Does The McMaster Care About OUAC Ranking?

What is OUAC ranking? Does OUAC ranking affect your chances of gaining admission into Mcmaster and other universities in America?

Don’t look elsewhere for answers to these questions because they are right there in this article. All you need is undivided attention and concentration while we dive into action by revealing what the OUAC ranking is all about.

Does The McMaster Care About OUAC Ranking?

Like most Universities in Ontario, McMaster University doesn’t care about OUAC rankings. The way you rank your desired programs doesn’t influence the University’s admission decision or policy.

Does The western Care About OUAC RankingYour chosen university will offer you your desired program if you meet all the program’s requirements.

Though the university might refer to the ranking to see the programs or universities gaining more ground among applicants, their admission policy and acceptance rate remain unchanged.

Do all universities look at OUAC ranking?

There’s a difference between looking at OUAC rankings and giving admission based on the ranking. All universities look at OUAC ranking to know the number or percentage of students interested in their programs, but admission policy depends on the ranking.

Hence, there is a high possibility of being offered admission by all the schools enlisted in your application.

Does OUAC ranking matter?

Yes, OUAC ranking matters. It helps universities know the number of applicants interested in particular courses or programs. It equally guides the university’s decisions over which program it will award to an applicant.

However, OUAC ranking neither boost nor reduce your admission chances because most universities don’t pay much attention to OUAC rankings while compiling their admission list.

UofT, Western University, and the University of Waterloo only deploy the OUAC ranking for statistical purposes in their quest to know the number of applicants interested in the school.

Can I change my OUAC rankings?

Yes, you can change your OUAC ranking as long as you can access your submitted application. However, below are the step-by-step instructions on how to change your OUAC Ranking:

  • Login to your newly-created profile
  • Click on the “Review and Submit” option
  • Edit and verify your application information.
  • We advise you to go through the “Applicant’s Declaration” clause before clicking “I verify and agree.”
  • Choose your preferred payment method, If necessary.
  • You will receive a mail from OUAC notifying you of the change. The mail would contain a confirmation number which you must keep for future reference.

Can I apply for OUAC twice?

Yes, you can apply for OUAC on multiple occasions as long as you are rich enough to shoulder the financial burdens.

You can re-apply for OUAC if you think there is a need to add other institutions or programs after submitting and paying for the first application.

Login to your account, create and submit another application. Meanwhile, the new application remains unsuccessful until you settle all the required bills.

However, time might be the only barrier because they will decline your application if you submit it after the deadline day.

Can you submit OUAC twice?

Yes, it’s more like applying for OUAC twice or many times. You can submit your OUAC twice. The system permits you to remove or add to your desired programs, although extra charges are applied. Pay the extra charges via the same online bank account used during the initial transaction.

Can universities see your other choices OUAC?

No. According to a report published on the OUAC portal, the OUAC ranking details aren’t disclosed to universities when reviewing all the submitted applications.

Hence, it doesn’t serve as admission criteria. It only guides the university regarding enrollment exercises.

How do I cancel my application?

Canceling your application is quite simple; all you need is to observe the steps below:

  • Log in to your account
  • Withdraw or remove the program choice(s) from the list.
  • Click “Review and Submit” to submit the change. You will receive a notification mail as soon as the changes take effect.

Can I delete my OUAC account?

Though you might have a genuine reason to delete your OUAC account, it’s advisable to make necessary changes rather than deleting it.

However, you must submit a verifiable request to the organizers if you feel like deleting your account is non-negotiable.

Contact the team in charge of the application portal via the contact us page and tell them the reason for your decision. Be rest assured that your request will be granted within the shortest period.

Can you get a refund from OUAC?

No! Your application fee is non-refundable whether you are offered admission or not. You can’t get a refund from OUAC after payment, irrespective of the outcome.

What Is OUAC

OUAC is an acronym that stands for the Ontario Universities Application Centre. It’s a non-for-profit application service provider ( a secured website)

established for the sole purpose of collecting and processing students’ applications into various universities in Ontario.

What Is OUAC For?

The centralized application service center receives all admission applications from all applicants across the state; separates them into various categories before transferring them to the right universities.

It ensures that every application gets to the accurate destination, thereby hastening admission exercises among universities in Ontario.

Despite playing a significant role in quickening admission processes in Ontario, The OUAC does not decide whose application is accepted or rejected.

Meanwhile, as a first-time admission seeker or applicant, you must create an OUAC account if your application must get you to the school authorities. Luckily, creating an ouac account isn’t a cumbersome task, and we shall be doing justice to that soon.

How To Create An OUAC Account

  • Provide all the necessary personal details, including name, date of birth, username, and email address.
  • Go to your email and click on the verification link sent to you.
  • You would be redirected to a page where you would verify your registered email address, provide a password to continue.
  • Review and accept terms and conditions
  • Click on the “Create My OUAC Account” button to complete the registration procedures.
  • Enter the information about your high school, and that’s all.

Meanwhile, you can change your username and password if the need arises. All you need is to go to “My OUAC Account” in the side menu and select the best option.

What Is OUAC Ranking

OUAC ranking refers to the way you rank the programs you intend to offer or the institution you wish to attend while submitting your application.

High school graduates seeking into an Ontario-based university can choose at least three programs of their choice. So, OUAC ranking is how you list the programs according to their relative importance and relevance.


There’s no reason to panic while submitting your application via the OUAC portal because you will be admitted if you meet all the requirements.


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