Can parents use another relative’s address for their kids to go to another school?

Some school districts have competitive atmosphere. We all want our kids to get into a better school. This could tempt a parent to use the address of a particular area in other to secure a better funding school districts for a child.

But is this legal? Unless a child lives at the other claimed address, then your intention to mislead his/her school is likely to be a fraudulent activity, according to the law.

A parent using another relative’s address for his/her kids to be admitted into a school is considered fraud, if the kids don’t live there. The only exemption is when your kids reside in the given relative’s address.Can parents use another relative’s address for their kids

This article will reveal to you what is illegal and legal regarding the use of your relative’s address for your children’s school. Keep reading.

Is lying about your address for school Illegal?

Lying about your address for school isn’t considered illegal. However, that doesn’t means it is acceptable. When you lie about your address to your school, you will possibly violate the requirements of the school.

Don’t forget this – any form of address fraud can be considered illegal in some states. There are different types of address fraud. In most jurisdictions, they are classified as a crime.

Anyone who lies about his/her document while submitting a legal document may also be committing felony records. It doesn’t matter whether a parents has good intentions for their children, using an invalid address is fraud.

This kind of fraud is a felony is some states – in states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Michigan. There is no need to lie about your kid’s residency.

Can you use your work address for school?

You can use your work address for your kids school. According to the California State law under the Allen Bill, a parent can send his/her children to school within the district of workplace – especially if they have room.

Also in California, a child can apply for a school district he/she isn’t living when any of his/her parent work in another district.

If this is the case, the parent must visit the school district in order to apply in person. It is left to the school district whether they will accept it or not – they have different laws, according to the district.

Can you use a Grandparents address for college?

You can use the address of your grandparents for college, as long as you reside with any of them. Also, this is applicable if you have divorced parents.

If you live with either of your parents, their address can be used. However, ensure that you have been using the address involved for at least do a year before seeking admission into college. This makes the address more valid.

The address of your grandparents can be used for your college, either you have been living with them or planned to when you would be attending the college.

Please note, there might be few exceptions – especially if you are over 18 and not depending on your parents or grandparents. An example is when your IRS mailing address looks different.

Is lying about where you live illegal?

Lying of any sort is not good. Different kinds of frauds may attract some penalties. How about lying about where you live. Is this also illegal?

Well, address fraud involves the use of a fictitious address to steal, hide, or deceive an authority. It could be the address of a place where you never lived. This can also be the address of where you once lived. These are not legal.

One may have felony record tamper when lie is involved about where one lives, especially when the person submitted a false proof of residency. To provide an address that is not yours is a fraud.

Can you lie about where you live?

Let’s first settle this. You have the right not to disclose where you live to just anyone. That’s an absolute right.

Even if the person is just an acquaintance, it’s ok, but it could sound awkward when he/she finds out you lied about it.

But if it was for something more important, like for school, tax, or auto insurance, that’s a bad move. It’s illegal to lie about your address.

What happens if you lie about address for school?

When you lie about your address for school, you may not be directly taken into custody. However, your school may reprimand you, your guardians/parents may also do the same to you. That’s the worst that can happen.

Your school would inform your parents/guardians in case of further emergency that may occur.

Proof of residency for school enrollment Helps to tackle false claims of residence for school purposes

Proof of residency for school enrollment Helps to tackle false claims of residence for school purposes

Schools are now putting up policy that will help them identify students address.
Parents or legal guardians are made to show proof that the address they supplied to the school are correct not just at the time of registration but each year.
This could be any or all of the following :

  • Electric bill
  • Water/sewer bill
  • Revenue receipt
  • Garbage bill
  • Cable/satellite bill

Can you go to jail for lying about your address for school, What’s The Penalties?

There are specific laws that address cases like this in some states but this laws are not same in all state, like for an example some states provide prison terms while other states will just fine you for falsely claiming residence for school purposes.

Like for instance an Ohio woman in 2011, had to provide false address so that her child could school in another district, she was sentence to 10 years imprisonment you can follow up the case here

But prosecution for this kind of offences are unheard and are rare.

But why will you want to falsify your residential address? In a case of an emergency like an accident where you are unconscious and the school needs to contact your patients by mail , the mail will surely end up in the wrong address.

To Prevent cases like this, schools are now taking measures that will ensure that students and parents provide the right documents that will help them know if they are telling the truth or not.

If parents are found to lie about their place of residence then they could be referred for prosecution

In states like Arkansas, offenders might be charged to court and if convicted will have to pay 1000$ as fine.

In the District of Columbia, offenders could face a minimum of 90 days in prison and a fine of $500.

Illinois still have a law that stipulates 30 days imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,500
Other states like Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma offenders could be imprisoned for 20 days, 1 year respectively with fines.


In order to be on a safe side, always use the address of your current residence school purpose. Also, inform the district of your school whenever you change your address.

It is also important that you contact the new tenant or owner of the house you once lived in. Ask for their permission if you still want to use the address for a school document. But it is best to use your address of residence.


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