JAMB Change Of Course/Institution Form 2024/2025 Closing Date

A lot of candidates in Nigeria have expressed dissatisfaction over being accepted to a course or school other than the one they previously applied to on Jamb Caps. This article is written specifically to help solve these problems.

Also, in this write-up, we will teach such candidates what to do if they discover that they have been given admission to study a different course or institution . We know that immediately after you found out about this, your first fear was whether to accept or decline the admission.

This makes sense given how difficult it is to get accepted into higher institutions in Nigeria. However, don’t jump to accept or reject the course right away. Follow the detailed instructions in this content. First, what is the JAMB change of institution? Keep reading to find out.Jamb

What Is JAMB Change Of Institution?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), as the names imply, offers assistance to students who are interested in switching their first- or second-choice institutions in Jamb after registration.

Also, students who initially applied to a school may no longer be interested in taking up the admission or their cut-off mark did not meet up to what the institution demands, in which case they may wish to change course or institutions in a bid to improve their situation.

Things To Put Into Consideration Before Choosing An Institution

To make an informed decision while selecting a higher institution capability in Nigeria, you must take into account a lot of things. Numerous factors must also be taken into consideration, including price, accessibility, size, safety, and the courses that are provided.

In addition, there are general and particular aspects to take into account. This will enable you to reduce your options. To choose a university of your choice, you must go deeper than the surface. To determine what is best for you, you need to exercise critical thought and examination.

Put Into Consideration If the University is a Top Ranked One

It could be worthwhile to question students as they scramble to complete UTME application forms to fulfill the end-of-year deadlines: Is where you intend to dedicate the next four years of your existence so important?

What benefits can you expect from attending a prestigious university, and why does it make much difference?

The fact still stands: Prestigious institutions send their graduating students to equally prestigious major corporations. Furthermore, nothing improves your academic performance more than being accepted to pursue your chosen course at one of Nigeria’s top-ranked best universities.

Quality Of Teachings Available

Make sure you conduct a thorough study and select a university with top-notch teaching. When selecting a tertiary institution, staff size is important.

It is wise to take into account the university students’ exposure within that setting. Communication, listening, teamwork, adaptation, understanding, and patience are some traits of an effective teacher and these can as well be impacted by the students.


Consider the quality of the certificate the institution you are about to choose offers. Are the certificates given to students by the university globally accepted? After considering this and you’re convinced, you can now choose the institution.


You have to take the issue of the duration it takes to get your transcript serious. Get to know how long it will take for the institution to issue you your transcript because there are times you will need it urgently.


You have to ask yourself, are the students who graduated from the institution of my choice employable? Do they easily find jobs in the job market and what’s the rate of employment? Answers to these questions should be able to tell you if spending the next four years of your existence in the institution will be worth it.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For a JAMB Change Of Institution?

To apply for a change of course or institution in Nigeria as a candidate, there are certain documents required and we’ll list them below:

  • Your JAMB profile
  • You will be needing your JAMB Registration Number
  • The phone number used while registering for JAMB
  • Active email address
  • Accurate password
  • They also demand your JAMB profile code
  • Of course, you know it’s not done for free. So, budget nothing less than 3400 naira

How To Apply For JAMB Change Of Institution & Course

Below is the simplest way to apply for a JAMB change of institution .

Simply Purchase the JAMB Change of Institution Form by going into any of our offices, which are located in all 36 states of Nigeria, or any approved JAMB CBT facility. It’s offered for sale there.

This will require you to make a payment of just N3,500. After that, you must select your preferred institution’s first, second, third, or even fourth choices.

This information needs to be accurately filled into the application portal before you submit it and you must thumbprint.

The person who is helping you will use the information you gave to make the required changes as you have requested. The Jamb gateway will be used for all of this.

Price Of JAMB Change Of Course And Institution Form

You must spend some amount of money before you can begin the JAMB change of course/Institution process since like all other services you can get, changing the course or institution you previously selected is not free.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board made it a compulsory fee of 2500 naira before you can carry out a successful process of changing your course/institution in the JAMB CAPS.

However, there has to be an extra payment of 700 nairas if the service was not carried out in a JAMB office close to you. You can get it done at any accredited JAMB CBT center. So, before going through this process you should budget nothing less than 3500 nairas to be able to do a change of course or institution without any challenge.

Is JAMB Change Of Institution Form Out?

Yes. The JAMB Change of Course or Institution form is currently available for purchase on the JAMB portal. As a result, if you previously chose an institution during your JAMB registration but now due to a reason or two you’ve decided to switch to another school or course, the form is out. You can quickly do that on the JAMB Portal.

Or you want to change from University to Polytechnic or College of Education or maybe you chose to study medicine but due to a cut Off mark issue, you’ve decided to change to physiology, the form is out.

What Is The Reason My Change Of Institution/Course Is Not Reflecting On My School Portal?

We get this question more often but the answer is that there are a couple of reasons your change of course or institution has not been reflected on your school portal but the most popular of them all is maybe JAMB is yet to forward your updated details to your school website. However, once they do it will reflect on your JAMB profile so long as you used your correct details.

When Is JAMB Change Of Course/Institution Deadline For?

The JAMB change of course/institution official deadline is yet to be made public. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board do not always have a deadline for this process until after admission.

This is to say that you can only be able to do your change of course or institution once the admission process is still ongoing. And during this time every necessary correction can as well be made.

How Long Does It Take JAMB Change Of Institution To Reflect?

We’ve learned through experience and talking to folks who have done it before that it may take anywhere from 24 hours to a week to reflect.

According to what we have discussed above, all you need to do after making a successful registration for a change of institution using the Jamb website is give it some time to update the changes.

Although, occasionally Jamb will let you know if the school you’re looking to transfer to has shut down its website.

If JAMB grants your request to change institutions, the change will take effect right away.

How Many Times Can I Do a Change Of Institution?

We’ve entertained this question from people a lot of times. Yes, you can do a change of course or institution twice but not more than two times. This means you have to do proper research before changing to an institution or course.

Can I Change The Institution After Accepting Admission?

After you’ve been given admission there is a possibility of applying for a change of course or institution. For instance, you can change from a state university or polytechnic to a state university or polytechnic or a federal university or polytechnic to a federal university or polytechnic.

Also, JAMB offers what is called an application for transfer form and it is what you will use and you can get it from the school admission unit.

Can I Change My Course or Institution After Post UTME?

YES, if you have a challenge of meeting up with the cut-off mark of the school you applied to initially after post-utme, you can do a change of institution or if your cut-off marks do not meet up with what the course you chose before demands, you can do a change of course.

Can I Change Institutions After the First Year?

YES, you can be allowed to change institutions after your first year in school but you will make use of the Application for Transfer. You won’t have to go through the stress of sitting for another JAMB and POST-UTME examination procedure.

Can I Do Change Of Institution Myself On My Phone

No, you cannot make use of mobile phones to carry out the process of a change of institution or course. If you want to carry out the process correctly and affect other necessary changes concerning your Jamb profile, visit any JAMB office or their accredited center close to you. A good cyber cafe can be effective too.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, there is no deadline to apply for a change of institution Or courses as long as admission is still in progress. Make proper research before you go for it. The above content has all the answers you need concerning your questions on JAMB change of course & institution.

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