How to Change Date Of Birth On the JAMB Portal 2024/2025

If you’re a student in Nigeria facing the challenge of an incorrect date of birth reflecting on your JAMB profile then this article is for you. A change of date of birth entails altering the date you choose at the time of registering for the JAMB examination.

It can be frustrating when you realize that the date of birth you entered when enrolling for the JAMB examination doesn’t align with any of the dates of birth on your other credentials and changing it would be the next thing on your mind but not knowing how to may pose a challenge but we got you covered.

As we go on, we’ll outline the steps you can take to get this done in minutes, and answer the most frequently asked questions concerning your JAMB change, If the date of birth…..Keep reading!Jamb

Cost Of Correction Of Date Of Birth On JAMB

The cost for changing your JAMB date of birth is currently the sum of 3500 naira according to the jamb Admission and Matriculation Board. However, you should budget more if it’s not in a JAMB office you want to carry out the process. The price can be more than 3, 500 naira.

The Necessary Requirements You Need To Change Your Date Of Birth In JAMB Portal

If you’re having challenges with the wrong date of birth in your JAMB profile and you desire to effect a change to it, it’s not always a rigorous process. Here are the few things you need to carry out this process:

  • Get your active email address and the correct password you used while registering for JAMB, so you can be able to access your profile
  • A personal computer or a mobile phone that has an internet connection or you can make do with a Cyber Cafe close to you
  • It requires a payment fee of 2500 naira and above depending on where you want to get it done. Note that it’s not done for free

These listed things above will guarantee a seamless change of JAMB date of birth if you have them. You Can also access your JAMB CAPS freely.

How to Correct JAMB Date Of Birth

If your JAMB profile is reflecting a different date of birth than the ones you have in other credentials, here are steps to follow to make the necessary corrections.

Step 1

Visit the JAMBs portal and tap on the E-facility link located on the green bar. You will see “click on change of data” beneath the post-registration durability, then click on it.

Step 2

Tap on the box written change of course or institution. Remember to create an account if you haven’t done that but if you already did, log in with your correct details. For example, your active email address and password used during JAMB registration.

Step 3

Now, click on the application of correction of data that Is in the left-hand corner. Then you will see the date of birth in the dropdown menu. Click on it.

Step 4

Once you Click and select this service, it will generate a transaction ID which will be shown on the confirmation page screen. Thoroughly read through the details shown on the confirmation page screen.

Step 5

If you desire to make use of other modes of payment such as quickteller, ATMs, etc ensure you note the transaction ID because you will be asked for it.

Step 6

To pay for your change of date of birth, type in card details on a space called the pay button and make your payment

Step 7

Now, you can check your phone or email for a transaction identification and you will receive a mail containing your payment status.

Step 8

Next, click on the continue button. After you’re done confirming the payment you made, you will be asked to choose your exam year and JAMB registration Number.

Step 9

Here, your information will now show up once you type in your correct date of birth. You can now print out an indemnity form that will be displayed on the screen.

You apply for approval from your university. The form will be delivered by your institution to the JAMB state office.

Once received, the accepted form will be sent to your account. When it is completed, a notification will be sent to you via your email address or your phone number. Finally, JAMB will process your application and carry out the change and the new correct date of birth will reflect on your profile.

Closing Date For JAMB correction Of Date Of Birth

The deadline for JAMB change of date of birth has not been made public. Although the previous sets carry out this process until after the post UTME. However, if any date is announced, we’ll always get you notified on this blog.

How Long Does It Take For JAMB Change Of Date Of Birth To Reflect

It takes from 24 hours to seven working days for any change you carry out on your JAMB profile to reflect and a change of date of birth is not an exception.

Are Candidates Allowed To Change Their JAMB Date of Birth More Than Once?

Candidates who are faced with this problem are free to edit their date of birth as many times as they like, providing they adhere to the conditions and specifications for completing the remedy process.

Candidates are cautioned against changing their date of birth at unapproved CBT centers, however, the staff members there can make the same errors. This is done to make sure that mistakes aren’t repeated.

Implications Of Not Having A Correct Date Of Birth

There are implications involved when the date of birth you submitted while registering for your JAMB examination does not correspond with the date of birth on the rest of your documents. It becomes a problem when not corrected.

One of the implications of making use of the wrong date of birth is that you may be denied admission due to the wrong details on your registration form.

Remember your WAEC result and Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination result, and your birth certificate are all supposed to have the same date of birth and if it falls short of this, your application will be dumped and not considered fit for admission by the Nigerian tertiary institution.

Another implication of making use of the wrong date of birth is that during the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) mobilization exercise, the issue might spring up and if It wasn’t corrected initially that could pose a challenge and you will not be posted for your NYSC.

To avert this problematic situation in the future, you’re advised to check your JAMB profile and ensure the date of birth corresponds with the one in your other credentials.

Can I Change My Date Of Birth During JAMB Regularization?

Regularizing your JAMB profile is similar to registering for the examination after you’ve already graduated. However, students who were offered admission straight to the school and course of their choice through JAMB are not eligible for this.

Changing of date of birth during JAMB regularization can be done if you were given admission by the institution and not JAMB. Also, you can complete this process by following the detailed direction given by the NYSC portal regarding changing your date of birth.

Can Date Of Birth Affect My Admission?

The answer to this question Is No but in most cases, it can turn sour if the date of birth on your JAMB does not align with the ones in your other official documents. So, if you notice any mistake in your JAMB date of birth, quickly effect a change to avert future troubles.

How To Check My Date Of Birth On JAMB Portal

It is possible to confirm your date of birth before printing it out. You can verify the date of birth on the JAMB portal using the JAMB slip on their online webpage. Additionally, you can visit the JAMB website and log in with your active email address and accurate password. Your information, particularly your date of birth, will be shown when you click on My account. This is a very simple process

Final Thought

Finally, do not just regard making changes to wrong details about you on the JAMB portal as important but as a compulsory thing to do to avoid future damage. Do not take it lightly. Make sure you cross-check every piece of information on your profile to be sure they correspond with the document you have at hand.

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