Dr Juan Andrade scholarship 2023/2024 Application Guide

There are numerous scholarship programs available to international students.

We shall be unveiling everything you need to know about the popular financial aiding program. We will briefly touch its history, how to apply, opening date, deadline date, requirements, and the amount you will receive as winners.

We urge you pay concrete attention to everything discussed here as it will go a long way in boosting your chances of being selected among the beneficiaries.

Dr Juan Andrade scholarship for young Hispanic leaders

Dr Juan Andrade scholarship is a financial assistance program organized and monitored by the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) to help outstanding students in scholarship and Internship. The award is aimed at supporting Hispanic students with the ambition and of becoming selfless leaders.

Established in 1982, USHLI has awarded over $1.3 million and hundreds of students have benefited from the scholarship since its inception. In terms of the name, the scholarship was named after Dr Juan Andrade Jr the first Latino to be honored by the US and Mexican governments.

Dr Juan Jr obtained five honorary doctorates, five degrees and three distinguished alumnus awards. Some of Dr Andrade’s awards include Chicago man of the year, one of the most influential Hispanics in America, etc. He is the only Hispanic radio and TV commentator promoting democracy in many countries of the world.

Dr Juan Andrade Scholarship For Young Hispanic Leaders Requirements

  1. • You should be a full-time undergraduate students in a certified four-year or two-year institution in the US or US territories.
  2. • You are equally eligible for the scholarship if you plan to enroll for any of the schools or programs highlighted above.
  3. • You must provide a verifiable need for financial help.
  4. • You must be and Hispanic descendants either through your mother or father’s lineage. However, you—as a non-US citizen — can apply if you live or study in the US.
  5. • You must be a full-time undergraduate student for the Fall 2022 — Spring 2023 academic year, whether you are high school seniors, College freshmen, or sophomore.
  6. • You must provide a colored-screen, high-resolution and recent 2.5 x 3.5 photograph (Only png and jpg are supported)
  7. • You must submit a one-page resume in pdf format. ensure your resumé contains relevant information such as work experience, academic achievement, etc
  8. • You need an updated transcript in a PDF format. Meanwhile, college freshmen are to provide their high school transcripts.
  9. • You must provide two letters of recommendation. Each of the recommendation letter must emphasize on your leadership qualities, academic performance, and your desire and readiness to serve your community effectively.

Note that one of the recommendation letters should come from academic source such as school administrators or management, while the other should emerge from a professional or community setting such as teacher, adviser, supervisor, employer, coach, etc.

Special Dr Andrade Jr scholarship requirements

Background Essay: You are mandated to submit background and self-descriptive essay not less than 500 words. The 500-1000 words content must include details about, your family history (parents, siblings names), work experience (if any), life challenges and how you overcame them.

• Leadership Essay: In the same vein, you are to submit a leadership essay ranging from 500 to 1000 words. This article must discuss the future of Latinx (Hispanic) in America, the leadership needed for a better future, and what USHLI can do to help your achieve your goals and objectives in life.

How to apply for Dr Juan Andrade scholarship for young Hispanic leaders

  1. • Submit the two recommendation letters, your application form, and your essay to the organizers’ official portal.
  2. • Alternatively, you can send them to the scholarship’s official link here.
  3. • You will receive a mail, telling you the next action to take to register successfully.

How Much Does Dr Juan Andrade scholarship for young Hispanic leaders Worth

The Dr Juan Andrade scholarship for young Hispanic leaders financial worth varies from one institution and course to the other. Applicants in a four-year institution will receive $1000 while applicants in a two-year institution will receive $500.

Note that this scholarship is not renewable as it will elapse after one academic year.

What You Will benefit From the Scholarship

Apart from the financial benefits and supports, all recipients will be opportuned to attend the highly-rated USHLI national conference where they will learn the skills and traits required to be successful leaders.

They will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the highly-regarded Dr Andrade, thereby learning one or two things from his experience.

How to know if you are among the winners

You will receive a notification from the USHLI scholarship board a month before the national conference. Hence, we advise you keep a close eye on your inbox so you won’t miss the organizers’ crucial notification.

Is Dr Juan Andrade scholarship for young Hispanic leaders competitive

The scholarship is somewhat competitive because the number of recipients depends on the fund available per year. Hence, winners number varies from one year to another.

Therefore, it is advisable you meet all the requirements and provide all the needed essays to enhance your winning chances.

Dr Juan Andrade Scholarship Deadline Date

Judging by last year’s schedule, the doctor Juan Andrade scholarship
application deadline should be later in the year.

We assume that the application deadline won’t exceed November like last edition. It means you have sufficient time to create interesting and captivating content.

Nonetheless, endeavor to keep visiting this page as we promise to update it once the organizers announce the official deadline.


With the detail disclosed, we believe you can successfully apply for the Dr Juan Andrade scholarship for young Hispanic leaders without any stress.

Meanwhile, don’t feel bad if you are ineligible for this scholarship as there are numerous options available for international students. We’ve discussed some scholarship for international students in our previous posts, you should check them and apply accordingly.

Don’t hesitate to reach us if you have any questions or comments about this article. As this point, we wish you the best in your quest to win a financial assistance grant.






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