Is Cognitive Class certificate valuable, Is It Worth It & Recognized?

The cognitive class can be described as a school offering courses online. The main courses taught are computing data science and artificial intelligence.

This online class was previously known as the big data University because its speciality was only on data science but it has been changed to what it is called today the cognitive class.

The change of name was necessary as they brought in other courses, so that it will appeal to a wider audience.

IBM the largest technology company in the USA founded big data university and rebranded it to cognitive class.Cognitive Class certificate

The course material provided by the site ranks the second best free online data science courses. The courses here are hits which made the users on the platform to keep referring people to take the course

The course is totally free and one doesn’t need to pay a dime to benefit from the website. When done with a course one will be presented with a certificate. The certificate will ascertained that the course was completed by the user.

All the courses offered in the cognitive class offer a certificate of completion. So once one complete a course a certificate is presented which means that the recipient has completed the course and of course,

fulfill all requirements of the course. But the snag is that one must receive a passing grade of 70% in the course to be eligible

Below are more details you would need to know about the cognitive class certificate. So keep reading to get all the details. There are accurate and correct information.

Is Cognitive Class Certificate Valuable?

Cognitive class certificate is valuable because at completion one will have been equipped with the right skills that are needed in this digital age.

The truth is that a lot of people are claiming to be data scientist without the required skill sets, by having the cognitive class certificate it shows you have the right skill sets to obtain the certificate.

So the certificate is valued even by recruiters. The platform knows that only the certificate wouldn’t get one a job but the skills will.

Is Cognitive Class Certificate Worth It?

With this platform one is likely to learn something new so it worth the use. it can be added to one’s resume, though it might not necessarily get one a job, but it is an added advantage to even get noticed to be invited for an interview.

From there you would be opportune to get to the panel to display your skills but this wouldn’t be possible without even having this chance to showcase your skills..

Is cognitive class certificate recognized?

Yes it is recognized as cognitive class awards and facilitates IBM recognized badges that mainly centre on cognitive computing and data science.

The truth is that big data certified professionals are really in high demand now. So due to this, industry-recognized big data certification are really sought after.

Cognitive class gives certification on these key skills , makes them outstanding and really known. With its certification a user can be distinguished and of course, attract the attention of recruiters.

Is Cognitive Class Certificate Free?

Yes the certificate is given free of charge, you wouldn’t be charged to pay a dime for it. But to get the certificate one need to have a passing grade to obtain it and must have completed the course.

This is why It’s called certificate of completion; no one will be given a certification prior to completion. So no payment just one’s time is needed.

How is a cognitive class course for learning data science?

When it comes to cognitive class it’s all about learning leading-edge technologies; Learning data science here is to earn certificates and badges which will enable you showcase your newly acquired skills.

The course is absolutely free and then one can take it to the next level by building a career with the skills that recruiters and employers seek after.

To maximize your potential learning data science, users need to start by selecting a learning path which could be big data fundamentals,

data science fundamentals, containers, k8s and istio on IBM cloud, reactive architecture foundations, data science python and blockchain for developers, you need to complete the courses, earn badges and at completion you get a certificate.


The cognitive class as already stated is an online platform for acquisition of knowledge on data sciences.

The aim is to address the issue of skills shortage when it comes to emerging technologies in areas of big data, data science blockchain and cloud computing.

They have got different learning paths all one need to be part of it, is just to register on the official site and get started.

Everything about cognitive class is free you just need to avail yourself because you would need time to learn.

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