check JAMB 2024 result with SMS,phone, 55019

How do I check my JAMB result with my phone?

yes you can actually check your jamb result with your phone. jamb actually introduced this method to help candidates check their results without necessarily using Internet data to check it.

It is a simple process that anyone can do and you yourself can do it without any one helping you to do it.

But before proceeding, ensure that you have your SIM card that was use to register for JAMB.jamb result checker

Let’s not waste your time and bore you with long articles on how to check your jamb result using SMS. let’s go straight to the point

How to Check 2024/2025 jamb result

for starters ; here is how it is done using your phone.

  • send UTMERESULT, please no space via SMS, to 55019 or 66019 using only the SIM card or phone number used for registration.
  • wait a few minutes for your results to be display.
  • Remember jamb portal is
  • Sign into your profile
  • Or
  • sign in with this url
  • Enter your Registration; this should be correctly entered.
  • Click check result
  • Or rather do it sharp sharp by Sending RESULT to 55019 as SMS

How to Check 2024/2025 JAMB Result With SMS via 55019?

  • Type RESULT
  • Send it to 55019
  • Wait for few few minutes to get a response.
  • SMS charges is 50 naira.

Hope you understand everything we put down here. if you are finding it difficult don’t worry. just comment using the comments box below, let’s see if we could help.jamb result checker

How can I check my JAMB result with 55019?

Actually 55019 and 66019 are the short code used to check jamb result. Both works the same but i prefer using the 55019 code.

are you using MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9 mobile? all this network will still work using this code. no matter the network you are making use of, it will work.

Below is the method you can use to check your jamb result notifications through the sms option

  • Go to where you use to send SMS messages on your phone.
  • Launch the SMS app on your phone.
  • Then you should Type 55019 or 66019 as the recipient phone number. …
  • Type UTMERESULT as the text message.
  • Click on Send Message.
  • Wait to receive your JAMB as an SMS.

Please remember that jamb candidates can check their results with mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile etc with this code.

So what are you waiting for? please check your score and let us know what your performance is like in this year jamb.

What is this code 55019 for?

The code 55019 is a special code provided by jamb to allow candidates that register and wrote the exam quickly check their results notification from their mobile phone.

take for instance, you wrote the exams and you don’t have a means to check it online with an Internet enabled device. don’t worry just with 55019 code you will still be able to check your jamb result instantly.

What is the SMS code for JAMB?

the SMS code for checking jamb result is 55019. with this unique code, you can be able to see your total score or your performance in the just concluded jamb exam.

all to do is to simply follow the instructions by sending UTMERESULT to 55019. so that’s what the SMS code 55019 is all about.

How can I check my JAMB result with another SIM?

Please be informed that you can’t check jamb result with someone’s phone number that is not linked to your jamb profile.

But here is how to go about it right now:

How to Check 2024/2025 jamb result

send UTMERESULT, through SMS, to 55019 or 66019. please, do this with your sim used for registration

How to Check  JAMB Result With SMS via 55019?

  • Type RESULT
  • Send it to 55019
  • Wait for few few minutes to get a response.
  • SMS charges is 50 naira.

Why is 55019 not sending my result?

there might be various reasons why the 55019 is not responding or working as expected. so let’s explain the few that we know.

first before sending the 55019 code, you should please do everything possible to have a minimum balance of 50 or you can do better by having 100 naira.

So it might be insufficient balance to process your request, that made 55019 not to send. so check your balance, if it is not up to 50 naira ensure you top your airtime and try again.

Secondly it could be a network issue, so you can wait and try again some other time or preferable at night.

Lastly it could be that the sim you are using is not used to register your jamb. so if everything is in order then you should be able to check your result when it is out.

Is JAMB portal active now?

JAMB portal is active but as soon as result are uploaded finish student or candidates can then start checking their scores.
so log on to jamb portal and start checking your results.

Why is JAMB SMS not working?

Jamb sms might not be working because your results are not ready or because you have insufficient balance or rather that number is not linked to your jamb profile.

always ensure that your balance is well over 50 naira and that you are using the right SIM that is linked to your jamb profile.

lastly there is nothing like jamb upgrade. they are scam, please beware of them.

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