Louis McKinney scholarship 2024/2025 Application Guide

Louis McKinney scholarship is established to reward students for their academic excellence; however, you can’t benefit from it if you don’t follow the laid-down application procedures or if you don’t possess the required documents.

This is why we’ve chosen to unveil all you should know and possess before applying for the Louis McKinney scholarship.

In this post, you will learn what the Louis McKinnon scholarship is all about, the required qualifications and criteria, When and how to apply for the Louis McKinney scholarship 2022 program and so much more. We advise you to sit back relax and pay attention as we get down to business.

Louise McKinney Scholarship Requirement

  • You have been a Canadian citizen or you reside permanently in the country.
  • You mustn’t be enrolled in an apprenticeship program
  • You, parent, or guardian must have lived in Alberta for not less than 12 months before beginning your post-secondary studies.
  • You must be academically sound because your grade will play a significant role in the whole process.
  • You must be a full-time undergraduate in a second year at a publicly funded post-secondary institution in Alberta.
  • Your apologies remain null and avoid if Jason Lang scholarship board enlisted you among their lucky winners.
  • You need to complete 24-credit hours in the previous fall/spring semesters to improve your chances.
  • You are to submit your application form and other required documents, such as school transcripts before the specified deadline date.
  • Alberta Student Number (ASN) and Social Insurance Number (SIN) are mandatory.

What GPA do you need for McKinney Scholarship?

Though the required GPA varies from one institution to another, some schools may request a low GPA while others demand a high GPA.

Notwithstanding, all applicants are required to have at least A 3.5 GPA on a scale of 4.0 regardless of your school. This is because the scholarship board lays much emphasis on your performance, and it can influence your final decision.

How to apply for the Louise McKinney Scholarship

Applying for this year’s McKinney scholarship is pretty easy if you ensure the following steps:

  • Confirm your eligibility status to avoid disqualification.
  • Visit your school’s Student Awards Office to know if the institution permits students to participate in the Louise McKinney scholarship application process.
  • Your school will share with you information regarding the scholarship if it is available to all students.
  • The Students award office in your institution will give you the scholarship form.
  • Fill the form with accurate details.
  • Check all the data you’ve provided before submitting the application form to the post-secondary institution Student Awards Office.

How Many McKinney Scholarship Winner Will Emerge From one School

There is no specific number of slots given to a school, a school might produce 10 winners while the other produces 30.

Though the number of winners per school remains unspecified, we can categorically tell you that the McKinney scholarship is highly competitive. You must meet the eligibility criteria, apply on time, and pray for luck to stand a chance.

When To Apply For The Louis McKinney Scholarship

Contact the Student Awards Office in your school to inquire about the opening date.

Louis McKinney Scholarship Deadline

Again, you need to refer to the Student Awards Office to know the Louis McKinney scholarship deadline.

What if you don’t get the scholarship?

As much as we want to be optimistic about your chances of being among the winners, we can’t completely overlook the possibility of not being picked.

Don’t feel gutted if you are not selected for this year’s Louis McKinney scholarship program. Instead, try your luck with other scholarships.

We advise you to apply for the Jason Lang scholarship because it is not as competitive as the McKinney scholarship. It is equally available to Alberta students like the Louis McKinney scholarship.

Apart from the Jason Lang scholarship, there are numerous scholarship programs you can apply for as a student living in Alberta. We shall be unveiling the list later.

Meanwhile, you can re-apply for the McKinney scholarship next year if your 2022 application isn’t successful.

Top 10 Scholarship Program Available To Alberta Students

1. Alberta Barley Commission – Eugene Boyko Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for Undergraduate Students enrolling in crop processing technology studies or the field of crop production. Winners will get $500.00 from Alberta’s government through the scholarship board.

2. Alberta Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship

Here is the second scholarship you can target if your quest for the Louis McKinney scholarship wasn’t successful.

This is scholarship is strictly for undergraduates, and winners will receive $1,500.00 from the Alberta government.

However, you must have a very impressive academic record and must be enrolled in a post-secondary program in a discipline related to the field of agriculture. Click here for more.

3. Alberta Federation of Agriculture Scholarship

As the name implies, this scholarship is available to students interested in the field of agriculture or any related programs in a supported post-secondary school. Only undergraduate students are allowed to apply, and each winner is guaranteed $500 from the organizers.

4. Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship

Here is arguably the scholarship with the highest monetary value in Canada and neighboring countries. Winners are guaranteed to receive $11k; unfortunately, it is meant for outstanding students pursuing graduate students in the Canadian city. You can click here to learn more.

5. Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Like most scholarships on the list, the Alexander Rutherford scholarship is strictly for undergraduate students with remarkable academic performance.

You are to apply for this scholarship after receiving your official high school transcript marks. In the same vein, you must be enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies to stand any chance of success. You will receive $2500 if your application is successful and you emerge as one of the winners.

The other five scholarships available to students in Alberta include Anna and John Kolesar Memorial Scholarship worth $1500, David Johnston Law Scholarship for graduate (worth $10k),

Dr. Ernest and Minnie Mehl Scholarships for undergraduates ($3,500), Helen and George Kilik Scholarship for undergraduate ($1k)


We hope we’ve done justice to everything regarding the Louis McKinney scholarship. Kindly write to us via the comment section if there is other information you want that wasn’t discussed in the post.



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