University Of Tokyo Acceptance Rate 2024/2025:Tuition Fees

The University of Tokyo is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan and renowned around the world;

its acceptance rates are considered to be one of the most outrageous in the country as it is based on the overall quality of the application rather than just the test scores hence why it is understandable for the university to have high anticipation for applicants thus resulting in a moderately low acceptance rate.University Of Tokyo Acceptance Rate

Furthermore, its renowned status and international ranking as the world’s leading university prove The university to be considered a highly desirable place to study by the majority of students in Japan and around the world.

So if you have a complete application package with a solid academic record, below you will find well-detailed information about the university of Tokyo’s acceptance rate, application process statistics, tuition fees, etc

Is Tokyo university hard to get into?

Applicants wondering how to get admission into the university of Tokyo should know it is not an easy feat. The University of Tokyo has a high reputation for the quality of education they offer, and many students Consider the university because of Its high value for education.

As you will realize, The University of Tokyo is known not to disclose the official acceptance rate; however, they publish information about the admission statistics annually on the university’s official website with the acceptance rate estimation, which is between 20% and 34%.

According to the statistics posted yearly, a rough estimate Says that between 1/3 to ¼ of the applicants to the university are accepted, and these numbers vary depending on the specific faculty that Is applied.

So yes, the university of Tokyo is relatively hard to get into. This means that your chances of getting into the university are slim compared to other universities in Japan or the world.

What GPA do you need to get into the university of Tokyo?

You would need a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5 to apply for admission to Tokyo university. This will provide a better chance for you to get accepted by the university

Does the university of Tokyo accept international students?

Yes, they do. The university accepts international students, and it’s known to have a different admission process for them. The University of Tokyo has programs available to international students thanks to the top global university project.

Furthermore, the university has become closer to international students worldwide with its newly established English undergraduate programs.

In addition, the admission process for international applicants into the university is different, as schools are required to take the examination for Japanese university admission for International students organized by the Japanese student services organization.

This is, however, not needed for Applicants to graduate school. Still, they must have a working level of the Japanese language and the basic academic knowledge required to study, as all classes and examinations are held in Japanese.

Is It hard to get into the university of Tokyo as a foreigner?

Yes. It is relatively hard to get into the university of Tokyo as a foreigner. Foreigners are required to take an examination called unique selection.

A valid passport, 12 years of schooling in your home country, and proof that you can pay all your expenses while studying are also required.

University of Tokyo Acceptance Rate

The University of Tokyo has one of the most selective acceptance rate in Japan this is not surprising because the university is ranked 77 in the world global best universities and als ranked 7th for the best global universities in Asia and ranked no 1 best universities in Japan.

The University of Tokyo acceptance rate is between 20% to 30%. You should note that between 1/3 to ¼ of the applicants to the university are accepted.

Is the university of Tokyo prestigious?

Among the list of prestigious universities in the world, the university of Tokyo certainly Ranks high, with its mark being #77 among the best global universities, which is a clear indicator of its academic excellence and performance.

Established in 1877 as the first imperial university, it is one of the earlier Japanese universities selected for the following top global university projects, with its recognizable history since its foundation. The University of Tokyo has elicited celebrated figures in many fields.

To this day, 8 Nobel Prize winners come out five astronauts, and 15 Japanese prime ministers, along with its alums.

The university deservedly ranks among the top 5% of the world’s universities with a large-scale academic center that holds ten faculties and 15 graduate schools accommodating a total of 30,000 students, of which 2100 are international.

This Itself is a mark of the High standard of education upheld in this institution, As it is one of japan’s most storied and prestigious higher education establishments.

What SAT score is required for the university of Tokyo?

The standard requirements of the admission process for the university of Tokyo are

  1. SAT: A combined score of 1440 for the reasoning section
  • ACT: An average score of 30
  • IB: A total of 36 points out of 42
  • GCE A level(General Certificate of Education Advanced level): A/A/B
  • Singapore Cambridge GCE group: A/A in H2

What exams are required to study in Tokyo?

The EJU Examination for Japanese university admission for international students, introduced by JASSO IN 2002, Is the critical examination students interested in studying undergraduate programs in Japan need to take.

The EJU examination is designed for international students who wish to enroll and study in Japanese universities. It is a test that tests Basic academic knowledge in normal subjects and Japanese history.

This differs from domestic students applying to study in Japanese universities, which are only required to take the joint National University entrance examination. You must also prove your Japanese proficiency through a Japanese language proficiency.

Can you go to College in Japan without knowing Japanese?

Yes, you can study in Japan without knowing the Japanese language. In Japanese, some universities are known to offer courses entirely taught In English and also offer language classes to help international students to learn Japanese for better communication.

So if you have zero level in the Japanese language, do not be worried. However, you might have limited schooling options in international high schools, colleges, And universities that offer some programs in the English language.

How much does Tokyo university cost for international students?

Once accepted into the university of Tokyo, you will be required to pay the admission fee, which costs ¥282,000. After that, you’ll be required to pay the tuition fee, which costs ¥525,800.

This payment is usually made in two batches, the first payment term, and the second payment term. Furthermore, you need to pay an examination fee twice at the first stage and the second stage, which costs ¥4000 and ¥13,000 each.

However, if tuition is changed while a student is at the university, they need to return and apply at the time of the change.

How much money do I need to study in Japan?

The Japanese immigration estimates that one year of full-time study costs about ¥2 million. Therefore prospective students should have at least ¥1 million saved for every month of survey they plan on doing in Japan.

However, the tuition fee may also differ based on the length and the type of course offered and can be estimated at around ¥12,40,000 to ¥28,30,3000 For undergraduate courses And ¥12,050,000 and ¥44 million for postgraduate studies and master’s degrees.

How much is the bank balance required for a Japan student visa?

The ideal amount to be reflected in the sponsor’s bank account is ¥1,600,000. It is required that the sponsor has enough savings to get a student visa to Japan

University Of Tokyo Tuition Fees

Student Category Admission Fee Tuition Fee (Annual)
Undergraduate ¥282,000/$2538 ¥535,800/ $4822
Masters/Professionals ¥282,000/$2538 ¥535,800/ $4822
PhD in Medicine or Veterinary Science ¥282,000/$2538 ¥520,800/ $4687
School of Low ¥282,000/$2538 ¥804,000/$7236
Research ¥84,600/$760 Monthly: ¥28,900 /$260Annual: ¥346,800/$3118

University Of Tokyo Majors By Publication & Citation Count

Name of the Major Publication & Citation Count
Physics 105,959 / 3,421,953
Chemistry 87,009 / 2,650,769
Biology 82,641 / 3,995,168
Engineering 81,292 / 1,691,070
Medicine 59,880 / 2,117,596
Materials Science 49,001 / 1,016,098
Environmental Science 30,264 / 871,683
Computer Science 27,658 / 695,295
Condensed Matter Physics 20,807 / 698,900
Biochemistry 16,966 / 891,525
Molecular Biology 13,587 / 758,986
Geology 12,253 / 358,055
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences 12,252 / 366,522
Atomic and Molecular physics 11,724 / 297,199
Quantum and Particle physics 11,123 / 697,080
Astrophysics and Astronomy 10,928 / 556,252
Optical Engineering 10,753 / 203,337
Artificial Intelligence (AI) 10,327 / 187,446
Psychology 8,735 / 338,133
Oncology and Cancer research 8,576 / 393,749
Genetics 8,505 / 582,245
Immunology 7,382 / 434,012
Surgery 6,799 / 205,982
Pathology 6,541 / 243,854
Demography 6,355 / 295,150
Organic Chemistry 6,123 / 224,990
Mathematics 6,117 / 100,188
Nuclear Physics 5,738 / 420,423
Inorganic Chemistry 5,427 / 194,752
Earth science and Geophysics 5,184 / 153,234
Anatomy and Physiology 5,040 / 196,191
Chemical Engineering 4,967 / 159,335
Business 4,954 / 73,760
Computer Vision 4,940 / 75,933
Botany 4,729 / 177,923
Nanotechnology 4,687 / 251,838
Biophysics 4,393 / 191,025
Meteorology and Atmospheric Science 4,316 / 192,027
Automation and Control engineering 4,275 / 81,815
Neuroscience 4,123 / 217,319

University Of Tokyo Applicants To Undergraduate Programs

Division Applicants Successful Applicants Other Total Entrants
Humanities and Social Sciences I 1,264 404 10 425
Humanities and Social Sciences II 1016 355 9 374
Humanities and Social Sciences III 1,455 469 29 516
Natural Sciences I 2989 1,122 14 1,167
Natural Sciences II 1,980 546 29 585
Natural Sciences III 385 98 101
Admission by recommendation 267 92
Total 9,356 3,071 91 3168

University Of Tokyo Applicants To Graduate Programs

Subject MA and Professional PhD
Applicants Entrants Applicants Entrants
Humanities and Sociology 343 116 119 70
Education 290 81 103 48
Law and Politics 835 221 41 17
Economics 388 99 51 25
Arts and Sciences 607 224 180 104
Science 637 398 218 179
Engineering 1,671 917 252 207
417 300 127 110
Medicine 316 97 220 200
Pharmaceutical Sciences 102 82 49 45
Mathematical Sciences 105 43 26 25
Frontier Sciences 1118 352 223 110
Information Science and Technology 658 256 96 66
Interdisciplinary Information Studies 371 99 53 31
Public Policy 268 78


The University of Tokyo is a prestigious university with a world-leading rank, so, understandably, the university has high expectations of her and an incredibly low acceptance rate.

In addition, the level of standardized test scores expected of applicants is also a concern for many potential applicants. However, despite the slight fluctuations yearly due to varying applicants’ contributions, the university of Tokyo’s applicant scores remain a reflection of their high academic performance.

Regardless if you have a well-rounded application package with strong academic performance and it demonstrates motivation to apply to the program, you will have a better chance of getting it.

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