Is the 2024/2025 JAMB mock result out?

Did you sit for JAMB mock exam and you are wondering if the result is released? We are glad to tell you that jamb mock result is out.

However, it’s one thing for jamb to release mock results, but it’s another thing to know how to check it. So, this post will show you how to check your jamb mock result.

It will also unveil other things you should know about Jamb mock result, including meaning, importance, the total score for jamb mock, and the difference between Jamb Mock and JAMB exam. So, seat-back and relax while we dive into action.

What Is JAMB Mock Exam?

JAMB mock exam is an exam created to help students prepare for the original utme exams. JAMB mock exam exposes admission-seeking students to questions they might face during the main UTME Exam.Jamb

Though it prepares you for the main task ahead, jamb mock exam is not compulsory. It is not a requirement for utme exam or admission.

What is the benefit of JAMB mock?

You might be wondering why people write jamb mock exams when it is not compulsory. Well, the answer is not far-fetched because jamb mock exams help students know how to behave in the examination Hall.

Other importance of jamb mock exam include the following:

  1. Jamb mock gives you a clue of the questions to expect during the UTME examination.
  2. It helps you get accustomed to JAMB’s questioning style before the D-Day
  3. Jamb mock exam gives you a prior experience of how to answer questions on the system.
  4. JAMB mock exam helps you know your level of preparedness.
  5. It offers you a first-time experience of how to deal with UTME pressure.

How can I check my JAMB mock result

The only way to check your JAMB mock result involves visiting the JAMB mock result checking portal. There are no alternative ways to check it.

How To Check JAMB mock results online

  • Visit the JAMB Result Checker portal @
  • Provide your JAMB registration number in the appropriate spaceJamb mock result
  • Click on the “Check Mock Results” button and wait for some seconds.
  • Your Mock result will show on the screen.
  • You can print it if the result is good.

How do I check my JAMB mock result via SMS?

As stated earlier, visiting the mock result portal is the only way to check your result. The exam governing body doesn’t support checking jamb mock results through SMS at the time of this publication.

Therefore, you can’t check your JAMB mock exam results through SMS because it isn’t currently unavailable.

What is the total score for the JAMB mock?

The overall jamb mock exam score is 400 like the main utme exam. Your jamb mock result is a reflection of how much you are ready for the main exam.

Luckily, JAMB officials often release the mock result before the main utme exam so candidates would know if there is a need to improve their preparation or maintain the present performance.

How do I check my JAMB Mock Center?

You can check your JAMB Mock centre using two methods, including the slip and online method.

Slip method

Knowing your jamb mock centre shouldn’t be an uphill task if you have your jamb mock exams slip.

The jamb slip contains your jamb mock Centre, exam date and time. Unfortunately, many students don’t know how to print out the jamb mock slip, thereby making it hard for them to know their centre.

Therefore, let’s briefly discuss how to print a jamb mock slip so it won’t be difficult to know your mock centre, time and date.

How to Print your Jamb Mock Slip

Online Method

Here’s the second way to know your JAMB mock exam centre. Follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Visit the jamb mock exam official page at
  • Log into your account by providing the registered email address and password.Jamb mock result
  • Click on the “check my details” link for the necessary information, including your JAMB mock exam time, date and venue.

How do I know if I am writing JAMB mock?

You would know if you are writing jamb mock once you successfully register for it. Another way to know if you are writing jamb mock is when you receive the jamb mock examination slip. The slip, which contains the date, center, and time, ultimately guarantees your participation in the JAMB mock exam.

Is JAMB mock exam hard?

JAMB mock exam is similar to the normal JAMB exam in terms of questions, marking scheme, and total score.

The questions are as hard as the real UTME. Hence, it is safe to say that Jamb mock exam is hard and simple depending on your level of preparation

Do they pay for JAMB mock?

Yes, Jamb mock candidates are expected to pay a sum of ₦1000 before entering the examination hall.

However, don’t pay additional fees during registration even if you show interest in sitting for the mock exam. You are only expected to pay the additional fee at your Jamb mock exam centre.

What is the difference between JAMB mock and JAMB exam?

The JAMB mock exam is a preparatory test while the normal or real JAMB exam is considered by the exam board while offering student admission.

JAMB mock score isn’t useful while the UTME JAMB score determines your chances of gaining admission into the tertiary institution of your choice.


Though Jamb mock exam results won’t make any impact on your admission chances, we advise you to write it if you can shoulder the financial burden.

Nonetheless, Don’t stress yourself if you can’t afford it. Instead, prepare well and you will get good grades even if you don’t seat for the mock exam.

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