Do employers hire snhu graduates, Is The Degree Respected ?

The Southern New Hampshire University, SNHU, is a private university between in Hampshire. The college is licensed by the New England Commission of Higher Education, alongside public accreditation for some education, wellbeing, hospitality and business degrees.

SNHU is currently the biggest online university in the United States and one of the quickest developing colleges nationwide. It has over 135,000 online students and about 3,000 on its physical campus.

But do employers hire online degree holder? Especially from schools like SNHU. Yes they do. Let’s examine some statistics that support the fact that employers do hire people with online degrees.snhu

In a recent study of recruiting leaders at American businesses, conducted by the website Inside Higher Ed, the following was revealed:

About seventy-one percentage of HR professionals say they have employed an applicant with a degree that was acquired 100% online.

More than 50% of them felt that later on, many postgraduate educations will be acquired through online schools.

Today, enormous online schools like SNHU, Ashford, and others are very popular. This was mostly because of their huge publicizing efforts.

Many professions appear to be obviously more cordial to holders of online degrees. Nursing is an example.

In this profession, there is lack of qualified four-year degree holders. Thus, even the more esteemed hospitals seem to be available to employing medical attendants with non-customary degrees.

Also for a while in the tech division, the willingness to recruit applicants who get the hang of coding or some other part of IT through a coding school, online school or even through a couple of courses that may not equal to a degree.

On the other hand, Accountants and other financial experts are often employed with either an a specialty certificate or an online diploma. How about teaching? It has been one of the famous categories for online study.

What about some online Master’s Degrees? Are they useful?

In 2017, a job outlook study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, it showed that large numbers of the key skills businesses need to see on a resume could be from either online versus conventional education.

The findings include:

  • About 59% of employers needed candidates with technical skills.
  • Again, 67% needed to employ those with scientific/quantitative skills.
  • Up to 83% also wanted to see critical thinking skills.
  • 80% needed applicants with written communication skills.

Is a degree from SNHU respected?

The degree you get from SNHU is very useful. It’s well respected across the nation and around the world. At the Southern New Hampshire University, there are different academic programs –

undergrad, graduate, doctoral, including certificate programs through its numerous universities and schools.

Below are schools and colleges under SNHU:

  • School for America (CfA)
  • School of Online and Continuing Education (COCE)
  • School of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics (CETA)
  • Institute of Business
  • Institute of Education
  • Institute of Arts and Sciences
  • School of International Engagement


The workforce at Southern New Hemisphere University comprises of about 161 full-time teachers. There are up to 5,795 part-time educators, and 20 informative graduate assistants.

According to The Century Foundation, this university spent more than $11 million on advertisment between August 2016 and January 2017. Only eighteen pennies for each dollar was spent on instruction.

Online programs at SNHU

The enlistment into the College of Online and Continuing Education (COCE), which is situated in midtown of Manchester has been expanding rapidly. It has increased from over 8,000 students in 2001 to 34,000 by 2014, and more than 135,000 as per SNHU.

As the online program keeps developing, the COCE has employed all the full-time teachers (starting at 2014, a large portion in excess of 2,700 employees were part-time teachers situated all through the USA and abroad).

Also, alumni and instructors outside this university have condemned the college’s forceful selecting methods.

The same was said of its cross country promoting efforts and contrasting them with those utilized by revenue driven foundations. An example is the University of Phoenix and the now-dead ITT Technical Institute.

President LeBlanc also expressed that Southern New Hampshire University has acquired the best of functional practices from the profit making

(accountability, client support, information analytic, and a need for urgency) while shunning the practices that cast them in a particularly bad light.

Is Southern New Hampshire University serious?

The Southern New Hampshire University is a serious institution.

As at year 2021, the College Factual ranks SNHU over about 2000 colleges and universities. The analysis was to determine which ones are the best in a variety of categories – like the overall value, diversity, quality, of schools are the awesome each major, and considerably more.

In the 2021 rankings, the university was granted 143 badges. The most noteworthy ranked major at the SNHU include: business, management, and business.

Generally Quality

Talking about some of the best schools in overall quality, SNHU was ranked #1,378 spot in College Factual’s 2021 ranking of best overall colleges in the USA.

The higher ed experts analyzed 1,710 colleges and universities across the nation to determine this ranking.

Again, the school was ranked #10 out of 12 institutions in New Hampshire.

Is Southern New Hampshire University a legitimate institution?

SNHU has been accredited since 1973 by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It was approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education Division of Higher education (Higher Education Commission).

The School of Business is authorize by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. Some projects have specific accreditation, for example,

the game administration programs, which are perceived by the North American Society for Sport Management, and the hospitality admin program, which is recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration.

Why does SNHU have a bad rep?

One downside about SNHU is that it isn’t nationally accredited. It was only accredited regionally.

This school also has a bad reputation because it only favours regional employment. It is not for all.

What’s more? Most employers don’t accept certificates or degrees from SNHU. Many consider it below their level of required educational qualifications.

How does it sound when you were told an institution to be non-profit only to discover that the opposite is the case? You would be disappointed, sure. SNHU was thought to be a non-profit establishment – but it is not.

Again, there was a report about SNHU some years ago. The institution was said to withhold some financial aide and grants. There are still investigations on this case.

The institution has been working to help its students standout in order to attract potential employers.

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