Virginia Tobacco Scholarship 2024/2025 Application Guide

There are numerous scholarship programs in the world right now, but have you heard of the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship?

Do you know how to apply for the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship ? Luckily, this article will reveal The Virginia Tobacco Scholarship  requirements and how to apply without any hiccups.

We will equally unveil every other detail you should know about the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship.Virginia Tobacco Scholarship

What Is Virginia Tobacco Scholarship?

The Virginia Tobacco Scholarship is a financial aiding program that helps students to obtain their bachelor’s degree without experiencing financial difficulties.

Virginia Tobacco Scholarship is created by the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission in 2002 as part of its desire to help students achieve quality education without shouldering much financial burden.

Meanwhile, the program has evolved in recent years. It now operates more like a repayment/talent attraction grant program.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop students from benefiting from VIRGINIA TOBACCO SCHOLARSHIP .

The registration for VIRGINIA TOBACCO SCHOLARSHIP will begin anytime soon; hence, we advise you read on to discover how to apply.

Requirements for the Tobacco Scholarship

Below is the complete list of requirements, qualifications, and conditions you must meet or possess to stand any chance of benefitting from The VIRGINIA TOBACCO SCHOLARSHIP

  1. • You must be a certified US resident who has lived in the Southwest or Southern region for a year or more.
  2. • You must be academically sound because your GPA could make or mar your chances.
  3. • You must be admitted for a bachelor’s program in any recognized and accredited institution in the country.
  4. • An official transcript containing your GPA is a must-have document.
  5. • You require a minimum 2.0 GPA to apply.
  6. • Being a descendant of tobacco quota holders/growers between 1998 and 2004 will boost your chances.
  7. • You need a completed  FAFSA form
  8. You must be a student of any tertiary institution because high school students are ineligible for The VIRGINIA TOBACCO SCHOLARSHIP.

How much does the Virginia tobacco scholarship worth

It will interest you to know that you will receive $90 for every semester hour. You will equally get $60 every if your institution operates on a quarter-hour basis.

Meanwhile, you are entitled to receive $100 if you transfer 60 credits from a community college to an institution that operates on an hourly basis.

It means the tobacco region revitalization commission, through the vagina tobacco scholarship, will fully fund 1 degree.

However, the scholarship program will elapse after two semesters unless the aforementioned monetary value remains until summer. That’s not all; you can apply for a $1,000 annual work incentive for every semester scholarship.

What are the benefits of becoming a winner?

As a winner, you are automatically qualified to obtain a one-year full-time employment offer as soon as you complete your academic program.

You are equally liable to be employed by a company associated with the Tobacco Region Commission, where you will receive nothing less than $2000 monthly.

Considering the jaw-dropping opportunity and monetary benefits, you will agree that this is one of the most profitable scholarships you shouldn’t underrate. So, let’s discuss how to apply.


• Ensure You provide all the requirements discussed above.

  • • Visit The VIRGINIA TOBACCO SCHOLARSHIP Application portal @ https://www.vhcc.Edu/current-students/student-services/financial-aid/scholarships/Virginia-tobacco-commission-scholarships. Alternatively, you can click here to start.
  • • Fill the form with accurate information. Check your data and be sure there are no errors before submitting it.
  • • Having submitted your application, the next step involves submitting your official transcript containing your GPA.
  • • The Tobacco Commission will contact you via your email address if your application is accepted.

The Virginia Tobacco Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions


Some factors could prevent the organizing committee from accepting your application. They include:

  • • Low GPA
  • • You intend to attend Community College over accepted institutions.
  • • Incomplete application process
  • • You didn’t provide all the required documents.
  • • You reside in an unsupported city such as Lynchburg city.
  • • You want to fund the same degree for the second time, which isn’t allowed. Though you can win the scholarship more than once, it can only sponsor a degree program.
  • • Your application will be rejected if you apply for a graduate degree program.
  • • It’s possible you applied as a non-degree-seeking applicant.

How will I know if I have won the scholarship?

The concerned committee will contact you via your registered email address, notifying you of the positive development.

Hence, ensure you keep close tabs on any mail sent to your address by the Tobacco Commission so you won’t miss out.

Is the award paid directly to the school, or will I receive the payment?

The payment will be made directly to your college/university immediately after sending an invoice to the organizers.

As mentioned earlier, you will receive a mail that you have been chosen as one of the beneficiaries.

The message will contain an attachment — a master promissory note — which requires an electronic signature to make it relevant.

Therefore, you are to sign the promissory note and send it back to the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship organizers for further review.

The scholarship board will contact your school for necessary information before approving the document.

However, you might need to meet with your school management to discuss the payment method. Hence, ensure regular communication with the school management until you receive the payment.

How will my school be notified of my award?

The concerned committee will reach out to your school via their official email address to let them know of the award.

Do I need to reapply every year?

Yes. Despite being awarded the scholarship, you must update your application status by submitting the needed documents each year.


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