Should YouTube Be Banned In Schools ?Well explained

Should YouTube Be Banned In Schools ?Well explained

We all are familiar with the word ‘YouTube’ right? Yes! In recent times, people now use YouTube as a means of getting information visually.

This is quite true because YouTube as a website delivers free video clips gotten from people across the globe who aim at spreading diverse information.

As a website, people get paid for uploading videos, and other important things are also attached to it.Should YouTube Be Banned In Schools

In the long run, schools now use Youtube as an added advantage to students. However, scientists have proven that events that are visualized are easier to recall. Well, this led to the implementation of YouTube for both amateur and advanced, slow and fast learners, etc in schools.

Furthermore, YouTube helps give students informative and qualitative reasoning through videos. It also helps academic professionals to equip students with excellent performance.

These are all good traits and they also have their demerits as well. Thus, in this article, we shall examine the various reasons why YouTube should be banned in schools and reasons why YouTube should not be banned or blocked in schools. Well, these are some issues we shall be tackling as we carry on.

Reasons Youtube Should Be Banned In Schools

Although YouTube is a social media that displays informative video clips, there are some reasons schools may not consider the use of it.

Viewing Of Inappropriate Contents By Students

While watching YouTube videos, students may view inappropriate contents that may not be suitable for them.

This is easily done without any supervision. Inappropriate contents are accessible through mobile devices and could be viewed by students behind closed doors.

While pornography, violence and other derogatory contents or misleading message are some of these inappropriate contents, most ads or adverts which may pop up during lectures may seem inappropriate to students’ teachers and parents.

Although some measures may be put in place to help control these contents, not all derogatory contents can be hidden or blocked by the technical team.

However, with the advancement of technology many students are now so inquisitive and could research how to unblock these hidden contents.

Low Self-esteem Is Imminent Due To Youtube Usage

Most students get attracted to people’s personalities and lifestyles on social media platforms such as YouTube and as such get role models for themselves.

In the long run, these role models have resulted in making most students inferior and insecure.

The primary goal of learning is to be informed and educated, YouTube however tends to be how much is achieved. Now, students’ inferiority and insecurity may lead to distractions and proper learning may not be achieved.

Some YouTube Videos May Not Be Reliable

Over time, the outburst of dubious and unreliable or misleading content on social media platforms like Facebook and others had tremendously extended to YouTube videos.

This could pose a risk as some videos on YouTube may result in violence to students. Also, they’re often mixed up with reliable sources and it may be time-consuming to sort out those legit and reliable sources.

Reasons Why YouTube Should Not Be Banned In Schools : Why Should Schools Not Block YouTube?

As much as schools may ban YouTube, there are reasonable reasons why they might consider YouTube as well. Some of which are of the following;

Independent Learning

One of the benefits of YouTube and why the streaming network will not be ban or blocked in schools is that students could become self-sufficient and self-reliant learners.

Yes! This is quite so because YouTube encompasses a great number of videos that are both instructional and educating. Well, through this medium they can be autonomous in learning processes.

Also, YouTube gives qualitative documentaries through which Teachers and other academic professionals could extract some information to input into their curriculum.

However, these instructional videos can be used as project case-study for the students. As well as making classroom and homework easy to understand and learn faster.

It Gives Students Comfortability In Pace And High Ability To Learning

YouTube enables students on various levels to get a proper understanding of their learning.

We all have the rate at which we learn things, and this is often difficult for teachers to bring every student to the module of their understanding. Well, in such a situation YouTube is there to help.

Furthermore, YouTube stretches your ability to learn. While verbatim is merely kept the students listening,

YouTube encompasses both audio and virtual systems of learning and as such produce students with high profile ability to learn broader.

Becomes An Avenue For Collaboration Among Peers

In the classroom and even at home, learning collaboration among peers is encouraged while using YouTube.

That is to say, both students and teachers can benefit from this learning. Teachers in low-standard schools could learn with those in high-standard schools and vice versa. They could do so by watching videos that align with their curriculum.

Therefore, with no man being a island of knowledge, fellow teachers can as well collaborate with others on YouTube for more proficient and future content.

They could share diverse thoughts, opinions, and methodologies through which teachers outside their domain could learn from irrespective of class or level.

Youtube Services Are Free

The last benefit of YouTube is that it’s free. Incredible, right? YouTube grants students access to a lot of video streams with just your internet connection. Hence, there are no restrictions.

However, there can be restrictions to some inappropriate content that is displayed by pop-up advertisements. The school could decide to sign up for enterprise accounts through G-Suite solely for educational purposes.

In a nutshell, they’re mostly free and easily accessible. YouTube doesn’t require signing up for a google account before you can access it.

You can use the search engine on your browser to search for the website. It helps students update their videos library periodically.


It is important to note that the basis of YouTube should be acknowledged by students in their learning and not deviate from the intended goal.

Also, YouTube could be fantastic and helpful as it broadens students’ evaluations when being used right.

Again, disciplinary measures should be put in place to help crop out the use of inappropriate content by students. Furthermore, an adequate internet connection should be sufficient enough for all students.

Finally, should a school integrate the use of YouTube, it should ensure that the well-being of the students is considered for students not to be entangled with unreliable or derogatory contents which could pose a risk to them.

If otherwise, scrapping out the system by blocking and banning should be considered.

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