what happens if i don’t submit all my transcripts! After Deadline

All You Need To Know About Submitting Your Transcript To Institutions

In education to prove that you had an academic record from an institution of learning, you need to show your transcript.

A transcript which is otherwise known as a permanent record is different from one’s degree certificate.

What happens if I don’t submit all my transcripts?

If you knowingly do not supply all the transcripts to your potential school, you would be rejected by the new school.

The fact is that schools know contact each other, they know how to contact an applicant school either through the internet or physical contact and most offence that students commit when it comes to admission will always be accessible if its on record.

So they are always ready to fish out dubious activities by students. You should know that this admission staffs aren’t robot but humans, so they are able to identify some inconsistency with any transcript.

To be on the safe side, just present all your transcripts and leave it at that, only believe that the right decision will be taken by your potential school for your admission.

A degree certificate is the final certificate a student will obtained after completing an academic pursuit called a degree programme.what happens if i don't submit all my transcripts

A transcript on the other hand comes long after a degree certificate has been received. A transcript is therefore, a mark sheet that has on it the complete records of a given student.

This permanent record shows all the courses offered by the student, the different grades awarded in each column of the courses, the achievement and the awards obtained by the student and lastly, the degree that was awarded for the whole academic programme.

The transcript always have on it information like the full name of the student, full name of the institute with location, complete name of the courses and the scores for all semesters

This permanent record can be honored anywhere provided it has been signed with a stamp by the institution registry and presented with the school official letter-headed paper.

This document is mostly needed when one needs to go for a post graduate program abroad or as a proof of completing a college or a post graduate studies.

If you are in need of more information about the use of transcript, then this article get you totally covered.

You will be receiving all the information about this permanent record here as stated below:

Do you have to send all transcripts to graduate school?

Yes, you need to send all your complete transcripts to the needed graduate school; this will aid you in showing your record of academic performance.

You can do this by uploading as soft copies or you send the hard copies through courier to the school.

The fact is that if you do not send all transcripts even with those courses that you feel the new school might not need to access will mean one thing.

It will mean you are falsifying your academic record. So if you want to save yourself of being dropped or jeopardizing the opportunity of getting admission then you should do the needful at all times

The truth is that the admission committee might find out that you sends an incomplete transcript.

The previous academic history of a student will always be reviewed during the decision making process on dropping or admitting the applicant.

So if you did not submit all of yours then it is an express way of dropping you very fast.

Can My Transcripts Be Sent After Deadline?

This depends on your new school, but it is always good to check with your past school registry to find out if you can get your transcripts within the stipulated time as demanded by your potential school before applying.

Some schools are very strict on their deadline so you need to find out from the school if your transcript can be processed and send later than the stated date.

Do Graduate Schools Look At Transcripts Or Just GPA?

Graduate schools look at both the undergraduate transcripts and the GPA; this is why they needed the transcript in the first place to see a student entire package.

Graduate schools are always only interested with the best possible way to assess the grades in relations to the programme area of study.

the overall GPA will be used by the graduate school to ascertain if an applicant meets the minimum requirement.

The transcripts will then help to ascertain if a potential applicant will able to write a defended dissertation and thesis, be able to work at a research level and do only original research.

How Long Does It Take For A Transcript To Be Sent?

This mostly depends on the distance of former institution and your new institution. If it is to be sent electronically which is mostly done now, then it shouldn’t take more than 48 hours.

But if it is the hard copy then it should be within few days but maximum a week.

Do I send transcripts before or after I apply?

You can submit your transcript either before or after applying to an institution.

The snag here is to meet the deadline that was set by the institution. So if you don’t want to be running late, you should find out this information before hand.

You can get the information on the institution website or you call the school directly. Sometimes they might have their laid –down rules which you need to follow, so you find out to follow to avoid going contrary to the rules.

How much does it cost to send transcripts?

The cost of sending transcripts varies according to countries and continents. The cost is always for transcript processing, administrative chargers and delivery fees.

The standard cost ramain just 10$ per copy.

Why Do I Have To Pay To See My Transcripts?

This might not be for all schools but a good number of schools request for money when transcripts are requested.

The school will demand money to pay the staff of the school that process the transcript; another is the funds for mailing the transcript to the recipient’s school,

so school might not want to undertake these charges. It is always good to find out these administrative fees before ordering for the copies of your transcripts.

Why Do Employers Want Transcripts?

When it comes to employment opportunities there are always a lot of people applying for the position or positions.

The applicants sometimes submit fake degree certificates and for an employer to really verify the degree certificate a transcript will be needed.

Apart from the degree verification by an employer, the employer would want to remove applicants with no qualification which will not be a good fit for the job description.

The transcript which is a statement of record by a school shows the educational attainment of an applicant.

If an employer needs to determine and be certain about the school of an applicant, then a transcript will be needed.

Since this is an official record the employer will be more convinced about the grades, courses and qualification of the applicants.

The transcript will be less needed when an applicant has been in a workforce for some periods of time.

An employer would be able to get the best fit for the job with a transcript, since other awards and achievements of the applicant would be in the transcript.

So other potential skills that an employer needs for an advertised position would easily be detected in this permanent record of an applicant

It will give the employer the confidence to employ a certain applicant, knowing that the document before the company is the true worth of the applicant and nothing untrue about it.

This is because transcripts are documents that are sent from school directly to whoever needs it. The transcript is never handed to the student to avoid any form of manipulation

How Many Transcripts Should I Order?

This will depend on the number of universities you will be seeking for admission. Some universities do ask for at least two copies of a student transcript:

which will be one for the graduate school and the other for the department indicated by the student.

But the ideal thing is to order for more transcripts than the number of universities you would applying for admission.

For example if you applying to about 5 schools then order for about 10 -12 transcripts.


Almost all universities, when applying for a MSC programme asked one to submit the transcripts alongside the application.

This is mostly needed for the admission process to ascertain that the student will be fit for the level of studies.

It is also because it is the official records of all academic courses that were attempted by the applicant throughout the college career.

The best bet in getting everything right is get the information from your potential school on when to send the transcripts


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