Is Global Cyber University real? See Tuition, courses

Is Global Cyber University a real and certified school? Does it offer a degree useful in the labor market?

It’s understandable if you are in this confusing state because not too many people know about the Global Cyber University.

All you need right now is complete details about the tertiary institution, and this article will provide all that to you without any omission. So, pay attention as we begin with what Global Cyber University is all about.Global Cyber University

What Is Global Cyber University All About

Global Cyber University is located in Korea. It is known as one of the online universities that lay much emphasis on Korean traditions, academic excellence, and how to perfectly implement everything learned in your day-to-day activities.

It’s an award-winning university nurturing the aims and objectives of producing students who won’t only focus on school works but also concentrate on the Hallyu culture (K-culture) and development of humanity in general.

Just as every online university, Global Cyber University provides students the opportunity to run distant-learning programs in which they attend classes right from the comfort of their home.

Also referred to as BTS by some Koreans, the Global Cyber University deploys an ”Hongik Spirit” learning approach as it emphasizes humans, Earth & Brain.

Is Global Cyber University Real?

Global Cyber University is a real and legit institution with a proven track record of success and laudable achievements. It boasts of thousands of students from across the world, which further buttress its status as a real and verified place to obtain your desired degree.

In terms of accreditation, the Global Cyber University is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and Higher Education.

It was legally permitted to offer a four-year program in three (3) departments, including the Department of Human Services, the Department of Global Management, and the Department of Cultural Content.

What type of university is a global cyber university?

The University of Global Cyber University is a college that offers both traditional and online education. The online-based lectures are delivered via a secured and accessible website/portal,

and it ensures that working-class students are provided with the chance to obtain their academic degrees without altering their busy scheme and schedule.

The school is engaged in many programs aimed at helping the student improve their overall aspects of life, including cultural and psychological.

However, you can equally choose to attend physical or traditional classes depending on your choice and financial capacity.

Why You Should Attend Global Cyber University

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Global Cyber University. First, the school has a track record of producing successful graduates.

As much as after-school achievements depend on an individual’s approach to life and available opportunities, we can’t underestimate school and lecturer’s roles in preparing students for future successes.

Hence, Global Cyber University promises you a brighter future as it provides a convenient atmosphere to develop all the attributes you need to succeed.

In the same vein, Global Cyber University features a conducive environment, state-of-the-art learning facilities, and dogmatic learning methods; all of which will ultimately build and prepare you for life after school.

Laying huge emphasis on art and culture will no doubt fine-tune your creativity, and communicating skills; thereby, providing you with all the values and courage needed to navigate through life’s challenges.

With the University’s “Hongik” philosophy, you won’t only enjoy quality education but will develop a selfless mindset as you would be thought how to provide solutions to people’s problems.

Endeavor to know what you want for yourself and decide whether all the reasons will enhance your quest for your aims and objectives.

What are the majors in Global Cyber University

One of the University’s missions is to help you discover your talents, and provide all the guidance required to fully maximize them.

Hence, it offers some academic programs which deal with unearthing and polishing student’s potentials until they are presentable and marketable.

In short, the major programs offered by the institution include Sports & Health, Entertainment & Media, Counseling Psychology, Brain Education Convergence, Brain-based Emotion Coaching, Practical English AI Convergence, Convergence Contents, Convergence Management, Oriental Studies, Interdisciplinary- Major, Dementia Care, and Global K-Culture.

Is Global Cyber University Good

Judging by the quality of academic and non-academic services delivered to students, we believe the Global Cyber University is an ideal place for students desiring to impact lives.

GCU has a very flexible academic timetable which ensures students have sufficient time to complete other after-class activities.

Likewise, comments from verified Global Cyber University alumni revealed that there are capable lecturers ready and willing to dish out information in a well-detailed and understandable manner.

Considering the highlighted attributes and the remarks, you can be sure that attending the Global Cyber University will neither be a regrettable decision nor a waste of money and time.

Is Global Cyber University Expensive

Global Cyber University isn’t expensive when compared to other tertiary institutions of the same quality and competitiveness.

Payment is divided into two segments, including entrance fee and course fee. The total of the course fee depends on the program you register for.

Assuming you registered for 6 courses, you are required to pay the course fee six times.

In summary, budget at least KRW 166,000 ( around $143) for the entrance fee, while you have nothing less than KRW 70,000 (around $61) per course, which is relatively affordable.

You should equally consider the accommodation fee if your program demands you leave in the school campus or nearby city.

Note that the figures above are prone to change with respect to the school’s economic conditions and government policies in the future.

Meanwhile, students are advised to pay through Credit Cards or Wire Transfers to avoid hiccups or difficulties

Global Cyber University Notable Alumni

RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of the BTS Boys are listed among Global Cyber University’s notable alumni. But, what is BTS? BTS Boys is a musical band made up of seven young and talented Korean stars, including Jin and the six above.

Formed in 2012, BTS has won multiple awards for its lovely songs and live performances. Some of their award-winning albums include Wake Up and Dark & Wild.

Also known as Bangtan Boys, BTS awards include the Mnet Asian Music Award for Artist of the Year (2021), Seoul Music Awards Daesang Award (2019), etc.

Global Cyber University Location

The Global Cyber University is located at 284-88 Gyocheonjisan-gil, Mokcheon-eup, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.

Though it supports an internet-based education system, you need to visit the school premises during the exam period.


GCU remains a good place to learn more about the Korean culture while pursuing your degree. However, you should consider other Korean institutions if you’re not interested cultural things.


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