Jamb Regularization 2022-2023/2024 For NYSC & Direct Entry [PORTAL]

Have you been wondering how to go about your jamb regularization process and you need help? Here is a packed guide for you.

If you are a student enrolled in any university across Nigeria but do not have a JAMB registration number, this is the ideal guideline for you to follow if you want to know how to complete the JAMB regularization process online without stress.

In this article, We’ll cover all about JAMB regularization charge, regularization requirements, steps in getting registered, how to check for regularization approval using your jamb profile status, the regularization deadlines, etc . If this is what you’re looking for, continue reading!

What Is JAMB Regularization About?

To allow one pathway for gaining entry via direct entrance or proceeding for service, the JAMB Regularization procedure involves the Board validating candidates’ current admission information with the institution that gave admission to such applicants in their record.

Regularization serves to confirm that JAMB has obtained clear data and that it matches up with your enrollment information at the institution that extended you an offer of admission. Also, jamb regularization enables applicants who have been admitted but have never registered with JAMB before to do so.

Who Needs JAMB Regularization ?

You may have been hearing the word JAMB regularization for too long and you’re wondering who it is meant for? Here is the list of higher institution students it’s meant for

How Long Does JAMB regularization Take?

The JAMB regularization form for students gets approved Immediately after it gets to the jamb office. According to Jamb’s official Twitter account, it does not exceed 24 hours of submission.

As immediately as your institution sends them the form, they review it and determine whether it should be accepted or rejected.

However, this does not guarantee that you won’t encounter any delays at school. The process could be delayed unnecessarily if your school takes weeks or months to process your form.

How To Do JAMB Regularization

Here are the steps on how to do your jamb regularization. If this has been a challenge before, worry no more. Just follow through:

  • Go to any JAMB office or a jamb accredited center cafe
  • Ensure you have all the needed requirements
  • Ask a JAMB attendant to guide you on how to make your payment
  • The official will also assist you to process everything without complications
  • Once the JAMB attendance is done entering your data he/she will help you complete your form
  • Make sure you print out your JAMB regularization form after submission
  • Proceed to your institution admission office with a signed form you printed out
  • Once you submit it to your school they will submit it to your state’s JAMB office or straight to ABUJA
  • After that, an email will be sent to the email address you used
  • Once all these procedures are carried out, you can rest assured your regularization is done.

How Do I Check My JAMB Regularization Approval Through Your Admission Status

You can review your JAMB admission status to see if the regularization has been authorized, especially for applicants who utilized their regularization to change programs, institutions, or those who were first enrolled through JAMB.

Follow the instructions below to determine your JAMB admission status regarding the regularization approval.

Go to your Jamb account profile or you may click https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility

Type your correct Jamb email address. Do not forget your correct password because without it you won’t be able to log in. Once you’re logged in, Select the Check Admission Status in the next section next (the dashboard).

On the next screen, select the appropriate year of admission, and if you provided one during the regularization submission, type your JAMB registration number. You will find out it’s been approved once done correctly.

Can One Do JAMB Regularization Twice?

Yes. Although there is an exemption, you can complete the JAMB regularization process twice. JAMB permits students to enroll for JAMB regularization on a second attempt since it recognizes that there is a potential that a mistake might have occurred the first time.

Jamb could decline your regularization registration because of a typographical error in name/date of birth spellings. So as a result, you have another chance to fix the issues and reapply.

The indemnity form must have been submitted after the initial regularization, and JAMB must have approved it, for there to be an exemption.

Once JAMB signs and approves the indemnification form, you cannot change your jamb registration number. Thus it is difficult to carry out your regulation a second time.

Is JAMB Regularization Compulsory?

Yes. Every Nigerian graduate must make sure he/she confirms their school admission details with those from JAMB in order to qualify for the National Youth Service Corps registration and mobilization (NYSC). Anyone who did not undergo JAMB regularization will not qualify for the one-year National Youth Service Corps.

Necessary Information To Be Submitted During The JAMB Regularization Process

When registering for jamb regularization, there is some necessary information you must submit to jamb before the process will be successful. Below are all that you need.

All Your Details

  • Your Full name is just as it is in your school profile
  • Gender, date of birth, and your residential address
  • Nationality and your Local Government Identification Number
  • The working email address is the one you used for jamb registration
  • Your past registration number and state of Origin
  • Marital status and your active phone number

Your O’level Details

Here all you have to do is, get ready with all your O’level results and all the subjects you offered.

  • The original copy of your O’level results
  • The center number
  • The subjects you offered and the grades you graduate with
  • Your examination number

All The Important Details Regarding Your Institution

  • Your Admission Number (fondly called reg number)
  • Your name as it appears on the list of graduates in your school
  • The name Of your school
  • Your matriculation year
  • Jamb matriculation list exclusion reasons for that
  • Your Institution head graduating year

All these documents are what you need for Jamb regularization. Ensure they are complete and accurate.

How Much Does It Cost To Do JAMB Regularization?

Candidates who already have Jamb registration numbers can get it done at an official rate of #5000 at any jamb office close to them.

However, for applicants without a current JAMB registration number, the approved fee for JAMB regularization is N8,500. You might still do it for N10,000 in some locations, but to avoid disappointment, budget roughly 13,000 naira.

What Should I Do Next After My JAMB Regularization?

The next step immediately after your JAMB regularization registration is confirmed is to verify that your name is among the ones on the JAMB entrance list. You must verify your name on the list of matriculants.

The only applicants acknowledged as genuine students from the numerous accredited universities scattered across the globe are those whose names are on this list.

The determining factor if you will go for the one-year National Youth Service Corps is your accurate name written on the Jamb list. If it is not there, then you won’t be able to participate in the NYSC mobilization process.

Can An Applicant Be Able To Change Date Of Birth During JAMB Regularization?

So many recent graduates ask this question primarily due to their advanced age. They want to be a part of the program, but they can’t because of their age. Or perhaps they simply gave the NYSC the incorrect date of birth.

If you were admitted directly to the school without going via JAMB and you need to conduct JAMB regularization, you can make every change you need as regards your date of birth during JAMB regularization.

Similar to signing up for JAMB after receiving your degree is JAMB regularization and you can add any of your information but if you were offered admission directly from Jamb you cannot be able to change your date of birth.

How Do I Print My JAMB Regularization Letter?

Once you are done with your JAMB regularization, here is how to get your admission letter printed out for your NYSC mobilization

First, log in to your JAMB portal via


Tap on the Admission letter then enter your debit card details to make payments then print out your admission letter.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, every graduate from all Nigerian institutions given admission by an institution and not directly by JAMB must undergo the JAMB regularization process. This can also be done twice if there was any mistake like an incorrect name, age, name of institution, etc. If you want to do your JAMB regularization or beyond, this guide will be of immense help.

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