Arts For Life Scholarship 2023/2024

Are you looking for a financial aiding program to settle your tuition fee and other school-related expenses? If yes, then you are in the right page as we are set to discuss the arts for life Scholarship.

In this article, we will explain what the scholarship is all about, the requirements, how to apply; the deadline; and its monetary value.

This post promises to be fun, informative, interesting and educative`. So, we advise you seat back relax and pay attention as we hit the ground running.

What Is Arts For Life Scholarship

Arts For Life scholarship is the financial assistance given to senior students who are academically sound, artistically skillful, and can draw excellently.

You also stand a chance of winning the scholarship if you can dance, sing, or perform any other art-related activities.

Also known as the Arts for Life Award, the scholarship gives $1000 to the best 25 graduating high school students in Florida.

You must know how to write creative and interesting articles or write-ups as it will go a long way in convincing the organizers that you deserve a spot among the winners. The write-up is equally one of the scholarship’s requirements.

Arts For Life Scholarship Requirements

The following are the must-have documents for all applicants hoping to win the highly-rated scholarship:

Note that you can apply under two or more disciplines as long as you know you possess the required skills. You are eligible for this program as an international student as long as you are studying in any Florida-based school.

How To Apply For Arts For Life Scholarship

There are three ways to apply for this year’s edition of the scholarship program; they include email, website, and regular email to the address


Send an email toLisa@ExcelinEd.orgshowing your desire to apply for the arts for Life Award. Ensure your sent mail contains an application form (page5), an artist to release form (page 6), the essay, and a portfolio of work based on the parameters in creative writing, dance, drama, music, or visual art.

The organizers will reply to you via email address as soon as they receive your application.

Though this isn’t compulsory, we advise that your email should include ‘Art For Life Award application’ as the title to attract the organizers’ attention.

• Applying through the official portal

Another way to apply for the art for Life Award includes exploring the official portal at

Visit the website, provide all the required details, choose your preferred category from the drop-down menu, upload your essay other documents. Then, click on the apply button to continue.

However, you should know that the application portal is currently unavailable because the registration time frame has elapsed.

• Applying through regular Mail

This is more like the email process albeit you are sending a regular email to the organizers’ office address via the address below:

Attn: Art for life!

PO Box 10691

Tallahassee FL 32310

Like the one sent to the email address, it should include attachments like a well-filled application form, an artist release form, a brief essay, and a sample of a previously completed project in either creative writing, dance, drama, music, or any other related discipline.

Art For life application portal

The art for Life Award application portal

Art for Life application deadline date

All applicants are to submit their application before the end of February 3rd because the application portal will be unavailable from February 4th. In the same, exploring other application methods will be impossible after the set date.

Art for Life Award Brief history

The history of art for Life Award can be traced back to 1999 when the then Florida first lady Columba Bush launched the program to help graduating high school students pursue their academic dream.

Columba Bush loves art so much that she persuaded her husband and his affiliates to support her desire to give a cash prize to students with the best grades in art courses.

She equally created the art for Life organization/foundation to monitor the scholarship application process so that the winners will emerge based on merit.

The not-for-profit foundation was equally established for continuity purposes. So far, over 550 students have benefited from the program and the number is expected to increase later in the year.

How Much Does the Art For Life Worth

Art for Life scholarship is worth $1,000, which means you will be $1000 richer if you emerge as one of the 25 winners.

What you stand to benefit as Art for Life Winner

Apart from the financial benefits, you can leverage the program’s popularity to announce yourself to the world.

Being a winner automatically makes you a bit more popular because many people will get to know you and your expertise thereby giving you a platform to market your craft and skills to an interested fan base.

Is Art for Life scholarship competitive?

Yes. The Arts for Life scholarship is highly competitive since only 25 winners will emerge from countless applicants.

Therefore, you must get everything right while applying to boost your chances.


The most impressive part of the scholarship is that you can apply whether you are attending public, private, virtual school or a home lesson as long as it is located in Florida.

So we advise you to give it a try and see how it goes. At this point, we wish you the best in your quest for a good scholarship.


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