UNC Chapel Hill Acceptance Rate 2024-2026

Have you ever thought or you are planning to becoming a UNC Tar Heel? If in any way you already have your heart set at becoming a student of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this article will go a long way in getting you better prepared as you walk the path to making your dream a reality.

We have specifically written this article to give you specific and relevant information you ever require to get you into University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.UNC Chapel Hill Acceptance

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also known as: UNC Chapel Hill, Carolina, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill or UNC is a highly ranked public University. In fact US News recently ranked UNC as the 5th Public university in the USA.
Being regarded as one of the best valued public universities that gives you the value for your money means that you have no fear as the certificate is widely recognised by employers.

The University currently houses over 19,000 undergraduate students who pursue their dream career and courses while at the same time the university receives about 5000 application each year.

UNC Chapel Hill Acceptance Rate

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has an acceptance rate of 22.6% and a graduation rate of 91%; At this rate it shows that UNC is very selective in comparison to other universities but truth be told UNC is still fair and less competitive when you compare with other top ranking universities or Ivy League schools .

There are 3 critical areas we would like you to focus your attention on when you want to make the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill your choice University :

  • GPA requirements
  • Testing requirements, including SAT and ACT requirements
  • Application requirements

What GPA do you need to attend UNC-Chapel Hill?

Now that you have known the acceptance rate of UNC-Chapel Hill, its high time we discussed what kind of academic profile you will be needing that will increase your chances to be admitted.

Here at UNC-Chapel Hill on the average you will need a GPA of 4.39 and an option to present your SAT score. This means that UNC-Chapel Hill is a serious university where you have to be at the top of your game or the top best in your class and this is only possible if you are able to get straight As in your AP and IB classes.

There are some cases where your GPA might be low, that doesn’t mean that you have lost out totally as you can still fall back at your SAT or ACT score to make up for the shortfall.

What SAT do you need to attend UNC-Chapel Hill?

UNC-Chapel Hill might not be vocal as to what required cut off mark you need in your SAT. most schools are known to hide the required cut off mark when it comes to SAT.

We have made a comprehensive table showing you a breakdown of what you ought to know.

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 705 650 760
Reading + Writing 690 650 730
Composite 1395 1300 1470

What ACT do you need to attend UNC-Chapel Hill?

UNC-Chapel Hill don’t display their ACT cut off mark but anything less than the average might be rejected. You should try and present an ACT score of at least 30.

How difficult is it to get into?

From the statics we have given so far and from UNC-Chapel Hill acceptance rate all we can say is that UNC-Chapel Hill is a difficult school to get into most especially if you are not a North Carolina resident; it will interest you to know that the university only reserves about 18% slot to non resident while 82% are for resident that makes up the student body.

Their acceptance rate is high and they expect so much from you like getting As in your AP and IB classes unless you are lucky enough to be from the state. The fact remains that if you are not at the top in your classes you won’t be able to meet the minimum requirements that is sufficient to make the admission committee approve your application.

What kind of students does UNC look for?

UNC-Chapel Hill are looking for prospective students who don’t mind challenging themselves and who will not only take take advanced coursework but also excell in them. Hence its vital as a students when admitted, you meet to the demand by signing up for most of its challenging classes your class got to offer and also strive to do well at them.

UNC Chapel Hill and campus life

UNC Chapel Hill is an amazing place to be, UNC is actually a place where you as a student of the institution are going to meet and interact with new set of people and also create that memory that last a lifetime.

In UNC Chapel Hill, it will interest you to know that All first year live on campus which is a plus because it helps you avoid unnecessary expenses and also housing is guaranteed for all four years.

In UNC Chapel Hill, there are actually Two main type of housing, so there are :
hall style: in hall style, this is a place where rooms are shared with bathrooms &
sweep: this is where four rooms are assigned with just a bathroom. To better understand this you should refer https://housing.unc.edu/ where you get better information and understanding.

Now If you are in need of a room and want to find a room or roommate all you have to do is to use a specially designed app or what they call housing portal where you will be match with a well suitable room mate.

Again There are 12 libraries made available for students here in UNC Chapel Hill. In this library you get a suitable environment dedicated for studies more also there are staff whose job is to better assist you get the right resource you need.

We won’t fail to talk about the dining hall. Actually in UNC Chapel Hill, There are two dining hall right there on campus. Now to get going the school has made everything simple with the Carolina app. With this app you can better see which means or different type of meal each halls are serving. There are unlimited meal plan you can chose from

What majors is UNC-Chapel Hill known for?

  • Communications
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Business
  • Physical Education Teaching and Coaching
  • Political Science and Government
  • Nursing
  • Global studies

How many letters of recommendation do you need for UNC-Chapel Hill?

UNC-Chapel Hill might ask you to submit 2 or 3 letters of recommendation. You should understand that this is part of the admission requirements hence you should ensure that it attest to your capacity for scholarly contribution, writing and communication style,academic ability, quality of past work performance, nature and , commitment to social work values

How much is UNC tuition per year?

How much does it cost to attend?

In State North Carolina Resident Sticker Price


In State Costs for University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Fee Cost
Tuition $7,019
Books and Supplies $990
Other Fees $1,961
Room and Board $11,740
Other Expenses Budget $2,836
Out of State Resident Sticker Price


Out of State Costs for University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Fee Cost
Tuition $34,198
Books and Supplies $990
Other Fees $1,961
Room and Board $11,740
Other Expenses Budget $2,836

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