Top Trade For Females 2023 see full list

Top Trade For Females  see full list
In time past, there are certain jobs you wouldn’t expect a female to be involved in, not because she isn’t good or technically sound for the work but because of the belief that some jobs are strictly for strong men.

During that period, no father would expect his beautiful daughter or wife choose a career in any kind of engineering work. A ‘sane father’ who cares for her lovely daughter won’t ever permit her to be engaged in the building industry because of the belief that these jobs are naturally designed for hefty men.

However, the world is evolving very rapidly and things are changing. Our contemporary world are beginning to see that there is nothing like ‘men only’ jobs. Females are now taking active roles in industries many would have considered as men’s industry if things haven’t changed.

There have bee increasing numbers of female engineers, plumbers, builders who are doing pretty well in their respective industries.

The introduction of Jobs in the trade further strengthens women’s chances of being employed in a workforce that are largely dominated by their men counterparts.

However, despite the impressive change of fortune, gender inequality still remains a massive issue yet to be settled and one that is limiting women’s exploits in the world.

According to stats, women are paid far below what their male counterparts are receiving as monthly wages. Many trades favors male workers in terms of the monthly wages, while only a few trade seem to favor female workers.

That should not be the case; hence, we have decided to come up with this article which will reveal the top ten profitable career trades for women .

But before unveiling the list, here is a quick question that should be answered — Is it important for women to be engaged in any trade career? Is it not the duty of a man to go all-out in search of daily bread for his wife and children?

Obviously, it’s the duty of a man to provide for his family but that doesn’t mean a woman should be without a profitable business or job. The world’s economy now demands that both husband and wife should have different lively source of income if they must raise a wealthy and happy home.

In fact, in this digital age, many companies are more than willing to higher highly-skilled women as research suggest that women have higher chances of improving the fortune of a company than their male counterparts.

This means you — as a female/woman— shouldn’t be comfortable doing nothing because loads of companies are searching for your skills and ability to make positive impacts on their fortune.

Statistically, over 74.6 million women are professionally engaged in one or two activities which serves as alternative sources of income for the family. Therefore, it is compulsory you find something doing to avoid depending on your husband for everything.

Top 19 Trade For Females

Having said that, here is the top 10 trade career women are advised to consider in 2021 as they have better payment plans compared to other trades that lay more emphasis on male workers.

1. Applications Software Developer

First in our list of trade for females is a job that has seen a tremendous improvement in its recruitment prowess since last year. This means you are more than guaranteed to attract numerous clients as long as you are known for quality services.

In terms of the financial benefits attached to this career, it won’t be out of place to say that your annual income won’t be anywhere less than $108,080.

Develop IOS, Android and PC Applications; create websites or unique softwares for companies while you watch your financial status change for the best in a jiffy. This field is inarguably one of the most thriving sectors for all tech-savvy women out there.

2. Oil and Gas Worker

Talk of a sector or trade that pays a lot, oil and gas must come first which is one of the reasons many young female graduates are making up their minds to dive into it.

There are so many jobs you can do in this sector. You can decide to become a mere worker or an engineer. Becoming a repairman or technician is also obtainable— you just have to choose your choice as you will surely earn big.

3. Aircraft Mechanic

This career is included in the list as it is known for its high annual wages. It is quite an easy career as it doesn’t require much fuss or stress — depending on the category you belong to.

All you are expected to do is to ensure that you check every part of the aircraft to be sure it is safe for all passengers.

It is believed that you could pocket as high as $65,230 every single year. You will also learn more technical facts about aircraft and how it’s being operated.

4. Elevator Installers and Repairers

Being an elevator repairer or installer requires high level of professionalism and some technical skills. Nonetheless, it isn’t what you can’t do as there are many women thriving and earning big in this field.

As an elevator repairer, you should be able to detect and solve some elevator-related problems. Apart from working on elevators, you are also going to fix problems related to staircases, boardworks and chairlifts.

However, this doesn’t come for free as you will likely earn huge amount of money (not less than $76,650) per annum.

To be the best in this field, you need to know much about basic math. You should also be familiar with electrical and electronics because you might have to tackle problems related to the electrical aspect of this entire career.

5. Sheet Metal Worker

Here is another career for female that has all it takes to make you one of the richest women in your country. Though, you must work hard to achieve such feat.

Sheet metal workers deal with outdoor signs, duct systems, building sidings and roofing. They are expected to provide accurate measurement of sheet and cut them into desired shapes and sizes.

It is extremely crucial that you enroll in an apprenticeship program to learn more about this work because you will need to make use of tools and equipments — such as shears, presses and saw — which require topnotch technical skills.

6. Construction Technology

You are thinking this sector sounds more like a man’s job? Change the mindset because there’s nothing like that in our modern world.

Lots of people keep building houses and business places, so it is obvious you won’t stop getting offers year-in year-out. This means you can boast of a steady source of income as long as you provide quality service.

Meanwhile, this trade career will let you know everything about the technical aspect of construction industry and you don’t literally need to climb a ladder or plaster the wall.

7. Construction Management

This is another aspect of building industry that has to deal with the main and hefty work. This trade career is largely dominated by men who are physically fit and willing to plaster walls and climb the ladder in the building industry.

Don’t be intimidated, you will be given an entry or a less energy-consuming spot in this part of the sector. This means you won’t be charged to carry out tedious works. That’s not all; the entry spot also provides you the opportunity to learn more about the sector as you will be trained regularly by well-experienced engineers.

Meanwhile, you can be sure your monthly salary is worth the energy and commitment you put in.

8. Electrical Technician

Here is another trade career that promises to pay you a good fortune every month. This career offers you the chance to grow your knowledge about electricity and other electrical equipments.

By the end of this in-class training, you will be able to tackle any problems related to electrical equipments. You will surely become an electrician many companies can’t afford to lose.

The most impressive part of this trade is that you stand a better chance of earning more money than many male workers in other fields.

9. Architect or Civil Drafter

This field is equally included in the list for females trade due to its mouth-watering payment incentives. You can be sure you will receive nothing less than $56,700 (monthly) by the time you entered into the architectural industry proper.

However, you must be creative enough to come up with good and breathtaking designs, maps and drawings whenever you are called upon.

Luckily, you will be adequately trained by experts before being allowed to seek for clients who will be financially fit to shoulder your asking price.

10. Electrical Engineer

This career looks more like the Electrical Technician trade career but there are slight differences between the two.

This trade is quite wider than the Electrical Technician as it provides you with the opportunity to work in all kinds of electronics companies. It also consists of spots that give you room to create and design new electronic products.

Am sure you would love to dive into a trade that guarantees up to $101,600 as annual salary — right? Then, you should develop interest in this trade as soon as possible.

11. Industrial Designer

Do you possess laudable artistic skills or qualities that you think you should explore? If yes, then this is the trade for women like you.

Make excellent use of your skills by becoming an industrial designer. Come up with eye-catching designs for any product, including automobiles, toys, and clothes among others.

You are expected to pocket at least $6,000 as your monthly income wages as a first timer, which can increase as time goes by.

12. Mechanical Engineer

Take your passion for engineering works to a whole new level that will definitely fetch you more money as a career woman.

Engaging in this career trade for females leaves you with unrivaled opportunities to create new machines including car engines, turbines and generators.

Though only a few women have shown the desire to be part of this trade, that’s expected to change in the long run considering the fact that at least annual salary worth of $92,800 is up for grab.

13. Solar Energy Technician

Before we go deep into discussing this trade let’s quickly open your mind to some of the info you need to know about it.

According to a statistical report, 26% of the world’s electricity are as a result of the solar renewable energy. Meaning millions of houses and companies are making use of solar system as an alternative source of light.

What this means is that being a solar energy technician you will always be busy do installations as there are lots of people who will come calling for your expertise and your service

This trade includes converting sun rays into electricity as long as you know how to install, maintain and repair solar energy system. It is speculated that a worker in this field will make an average annual salary of $46,000 but we can categorically tell you that you stand a better chance of any more if you bring your A-game to the table.

Conclusively, this trade doesn’t require much stress because it deals more with technical know-how. You should be able to configure or install solar energy system which will be your major selling point as you progress in this trade.

14. Wind Energy Technician

Just as we’ve discussed about the solar energy technicians and their functions , here is the wind aspect of energy-related trades.

In this field, you — as a woman — are expected to learn how to convert wind energy into a renewable/electrical energy that will be used in homes, businesses, companies and so on.

Obviously, the use of wind energy continues to grow at a fast rate, so also your chances of becoming rich in this field continues to grow simultaneously. However, you must be able to do the needful by ensuring that your skills is up-to-date and your determination to be great remains intact and stable.

It will interest you to know that the least you can make from this career or trade is $58,000 per—annum, and can still be more than that depending on the level of customers or clients who come calling for your services.

15. Graphic Designer

This is arguably the most interesting, profitable, and — possibly — easiest career you can do as a woman. Graphic design continues to be one business that brings huge amount of cash into one’s pocket every month

This is because lot of people are involved in advertisements and other officials duties that require the service of a skillful professional graphic designer.

If not mistaken or over exaggerating this career path will definitely bring nothing less than $54,680 to your bank account annually. With this, you should be able to stand toe-to-toe with other male graphic designers in terms of financial status.

16. Multimedia Artist

Do you have special skills or talent in creating art effects for movies or animation? Do you know how to come up with interesting effect for video games and other media outlets? If yes then this trade is exactly what you need to make a living from what you love.

As it is often said ‘use what you have to get what you need’ , going into this business or investing into this career will definitely bring you a huge amount of money which isn’t less than $78, 000 in a year.

17. Video Game Designer

Since the covid-19 pandemic, many online gaming platform as emerged, and many more people are still willing to play lot of online game. This is a great opportunity for you to start online gaming platform as an experienced and highly gifted video game designer.

You are advised to dive into this trade as soon as possible so as to make lots of money from many online gamers. Indeed, you are guaranteed to make at least $90, 270 per annum if you are able to come up with interesting game with attractive graphics.

18. Computer Programmer

This is another computer based trade which you are advised to invest your time and commitment into for a large portion of income.

However, you should know and come up with a very laudable coding, and test programming. You should also be able to repair computer system and provide solution to faulty kr malfunctioning software programs.

As long as you are able to do the listed functions, you are guaranteed to win lot of companies as clients that will directly turn or serve as source of income. Conclusively, this trade will possibly bring up to $89,580 into your account every 12 months.

19. Database Administrator

Last but not least, this trade for women requires maximum security as you need to protect all confidential data for an organisation. You are expected to know how to install, update, recover protect, and backup data in a safe and secure database to be regarded as one of the best in this field.

Expectedly, considering the high risk related to this trade, you should be able to make nothing less than $92, 030 as your annual income. Once again, you need to be extremely careful with the database that is secretly stored in your possession.


The era of women marginalization is Long gone and , as we can see, many women are taking up jobs that are mainly known as male business. You shouldn’t let your mindset be the one to marginalize you this time.

The world, just as we said in the beginning, has completely evolved from what it used to be and it’s time you go beyond the limit. Having seen all of the trade that can be done by females, it is left to you to pick the one that suit your talent and potential.

You’re not doing this for yourself alone but also setting a pace for the upcoming generation. Break the limit, become successful in what you do. Show to the world that what a man can do a woman can do better. Go for the best and make money from doing what you love. Don’t stop motivating other women or young girls who see you as a role model.

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