Does The University Of Toronto Care About OUAC Ranking?

Does The University Of Toronto Care About OUAC Ranking?

Are you seeking admission into the University of Toronto but don’t know if you should apply through the OUAC portal? Are you in search of quality information about the OUAC ranking and how it will affect your chances of being admitted into the institution?

If yes, you are on the right page because this write-up is set to tell you more about The University of Toronto; why you should become a UofT student;University of toronto

OUAC Application, OUAC rankings; and its effects on your hopes of becoming a UofT student. You must read every line with maximum attentiveness while we set the ball rolling!

What Is OUAC Application all About ?

OUAC is an abbreviated form of Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. It is a not‐for‐profit application center where students seeking admission into any Ontario-based university must submit their application for rectification.

Having received your application form and details, OUAC will see if all UofT’s required credentials are available before forwarding it to the University of your choice. However, you should know that OUAC doesn’t admit students nor influence admission decisions. UofT’s administration solely decides whose application should be accepted or rejected.

What Is OUAC Ranking?

OUAC ranking simply means the manner in which you rank your desired programs while submitting your application. Applicants are allowed to apply for more than one program, so OUAC ranking refers to how you place each course or program in order of their relative importance to you.

For instance, your first choice program is Architecture, the Second choice is Biochemistry, while third choice is Anthropology — this is referred to as OUAC ranking.

Does the University of Toronto Cares About OUAC Ranking?

As much as the OUAC ranking helps the school know applicants’ most loved programs, UofT doesn’t lay many emphases on it. The OUAC ranking is mainly for statical purposes. It also helps the school make decisions related to programs offered to successful applicants.

What Is OUAC Ranking’s Effect On Your Admission Chances?

The OUAC ranking shouldn’t stop you from being admitted into the University of Toronto, provided you meet all the requirements. Hence, OUAC ranking has little or no effect on your dream of becoming a UofT student in the next academic year.

What Is The University Of Toronto?

The University of Toronto is one of the highly-rated universities in the world. Located in Ontario Canada, this is a public research institution with a track record of quality service delivery and well-equipped teaching facilities.

Known as U of T, it was created in 1827 and has since produced numerous great individuals across the world.

Is The University of Toronto Prestigious?

Considering its age, student population, alumni, learning environment, ranking, number of programs, and scholarship opportunities; the University of Toronto deserves its recognition as one of the best institutions in the world.

It has a very affordable and easy-to-get on-campus accommodation, making it very easy for international students to settle down in no time.

Students have good chances of benefiting from its scholarship program due to the simple eligibility requirements.

Though UofT tuition fee is slightly expensive, it’s still relatively cheap when compared to other schools of the same quality.

Lastly, the University boasts 60,000 students offering over 700 undergraduate degree and 200 postgraduate degree programs.

Is UofT Harder Than Harvard?

Over the years, there have been arguments over which one is better among both schools. Some would say the University of Toronto, while others would go for the US-based Harvard University.

This article isn’t created to put an end to the argument, but to have a say on which one is harder than the other.

In terms of Admission, It is harder to get admission into the Harvard University than UofT. Less than 20% of applicants get admitted by the American institution, compared to UofT’s 43%.

In the same vein, Harvard requires an impressive SAT result (not less than 1460 score) from high school applicants, while the Canadian university doesn’t list SAT as admission requirements.

In terms of accommodation, the University of Toronto is equally easier than the Harvard University. Regarding programs’ difficulties, UOFT’s programs are harder than Harvard’s.

It is believed that acquiring an “A” grade as a Harvard student is slightly easier than achieving the same feat as UofT students. Though individual intelligence is a determining factor, people, who schooled both institutions, admitted it takes more focus and study to make good grades at the University of Toronto.

What Is The Harvard Of Canada?

At some point, The Montreal university was known as the “Harvard of Canada.” Unfortunately, the institution couldn’t maintain its reputation after falling down the pecking order of top-ranked universities in the world.

The University of Toronto is currently regarded as the “Harvard of Canada” following its continuous rise in the list of most valuable universities in the universe. According to THE’s 2021 ranking, the institution remains the 18th university in the world, and first in the North American country.


The University of Toronto is highly recommended to everyone interested in completing his/her academic career in a well-known and conducive institution. Meanwhile, feel free to paste your comments or questions in the comment section, and will will gladly attend to them as soon as possible.

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