How To Create A Gmail Account For Jamb

     In this post, I am going to tutor you on how to create a valid gmail account for jamb. Jamb has made it a must that every candidate should create a jamb profile before registering for the examination. This jamb profile is being created online, and you would need a valid email address when creating it. I highly recommend that you should use “Gmail” for the creation of your email address, although, there are a lot of email address providers such as yahoo, AOL, fast mail, hotmail, msn, address, etcetera. Note that this is not a form of criticism. I am very sure that after reading this post, creating a gmail account would be as simple as ABC.


•What is an email? 

•What is gmail? 

•What do I need to create a gmail account? 

•What can I use a gmail account for? 

•How do I create a gmail account for jamb? 

What is an email ?

An email is an electronic mail, a way of sending messages and data to other people by means of computers or phones connected together in a network. This network is provided by an email address provider, which I have mentioned some examples above. The one that I am actually focusing on today is the “Gmail”.

What is Gmail ?

Gmail is an email address provider owned by google. Gmail is also google-mail. It allows you to send your letters or messages to another person through the network. It is faster than the letter or message you send via the post office. The message that you send through gmail is delivered to the recipient inbox immediately. Your messages are 100% secure in your gmail account. You can read the messages in your inbox from anywhere in the world, just by signing in. Gmail has really been helpful since when it was established till date.

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What do I need to create a gmail account ?

You will need some things in order for successfully create a valid gmail account, they include :

• A phone or a computer; this is very important.

• A good internet connection : You need me have access to a very good internet connection, if you are using data from another person’s phone or computer, make sure it is reliable. Also make sure that you have sufficient data enough to create the gmail account.

• A phone number : Make sure that your SIM is with you, inside your phone. You will need it when creating your gmail account, because a verification code would be sent to that number.

• A web browser; every phone or computer has a web browser, be it, chrome, opera mini, Mozilla Firefox, etcetera.

What can I use a gmail account for ?

You can use your gmail account for so many things. You can use it as a storage for your contacts, you can use it in any registration process (when filling a form), for example; you can use it when creating your jamb profile. You can also use it to send messages (it can be in form of written messages, pictures, voice notes, videos, PDF files or any document that you can think of, but it has a size limit) to your friends and families. You can also use it to apply for a job online, as you are able to send your curriculum vitae (CV)  as a PDF to the company that you are applying to. You can use it to subscribe to newsletters on blogs like this one and you will receive any new posts directly into your inbox.

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How do I create a gmail account for jamb  ?

This is the main focus and purpose of this post, in order to create a valid new gmail account, follow the steps below :

Step 1: Go to and click on create a new account. You can do this by either using the application or creating it on the website.

Step 2: Enter your first name and last name, then click on “next”

 Step 3: Enter your phone number and click on “next”

 Step 4: Enter the 6-digit verification code sent to you to confirm you got the text message.

Step 5: Enter your birthday and gender, and click on “next”

 Step 6: Create a unique gmail address, you can use your name or something else, with a “” extension.

If the gmail address that you typed is not available, try another one.

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 Step 7: Create a strong password with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.

 Step 8: Add a phone number that you can use to reset your password if you forget it, receive video calls and messages, then click on “I’m in”.

 Step 9: Enter the verification code sent to you, then click on “next”.

 Step 10: Read the privacy and terms, then click on “I Agree”

Congratulations, you have successfully created your valid gmail account. 

To check if your email address is valid and your gmail account is working, try sending messages to your friends and ask them if they received the message. If they replied “yes”, then it is working. 

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