Do Employers Care About Edx Certificates?

EdX is an American massive open online course provider that is owned by distinguished schools MIT and Harvard.

The courses are offered for university level and it is hosted online. This online education was founded in 2012. The essence was to boost access to education for suitable candidates

This online, non-profit platform is already partnering with over 90 top universities in the world and corporations globally to offer valuable skills and education to online students at little or no charge.Do Employers Care About Edx Certificates?

At present, the platform is having about 25 millions students and offering a total of 3000 courses

The courses on edX varies in ranges from entrepreneurship in emerging economies to persuasive speaking and down to game development.

So with this website it is very easy to explore new interests and hobbies, change fields, enter the job market and earn promotions.

The courses on here are free to audit, verified courses certificates cost as little as $50 to $120.

There are other micromasters’ programmes, multi-course programs and master’s programs but it cost more to get the certificates

As already stated, this platform is most loved for used as a learning ground , but you might be wondering about its job opportunities prospect.

This is why this article is here to furnish you with the right and accurate information regarding that. You can read below to get all the information on it.

Do Employers Care About Edx Certificates?

Yes they do, considering that edX is a prestigious e-learning platforms that is established by two distinguished schools in the world.

The platform is held in high esteem as the most popular website for learning. With great partnership with other prestigious institutions it shows credibility to the education given on the site.

Again, upon completing the course on the platform you have the option of getting a verified certificate

The essence of the certificate is to add value to the qualification or skills you claim to acquired. It will add to boost your closeness to getting the job.

So employers at large care about these certificates. The best bet is getting a verified certificate for your course or skills at the completion of it.

This will aid in your recognition and acknowledgement by the employer

How Valuable Are Edx Certificates

Edx certificates are valuable and highly respected. One thing is that the website is a credible learning place for both education and skills.

First, by doing the certification a great knowledge is acquired which makes it really valuable. Secondly, the courses on the platform are taught by high ranked industry-leading companies and universities. so employers will find the certificates from such a place valuable

Is Getting A Verified Certificate From Edx Or Mitx Worth The Money

It is worth the money, as stated by the platform some educational institutions and companies do offer jobs or credit based on the verified certificate.

So it will worth it if you add the certification to your resume to show your skills to therefore, lure potential employers.

Do I really need a verified one?

Yes, you need to get a verified certificate to show that you had successfully passed an edX Course in the verified track.

To get a verified one will need you to have passing grade and also verify your identify. Verifying ifentity entails using a webcam and photo ID.

Having a verified certificate will show that you are not a fake and that you actually had merited the certificate from the website.

Do employers find MOOC’s certificate from coursera or edX valuable?

Well, both edX and coursera are like the two front runners when it come to massive open online courses. While coursera was founded by two Stanford professors,

edx was founded by two prestigious schools. So the two offers valuable content that will be worthwhile for employment.

Bottom-line is that having these certificates in your resume will count for something by your employers. So they are valuable

Can I put an EDX course I completed on my resume even though I did not pay for the certificate?

It doesn’t matter , the most important is that you have acquired the knowledge and you can defend it anywhere.

So if you have a degree, you can use it and put your edX course as an addition. But be sure you can explain every details of the edX course, if you are asked in your interview.

Is edX certificate valid for jobs?

Yes, it is valid for jobs; edX certificates are recognized and accredited for future employers

Do edX certificates expire

No, once you are done with your course and purchase your certificate that is it. You can use it forever.

There’s no expiry date for any certificates on the platform. It also help in adding value to an existing degree

What is the value of edX certificates?

The value for edx certificate is quite high, though most courses on the platform can be taken free of charge but the certificates are paid for.

This shows it worth it before these certificates are obtained. This will add value to your resume as it will show your employer that you were serious about education and getting a career at all cost.

Can I take the EDX exam at any time?

Yes, you can submit your graded exams at any given time, but it should be before the end date. This is to enable you earn the points apportioned before your final score.


The truth is that MOOCs courses which edX offers won’t have the exact effect like that of a formal degree certified educational credentials.

However, edX courses are highly recognized and valuable. The outstanding thing is that this courses are free, so valuable knowledge are acquired free and skills are learned free too.

Getting the certificate is just a part of it. But the most important thing is that, you have acquired marketable skills that will help you in both world of work and business.

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