WELLS FARGO Scholarship Program For People With Disabilities 2024/2025

Being disabled has been a major concern for so many people as many capitalize on their predicament and deprive them of the right to education. So many of them have lost hope despite their level of brilliance and resolved to learn a trade.

Though learning trade is good but many would have come out in flying colors if they were privileged to pursue their careers. In response to this challenge, Well Fargo has put up a scholarship program to help this set of people in achieving their goals and career path in life.


This initiative was introduced to show the disabled that their careers can still be achieved despite their challenges by granting them access to training and education needed to prosper in the career path that they have chosen.

The scheme is done with the collaboration of Scholarship America, (the country’s biggest manager and designer of Scholarships, programs) to support education and tuition fee assistance for foundations, corporations, individuals and associations.

The sponsors of the scholarship are always in charge of the determination of individuals who are eligible for the program. The application eligibilities are always reviewed by the evaluation team of Scholarship America.

The scholarship awards are given to qualified recipients irrespective of their religion, national origin, age, creed or sexual orientation.


Those who will apply for this scholarship scheme must satisfy the following requirement

  • Have a recognized disability

This includes those who have a recurring or long-term problem that leaves a negative impact on a major activity of their life.

  • Possess a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 or its comparison in other grading scales.
  • He/she must be a senior at a recognized school or graduate to enroll or have enrolled for a full time or part-time with 6 credits at least per term. He/ she must be an undergraduate studying at any accredited university or college with either 2 or 4 years course at America throughout the academic year.


Below are the award information of all recipient of the scholarship.

  • As a qualified recipient, each student will be given an award of $ 2500 for those taking full-time courses and $1250 for students with part-time courses.

The award for the full-time students can be given for 3 additional years while the part-time student award can be given for seven more years.

The award will also be renewed until the recipient completes their bachelor’s degree program.

It is important to keep in mind that the 1st 700 submitted applications are those to be selected for evaluation.


It is not everyone who applied for the scholarship that will be picked for the Award but All selected recipients will be notified of their application status by April ending. All interested students who could not meet up with the requirement can reapply every year.


The payment of the scholarship will be processed by Scholarship America in the representation of Wells Fargo. All Scholarship awards will be paid by the middle of August.


The Award of Scholarship will be given to the recipient base on the following;

  • Academic records:The academic performance of all applicants is very essential as the Scholarship body will carry out a thorough check on it.
  • Active involvement in the community and school activities
  • Leadership skills: He/she must have demonstrated a vast skill of leadership amidst colleagues
  • Work Experience: He/she must have gotten an idea of whatever training he claimed to be studying
  • Honors: He/she must be someone with good reputation in the community and on campus.
  • Statement of goal and career objectives
  • Statement of Educational objectives
  • Essay question: All applicants will have to write and submit an article on the question: what life experiences have shaped who you are today?

Students that qualify for the Award must effectively demonstrate their financial needs according to the calculation of Scholarship America.

• An online recommendation

Recipients are selected by Scholarship America. All applicant will therefore take their decision as the final


To complete your application process, you will upload these documents;

• A complete and most recent grades transcript. Scholarship America will not accept reports of grades. The applicant’s student name, grades, courses credit hours, school name, and the semester that each course was offered must be clearly stated.

•At least two pages of the applicant currently filed form of IRS 1040 that was used for the Financial Information section of the application

If the test score you are submitting is ACT or SAT, and the scores in these tests are not included in your high school transcript, then you will have to submit those tests officially by uploading their scores separately

Your application process also requires that you provide one recommendation online which must be submitted by 2022 on your behalf at 3 pm CT.

You are yet to finish your application process if all the needed documents have not been electronically submitted.

Application deadline

There are 2 conditions that the satisfaction of either will end application and they are;

• Closing date

The Scholarship application will close on the 18th of February, 2022.

The number of applicants

The required applicant is 700 so the portal for application will automatically stop when this number of applicants is received.


To apply for the Wells Fargo Scholarship for disabled people click here to proceed to the registration portal

Why seat back and watch as this opportunity to achieve your goal pass you by? The earlier you apply, the better for you.

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