Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2024/2025 Requirement

You must have heard of the Alexander Rutherford scholarship but do you know much about it? if not, then you have to pay concrete attention as we shall be discussing all you should know about the Financial Assistance program.

In this article, we’ll tell you what the Alexandra Rutherford scholarship is all about, how to apply for the Alexander Rutherford scholarship program, the requirements, and how to know if your name is listed among the beneficiaries. Let’s get down to action as soon as possible

What is Alexander Rutherford scholarship

Alexander Rutherford scholarship is a financial aiding program established in honor of Alexander Rutherford who was Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education.

The financial assistance program was inaugurated some years ago and was named after the late minister of education as a way of immortalizing him for his massive support for public education.

Since its inception, thousands of Canadian students have benefited from the Alexander scholarship program. However, it is only available to Canadian high school students with remarkable academic performance and qualifications.

Alexander Rutherford scholarship program requirements

  • • You must be a Canadian or must have lived in the country for a long time to be eligible for the scholarship
  • • You must be a high school graduate before applying
  • • You must be enrolled in a post-secondary or apprenticeship program for one or more semesters
  • • You need an official and remarkable High School transcript to boost your chances of being shortlisted among the winners.
  • • A valid Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a must-have document for all applicants.
  • • You must have numeric grades before applying.
  • • An Alberta student number is mandatory as it can make or mar your chances.
  • • Ensure you meet courses requirements before applying
  • • Note that all Visa students are ineligible regardless of their country or nationality.
  • • You can only apply for the Alexander scholarship once because previous winners are restricted from applying.

How how much does the Alexander Rutherford scholarship worth?

According to the information obtained from the scholarship portal, Alexander Rutherford is worth $2500 in monetary value.

With the scholarship, you can rest assured that a massive financial burden will be taken off your shoulder.

Meanwhile, you must know that the money given to each applicant varies based on grade and Academic performance.

For instance, a grade 10 student with 80% academic performance in five courses will receive $400, while grade 11 students offering the same number of courses and 80% academic performance will receive $800.

Alexander Rutherford scholarship application opening date

Though the official opening date isn’t published yet, we predict that the Alexander Rutherford scholarship could begin in February judging by last year’s opening date.

The application exercise is expected to last for five months (February – July), which is enough to complete every registration step.

How to apply for the Alexander Rutherford scholarship

  1. • The first step involves ensuring that you are eligible before applying. Go through all the requirements listed above to confirm your eligibility.
  2. • Visit the Alberta student aid portal and create an account. Simply log in to your account if you’ve registered already.
  3. • Select the Alexander Rutherford high school achievement scholarship to continue
  4. • Fill the scholarship form with up-to-date information and required documents
  5. • Submit the form after confirming that the data you input is accurate
  6. • The scholarship board will review your application and verify your high school transcript.
  7. • The scholarship board will send a mail to your registered email address after approving your application.
  8. The mail will contain a template where you will confirm your enrolment using your school’s signature.
  9. • Print out the attachment and send it to your post-secondary school or apprenticeship program for the required signature.
  10. • Send it back to the admission committee once your school has signed the document. They will go through the signed document before approving it.
  11. • You will receive a cheque from the board once the verification is complete. This might take a month after the enrollment confirmation.
  12. • You can proceed to withdraw the money.

Does Every applicant get the Alexander Rutherford scholarship?

No, the scholarship board will disqualify applicants who didn’t meet the requirement. Therefore, you must provide all the documents and qualifications before applying so you won’t miss out.

Nonetheless, the good news is that close to 14,000 students receive the Alexander Rutherford scholarship each year, meaning you have very high hope of being among the winners.

Frequently asked questions regarding Alexander Rutherford scholarship

• Can I apply using a temporary Social Insurance number?

No, the admission board demand that all applicants provide a valid Canadian Social Insurance number while applying. So, we advise you to click here to apply for your social insurance number without any difficulty.

As an Alberta resident, can I apply if I intend to enroll in a post-secondary school in other countries?

Yes, you can attend a post-secondary school of your choice anywhere in the world and still benefit from the Alexander Rutherford scholarship. However, you must be a registered Alberta resident to enjoy such privilege.

Are international Baccalaureate (IB) courses eligible for Alexander Rutherford scholarships?

Yes, the Alexander Rutherford scholarship board accepts IB courses as they are classified as optional courses for Grade 10, 11, and 12 students.

can I use green certificate courses for the Alexandra Rutherford scholarship?

Yes, Green certificate courses are classified as important courses offered by grade 12 students.

can I apply if I attend open studies or an unclassified program?

Yes, you can apply as long as you are enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies for one or more semesters.

Can I make changes to my application?

Yes, you can change your address, your choice of institution, and other details. Write a mail to the organizing committee about your intention to alter some details. Wait for their approval before taking further steps.

What can I do if I lost my cheque?

Call the Alberton student Aid Service center’s attention to the situation, asking them to stop payment.

Then, request a replacement (new) cheque and it will be sent to you. Click here to contact the Albert aid service center.


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