JAMB Slip With Choice Of Institution 2024/2025

JAMB Slip With Choice Of Institution

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is an academic board being run by the government which is concerned with the examination and admission of students seeking admission into any university in Nigeria.

Over the years, students have looked up to JAMB when seeking admission for examination and awarding of admission into their favorite institutions. Following their power and influence in the education sector, there are certain requirements /criteria which students are expected to provide or meet up with when seeking admission so as to gain admission into the higher institution.Jamb

In the process for registration with jamb, some students tend to make mistakes during registration as well as making decisions to make certain corrections after registration. Today, we are going to look into this particular academic board, how specific issues involving JAMB can be rectified as well as make provision for answers to several questions begin asked by students.Jamb slip with change of institution

JAMB Slip with choice of institution

Now this is two different things which are usually associated with each other. The JAMB slip can only be gotten when a student registers to sit for the examination to gain admission into the university or any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

The JAMB slip contains several details of the student which includes the student name, state of origin, age and the required academic qualifications. On the other hand, the change of institution is actually printed on the JAMB slip.

Every Jambite should also know the popular choice of institution that permits every aspirant to choose their favorite university or polytechnic. Information in the JAMB slip could be corrected should there be any mistake being discovered after registration. However, some students panic upon discovery of a mistake which was made during the registration without knowing such mistake could be corrected.

How do I print jamb slip with choice of institution?

Printing your JAMB slip won’t be considered a hectic process as you may think. Jamb slip can only be printed after the candidate have been registered for the examination.

The process of printing the JAMB examination slip is listed below as candidates who are interested in printing the JAMB slip could follow the guidelines pointed out below.

This can also be done using your phone as you can save the document to your file manager and visit any Cyber Café close to you for printing. However, most Cyber Café that register students do the printing themselves.

How many University can I chose in Jamb?

Just 2 universities. Jamb only permits interested candidates seeking admission to choose 2 universities out of the 4 choices granted to them.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board grants its candidates the privilege of applying for 4 different institutions which consists of 2 universities, a polytechnic /college of education and a 4th choice which could be a skill acquisition institution which is mostly situated in the location from which the candidate resides.

The 2 universities could be a federal university and a state university. However, no candidate is permitted to choose more than 2 universities during registration.

How do I know if my Change of institution was submitted?

You can confirm a change in your details when you wish to change a mistake or make changes from the previous data. When you seek to make a correction such as your name or state or institution rather, you are required to go through certain processs for it to turn out successful.

However, there are certain reports that claim the change of course feature in jamb sometimes, don’t go through due to certain restrictions which could be network issues or a overloaded server.

Nevertheless, we would show you how you can confirm if your change of course /Institution went through.

Now when you log into JAMB website, you should locate the data correction icon and utilize it. When you are done with correcting your information, you will be notified if it was successful via a message on your screen.

Furthermore, after making correction, a new print out would be issued to you of which the reflection would reflect on. A confirmation email would also be sent to your mail from the payment service you used and JAMB. This way, it would appear clear to you that it went through.

How do I check jamb change of institution?

It is quite easy. All you need to do is to stay updated by following JAMB updates via Twitter or any other reliable source for the exact date when their site would be open for data correction.

Once JAMB announces that their website is open for data correction, visit their website to confirm. The JAMB change of institution is usually done by purchasing the form at any Cyber Café offering such services.

You can just fill in the required details and allow the Cyber Café do it for you. However, for those interested in doing it themselves, you should follow the steps pointed out below.

  • Visit JAMB website and login with your student profile details. (username /password)
  • Click on the correction of data icon after which you will be asked of the data you wish to correct.
  • Click on the change of institution icon and proceed.
  • You will be asked to make a payment via Remita. Make sure you input the correct details of our debit card to avoid complicating things.
  • After making payment, make sure you save the payment numbers as they could be useful should you encounter any problem with the payment service.
  • Now you’ll be directed to JAMB website where you will be permitted to make corrections on the website.
  • Click on SUBMIT.
  • Once it have been approved, your course would be changed and a print out would be issued to you.

Can I chose the same university as my first and second choice?

No you can’t! JAMB only permits aspirants to pick one university from the four choices given to them. You are permitted to apply for the same course in 2 different universities. However, you can’t apply for one university twice.

Can I put a state university as my first choice?

Yes you can. You may choose to apply for any state university as your first choice in JAMB during registration for JAMB provided the university is registered and is under JAMB.

However, if you are applying for a federal university alongside a state university, you should make researches concerning the federal university as some federal university don’t take candidates who applied to the university with the second choice option. Nevertheless, JAMB permits students to apply For state universities as first choice.

Can I apply for 2 polytechnic in JAMB?

No, JAMB don’t provide such privilege for candidates. The known format is for students to choose a Federal university, a state university, a polytechnic /college and a skill acquisition institution.

Basically, i would advise any student /aspirant willing to seeking admission to use the format below to fill in the choices of institution.

  • The choice should be a federal university or a state university according to the student choice. However, never make the mistake of choosing a federal university that rejects students who put them as a second choice. Examples of these universities are UNN, OAU and UNILAG.
  • Second choice could be a state university /Private university.
  • Third choice could be a college education or a polytechnic.
  • The 4th choice is usually chosen by the Cyber Café operator. However, you could pick any institution that offers skill acquisition situated around you.

What is IEI in Jamb?

IEI simply means innovative Enterprise institution. Institutions that fall into this category is usually chosen as a 4th choice.

Final Words

Making mistakes during registration for the JAMB examination could make anyone panic, however, there are ways by which your mistake could be corrected.

The article features a lot of relevant information which would guide any Jambite during or after registration.

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