Tim Hortons Scholarship 2024/2025 Application Guide

Do you reside in Canada or the United States, and you are struggling to pay your tuition fee? If yes, then you are in the right place at the right time as we are set to discuss the Tim Hortons scholarship program opened to Canadian and American students alone.

In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step procedures on how to apply for the Tim Hortons scholarship, the eligibility requirements, the monetary value, and application opening and closing dates.

Now that you know what to expect, we advise you to pay maximum attention as we hit the ground running.

What Is Tim Hortons Scholarship?

Tim Hortons scholarship program was created to help students working at any of the Tim Hortons restaurants overcome financial challenges they might encounter in school.

It is equally a program for students whose parents or grandparents are working in the Tim Hortons Inc.

This means you are only eligible for the scholarship program if you are connected to the highly-rated company either as an employee or a descendant of someone working in the company.

200 Canadian students and 20 American students benefit from the scholarship program each year, this year won’t be an exemption. A total of $13.3 million will be shared with 220 lucky winners this year, like every other year.

It will interest you to know that thousands of students have benefitted from the Tim Hortons scholarship since its introduction in 2007.

Tim Horton scholarship requirements

  • You must be a Canadian or American citizen
  • You must be a legal Canadian resident.
  • You must be working at one of 4800 Tim Hortons restaurant or affiliate companies in Canada, the US, and other 12 countries. Alternatively, you must have a parent or grandparent who is a member of the company.
  • You must be a full-time or part-time student in an accredited post-secondary school before applying to stand a chance.
  • You must have participated in a community service for 15 hours this year.

How much does the Hortons scholarship Worth

The Tim Hortons scholarship is worth $1000, meaning you will receive $1000 from the organizer as long as you are shortlisted among the winners. $1000 will surely go a long way in setting part of your tuition fee and related expenses.

Tim Hortons scholarship Deadline

Tim Hortons scholarship application exercise will close on the 12th of April 2022. Hence, we advise you visit the registration portal to submit your application form as soon as you can.

How to apply for the Tim Hortons scholarship program

Below is a comprehensive step-by-step procedure to apply for the scholarship program

  • Visit the scholarship application portal by clicking here
  • Write 500 words on a topic specified in the application form. Ensure your write-up is free of grammatical blunder, and it is creatively crafted with quality flow and structure.
  • Submit proof of community service confirming your participation in the compulsory activity.

As mentioned already, you must have a tie with the Tim Hortons company or restaurant to qualify for this scholarship. Hence, we think it’s important we disclose few information about the Tim Hortons company and how you can be a member.

What Is Tim Hortons Company Known For?

Tim Hortons is a Canadian restaurant chain that produces healthy snacks and delicious fast food.

It is Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain with over 4846 restaurants in 14 countries, including the US, Saudi Arabia, UK, UAE, Philippines, Qatar Mexico, Spain, China, Thailand, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Canada.

What is Tim Hortons Known For

Founded in 1964, Tim Hortons is famously known for coffee, doughnut, and French vanilla. Cappuccino, Tuscan Chicken panini, Timbits, Raspberry-filled doughnut are the four things you should order at Tim Hortons restaurant.

Does Tim Hortons Provide Corporate Donation

Yes, apart from running the Tim Hortons scholarship program, the highly successful company is involved in many fund-raising programs and events such as the Timbits minor sports, aimed at sponsoring thousands of children through local sports leagues.

How can I obtain a copy of your record of employment (ROE) from Tim Hortons company

Record of employment is a document of proof that you are (or was once) a worker at any of the Tim Hortons restaurants.

You need to contact the location or branch where you’ve worked to get your ROE copy since Tim Hortons restaurants are independently owned and operated.

What is the minimum age to be hired at any Tim Hortons Restaurant

The minimum age varies from one location to the other. Therefore, we advise you to visit any of the branches to confirm the minimum age requirement and employment regulations applicable to your state.

How to Know more about the Tim Hortons scholarship?

Visit scholarship.timhortons.com to know more details about the scholarship program.

How can I apply at a Tim Hortons restaurant?

Since Tim Hortons is a franchised organization, each restaurant’s owner is an employer and he or she has a respective hiring policy or criteria. Nonetheless, you are to visit workattims.com to apply online.

Alternatively, you can visit the restaurant or location. Reach out to the owner or manager and discuss your intention to be a part of the organization. The manager or owner will tell you what next to do.

Can I apply to multiple Tim Hortons restaurants?

Yes. Visit the location of interest, tell them your desire to work with them and you will be told what next to do. However, ensure you don’t apply for offers you can’t handle in the long run.





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