Havard Law School Tuition Fee 2024/2025

What do I need to gain admission into Havard law school? How much is the Harvard law school tuition fee ? How can I apply for Havard law school admission? How much does it cost to get into Harvard law school?

This article will answer the questions above as we shall be discussing everything related to the Havard law school, including the tuition fee, admission procedure, acceptance rate, admission requirements, and available scholarship programs.Havard Law School

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Harvard Law School is arguably the world’s oldest law school, founded in 1817. The Havard Law School boasts massive academic infrastructures, including the world’s biggest academic law library.

Where Is Havard Law School Located

The Havard Law School is located in the United States, having different campuses scattered across cities of the federation.

The main Harvard Law School is situated at 1585 Massachusetts Avenue. It consists of 19 buildings, and it shares borders with Everett Street.

The highly-rated Law school also has other campuses at 1651 Massachusetts Avenue, 125 Mount Auburn Street, and 122 Boylston Street in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Avenue.

Meanwhile, it will interest you to know that the Havard Law School is one of the most populated schools in the world as it features nothing less than 1990 students every academic year.

What Course Can I Study at Harvard Law School

The program of study currently available at the Havard Law School includes Criminal Law and Policy, International and Comparative Law, Law and Business, Law and Government, Law and History, Law and Social Change, Law, Science, and Technology.

However, we advise you to choose courses that guarantee exposure to different topics and methodologies to enhance your knowledge about diverse works of life.

How Much Is The Havard Law School Tuition Fee

HAVARD LAW SCHOOL is so expensive that the 2021-22 set paid $67,720 for tuition fee. They equally paid health insurance, health services fees, the LL.M. activities, and dental insurance fees.

Housing, food, books and supplies, personal and travel expenses are crucial. You need to pay them to avoid interruption or disturbance from the school management over unpaid fees.

In summary, you should prepare at least $104,550 to enjoy your spell as a student of the highly-rated Havard law school. The estimated value will cover the $67,720 tuition fee and $36,830 for petty expenses highlighted above.

Meanwhile, you need to budget more than the above value if you are seeking admission into the Havard law school as a mother because you will cater to your children. Prepare at least an additional $15,600 to provide quality care for your children throughout the academic calendar.

How much does it cost to go to Harvard Law School for four years?

Since it would cost at least $67,720 to attend the Havard law school for one year, you should budget at least $560,800 to attend Harvard Law School for four years without experiencing any financial difficulties or challenges.

Considering the monetary value, it’s obvious that Havard law school is one of the most expensive tertiary institutions in the world.

However, the interesting thing is that Havard law school students can win one or more scholarships annually.

The school supports numerous scholarship programs, thereby playing a significant role in reducing students’ financial burden.

Scholarships Programs In the United States

There are over 100 scholarships programs in the USA, including The GPR Leadership Scholarship, International Student Support Contest, LGBT Resource Center Scholarships for International Students, Ferris State University Gold International Scholarships, etc.

Check any of these scholarship programs and see the ones that meet the requirements. In the same vein, the Havard law school financial aid program is equally available to help all qualified students pay their tuition fees with ease.

What Is Harvard Law School Financial Aid

Just as the name implies, it’s a program created by the school management to provide financial help to students finding it difficult to pay their tuition fees and other related expenses.

The Harvard Law School offers financial aid, which involves loans and grants (scholarships), thereby increasing students’ chances of getting the important and morale-boosting financial support in their quest for quality education and laudable academic certificate.

You can apply for either loan or grant (scholarship) depending on your financial needs or your capacity to repay your loan at the stipulated time.

The concerned authority and organizers create a level-playing ground for all students and applicants by ensuring that GPA, nationality, and Academic performances don’t influence their final decision.

The number of needs and their urgency will determine if you will receive a grant or loan.

How Much Does Harvard Law School financial aid Grant worth?

The Harvard law school financial aid scholarship (Grant) is worth $33,000, equivalent to half of your tuition fee.

In the same vein, the loan is worth $21500, which should be enough to cover housing and part of feeding expenses for a whole academic calendar year.

Can I get a full scholarship to Harvard Law?

No. Harvard law school doesn’t offer full scholarships to students. The school’s financial assistance, whether loan or grant, will only cover part of your tuition fee.

It is believed that a full scholarship grant could affect other financial aid programs as there will be little or no revenue to fund students’ urgent needs.

How to get financial assistance from Harvard Law School

Obtaining financial assistance from Harvard law school is an easy task to accomplish as long as you meet the requirement such as having pressing and cumbersome needs that demand urgent financial attention.

Visit the Harvard Law School official portal, and fill out the financial assistance application form with up-to-date details. The organizers will contact you should there be any developments.

Meanwhile, you must know that thousands of students will apply for financial aid, which will somewhat limit your chances. Hence, we advise you to target other external scholarship programs.

Does Harvard Law give good financial aid?

Yes. Harvard Law School offers laudable financial aid to students regardless of nationality and academic prowess.


Apart from the expensive tuition fee and high cost of living, HLS is a great place to obtain your degree with flying colors.

It boasts state-of-the-art learning facilities; serene and conducive learning environments that will enhance your academic abilities.





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