. The exact date for the delivery of question papers to candidates will be communicated to them through their schools.
  3. Extra Time for Blind and Deaf Candidates: Blind and deaf candidates should be allowed one and half times the time allotted to other candidates.

Well, you gotten your 2020 waec timetable now, what next should you do?

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I strongly believe I have done justice to this topic: Waec Timetable 2020 PDF | Download New Waec Timetable [Updated]. Therefore, while we wait the announcement of the new timetable, try and read your books and follow other necessary instructions.

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