Penn Foster Vs Ashworth College: Which Is Better?

Penn foster or Ashworth, which one is better? Why should I choose Penn foster over Ashworth College? It’s understandable if you find it difficult to choose between the highly-rated colleges.

Hopefully, this article will lessen the burden as we shall be discussing everything about Penn Foster and Ashworth colleges including their features, campuses, tuition fees and other factors that will guide your final decision. So, let’s get down to business.Penn Foster Vs Ashworth College

What Is Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College is a private institution that offers online courses and tutorials, thereby providing interested and qualified students the opportunity to obtain associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and undergraduate certificates.

Founded in 1890, Penn Forster consists of three schools such as high school, college, and career. It is undoubtedly one of the most reputable online colleges in the world.

What Is Ashworth College

Ashworth College is a tertiary institution offering numerous online courses and programs. Established in 1987 in Norcross Georgia,

it boasts of over 2 million alumni thereby cementing its status as one of the best distance learning colleges in the world.

Ashworth features three subsidiary schools, including Madison School of Healthcare, PCDI Canada, and James Madison High School. They are all licensed by concerned authorities.

Is Ashworth College the same as Penn Foster?

Ashworth and Penn Foster Colleges permit students to transfer their high school credit over, they are both nationally accredited, and they both offer online courses which allow students to learn from home.

Hence, you might be forced to admit that both schools are the same considering some of their features and attributes. However, it is still out of proportion to say or assume they are the same despite the few similarities.

Penn Foster academic calendar seems a bit easier than Ashworth’s, although it depends on individual’s field of study.

In the same vein, it’s easier to transfer your high school credits in Penn Foster College than in Ashworth.

There is a slight difference between both schools in terms of the tuition fee (amount) and payment method. Pen Foster’s fee appears to be a little cheaper than its counterpart.

Is A Degree from Penn Foster respected?

A degree obtained from Penn Foster is highly respected and accepted because it is licensed by the DEAC and ACE.

When it comes to job acquisition, you have a brighter chance because both private and government sectors offer jobs to the school alumni.

This is because the school has been accredited by all concerned educational agencies.

However, some private and local organizations may prefer offering jobs to students with degrees obtained from accredited traditional or physical tertiary institutions.

Is Ashworth College legitimate?

Ashworth College is recommended to any working-class citizen who has little or no time to attend traditional classes.

There’s no need to panic because Ashworth College is legitimate.

It is licensed by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), meaning the degree obtained from the college is nationally recognized.

Do Employers Accept Penn Foster College Degrees?

It all depends on employers’ preferences and decisions. Many employers accept Penn College degrees because they are earned from an accredited school.

Meanwhile, other companies often overlook Penn Foster’s alumni while hiring because they believe they are just cheap online degree with no much value.

In summary, a large percentage of employers accept Foster degrees while a few ignore them as they are only interested in candidates from community Colleges.

Is Ashworth College Recognized By Employers?

Just as it is with Penn Foster, so we have it with Ashworth College because both offer the same distance-learning programs.

While some employers don’t consider Ashworth College graduates for high vacant position, others gladly recognize Ashworth College degree owners.

Can You Claim Ashworth College On Your Taxes?

Before answering this question, there is a need to explain what it means to claim Ashworth College on your taxes through the AOTC program. So, what is AOTC?

AOTC simply means an American opportunity Tax Credit, a program initiated by the United States Department of Education

to help eligible students cover all education expenses for the first four years of higher education. A qualified student could get up to $2,500 annually from the organizers.

Unfortunately, Ashworth College students aren’t eligible to participate in the financial aid program because the school doesn’t participate in it.

Hence, you shouldn’t claim Ashworth tuition payments on your tax returns.

To qualify for the AOTC financial aid program, your school must be an active participant.

You must be seeking or pursuing a recognized degree, and you must be in the first four years of your higher education at the start of the tax year.

Is there a proctored exam for Penn Foster High School?

What is a proctored exam? a proctored exam is an exam organized and strictly monitored to prevent students from cheating.

It can be done online or in a physical exam hall to determine students’ true ability and to see if they deserve to progress to the next academic level.

Penn Foster’s students are expected to take Proctored exams at the end of every semester in a college degree program to show if they are academically worthy of promotion.

What happens if you fail a Penn Foster exam?

If you are failing the exam for the first time, you have another opportunity to retake the failed course. You’ve got to get back to your materials, read them repeatedly, and get ready for another chance.

However, you have only 30 days to re-do the exam or you will miss out on the opportunity.

Having retaken all the failed exams, the school would record the higher grade on your transcript so you can make the required grade this time.

How does Penn Foster track cheating?

Most people can’t stop wondering about the measures put in place by Penn Foster to track cheating during their online exams. Thankfully, the school doesn’t take it for granted

As a way of reducing cheating during exams, Penn Foster introduced a proctored online examination system that requires students to showcase all their writing equipment via their respective Webcam before starting each paper.

Likewise, students are strictly warned to desist from any incriminating activities during exams to avoid being rusticated.

The exams are completely recorded through the school’s monitoring webcam which ensures everyone’s behaviors during the exams are noted and punished accordingly.

Penn Forster’s exam committee would audit the recorded footage for more accurate detail. Meanwhile, students are equally required to display their respective IDs to the webcam for quick identity verification.

This is done to avoid impersonation. The move has had massive impacts over the years as leaves students with little or no opportunity to engage in any exam malpractice.

Our Final Verdict

In some areas, Ashworth appears better, while Penn Foster takes the leading role in other areas.

Hence, choosing either of them depends on your choice of program, financial capacity, and accreditation.

Irrespective of your final decision, you are guaranteed a quality learning atmosphere and nationally accepted degrees.


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