Top 6 year Pharmacy Programs in the World 2024/2025 their requirement

Top 6 year Pharmacy Programs in the World and their requirements World

Just like Medicine, pharmacy is a programme which takes a long time to round up. This is because, apart from having the knowledge about the course, it is essential that enough experience is acquired before going into full practice.

Without experience in these fields, one will continue doing things the wrong way, which might end up affecting or endangering the patient’s life. To prevent such an occurrence, medical students spend more time in medical school, since the life of human will be in their hands.

Top 6 year Pharmacy Programs in the World
Best school in the world to study pharmacy

Most of us think Pharmacy is a 5-year programme, of course, it can be a 5 year and a 6 year programme. I’ll explain to you now. Yes, it takes 5 years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the course (BPharm), and it takes another one year to obtain a doctorate degree in the same course(Pharm.D), making it a total of 6 years.

After attaining this height, the students can now be addressed as Doctor, the title will also reflect in the certificate.

The Pharm.D degree is very similar to the MD(Doctor of Medicine) degree. And just like medicine, the extra one year is for internship or housemanship. This makes Pharm.D degree holders more qualified and employable than BPharm degree holders.

So it is better to wait for the extra one year and collect a doctorate degree rather than a bachelor’s degree and finding a low paid job with it.

After obtaining the PharmD degree, students can now apply for license, and can practise their profession anywhere in the world after being issued the license.

Back to the topic, 6 year pharmacy programs on our list are institutions that offer pharmacy for a duration of six year and present their graduates a PharmD degree.

Your question now should be, “What are the list of school in the world where I can school for a 6 year pharmacy program? ” Don’t go to far, as I will, via this article list out major schools around the world where you can study pharmacy for six years and obtain a PharmD degree at the end of the programme.

List of Schools where you can study a 6-year Pharmacy Programme.

Actually, over 70% of pharmacy schools around the world offer pharmacy for a 6 these duration. Listing them out there will bore you up.

So, Instead of giving you the list of schools around the world, I will give you the list of pharmacy schools here in the United States of America, where you can study pharmacy for six academic years.

The list contains top 10 pharmacy schools in the United States offering pharmacy for six years. They include:

  • University of California
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Maryland
  • Purdue University
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Texas
  • Ohio State University

1. University of California

It is one thing to have a degree, and it is another thing to be able to defend your degree.

The University of California is amongst the majority of institutions that offer a 6 year pharmacy programme.

In addition to this, the school trains her student with the best pharmacy technology in the world. This helps keeps them well updated in their field.

When the students graduate from college, they become well trained pharmacists and are well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to treat patients as well.

However, the tuition fee of the University seems high, but it is definitely worth the rate. After all, education has no price tag.

If you hope on studying your 6 year pharmacy programme in any university, the University of California should be among your options.

2. University of Illinois

When we talk about academic excellence, some schools are just worth the hype. Some institutions have made it their priority to teach their students how to improvise to solve minor and major problems.

Not all pharmacists well be in situations where there will be Modern drugs, hence the need to lecture them on how tot make things from their surroundings.

University of Illinois is among these institutions. Students get to see life of a pharmacist outside his place of work. They learn how to practise the profession in any kind of setting.

Also, they imparts students with the skills, knowledge abilities to survive as a pharmacist. You, as a student learns how to understand your patients well and put yourself in their current condition.

By so doing, the pharmacist knows what, when and how to attend to the patients. This helps improve the face of the health sector in the society.

3. University of Michigan

The college of pharmacy at the University of Michigan is second to none, when it comes to professionalism.

Students begin to work in a hospital/pharmacy setting after two to three years of the theoretical work. With this, they begin to gain experience in their field earlier.

Moreover, the tuition fee of the college is relatively low. At the University, it is believed that education is for all irrespective of your financial status. This is the reason the tuition fee is affordable for the average American.

To add to the low tuition fees, the University also put various scholarship programs in place to aid the education of students who are willing to learn but have little or no means of finance.

Also, at the University of Michigan, students who are studying pharmacy learn with the latest health facilities and of course with the conventional ones when needed.

When it also comes to research, the college keeps on hitting the point. They provide the best research team for any project they embark on and this bring commendable results. This shows how good and competent their pharmacy graduates will be.

4. University of Minnesota.

Being estalisbed for more than a century, the University of Minnesota has continued to shape the healthcare system of the society well.

The college of pharmacy at the University has always been among the best pharmacy schools. This is because, they have produced pharmacists who are doing perfectly well in the industry.

Through their expertise , a lot of patients have been healed of various illnesses without undergoing surgical operations. Their competency is way beyond 100%. A number of pharmacists from the University ventured into the research field to help handle sole major health issues affecting the whole world.

The experience the pharmacists had garnered while at college has pushed them into spotlight and are recognized for their good deeds at home and abroad.

With the mission of the college, its main goal has been to improve the healthcare system of the world, making use of her students.

5. University of Kentucky

Talking about recognition, the University of Kentucky is highly recognized as one of the top pharmacy colleges in the United States and the world. It is one of the pharmacy schools, where students obtain a Pharm.D degree after studying for six years.

In addition to this degree, pharmacists also get degrees in Pharmaceutical science, public health, business administration etc. With this, you should know that the University does not train her pharmacy students in one unique field, but trains them in other fields too, in order to boost their knowledge and efficiency.

6. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is also among the oldest schools founded over a century ago. the school of pharmacy at the University strives to keep her students current and updated about pharmaceutical news and developments.

The College of pharmacy has a number of departments in it. This helps the students become professionals in a particular area of pharmacy. There are three departments, which are;

  • Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research
  • Department of Pharmaceutical services
  • Department of Pharmacy practice and science.

7. Purdue University

The Purdue University is always among the best when it comes to healthcare and research. It is among the schools that offer 6 year PharmD degree programmes.

The college of pharmacy trains and educates her students to become First Class pharmacists in whatsoever specialization they choose in the future.

Also, the Purdue University equips her student pharmacists with enough knowledge along with facilities needed for a complete health research. With this, causes of illnesses as Well as cure can be provided.

Just like the University of Maryland, the College of Pharmacy at the Purdue University has 3 departments which are;

  • Industrial and Physical Pharmacy.
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy Practice

8. University of North Carolina

The Pharmacy College at the University of Carolina is known as the Eshelman School of Pharmacy. University of North Carolina also offers medicinal courses like Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Public health.

Recently, a PharmAlliance was formed by the Eshelman School of Pharmacy along with two other colleges of pharmacy. This collaboration was made in order to improve healthcare, education, and research worldwide.

So, we can say that the University of North Carolina is also a home of extensive research.

9. University of Texas

Like other pharmacy colleges, the University of Texas college of pharmacy also helps to educate and train students for a fulfilled pharmacy career.

The life of a pharmacist involves understanding your patient’s problems and helping to solve the problem. This college is also oriented to impart her students with all what it takes to do so.

The health facilities of the School are First Class standard and as so improves the learning process.

Pharmacists who have graduated from the University of Texas are competent enough to face any health problem that may arise at anytime in the world.

10. Ohio State University

On top of the list of schools where you can study a 6 year PharmD programme is the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.

This school has always ranked number 1 due to its assets. The lecturers are also experts who impart knowledge based on past experiences.

Coming to research, the University is known for providing cures to various diseases that has affected mankind. The research tram keeps on working to improve the healthcare system of the world.

Students spend 70% of their programme duration doing practical work. It is now clear that spending more time on practicals is better than spending more of it on theories. This is because practicals enable you do what you have read, and help you understand the concept better.

If you need the best school to obtain a PharmD degree, just attend Ohio State University. Since it is a State University, expect the fees to be high, but it is all worth it.

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